Happy Birthday, Lava Lamp!

lava lamps in the dark

Today, 3 September 2013, the Lava Lamp is 50 years old.  It also happens to be my own birthday, but I passed 50 a while ago.  According to the BBC, Edward Craven Walker was inspired to create the lava lamp by an oil and water-based ornament he had seen on display in a country inn.  I was unable to find a “time of birth” for the lamp, so here is a chart for noon in London on September 3, 1963, with Whole Sign Houses.

Happy Birthday, Lava Lamp!   September 3, 1963, Noon chart, London, Whole Sign Houses.

Happy Birthday, Lava Lamp! September 3, 1963, Noon chart, London, Whole Sign Houses.

It seems appropriate that Neptune, the planet of illusion and psychedelics, would occupy the 1st house at noon on the day the Lava Lamp was born.

It is also fitting that the shining Sun, ruler of Leo, would govern the Midheaven of the lamp’s chart.

ASC-ruler Mars and the Sun’s dispositor Mercury both occupy the goovy 12th house of getting stoned.  Far out, man!

The stellium of planets in Virgo in the 11th suggest socializing (Venus) with weird (Uranus) like-minded friends (Sun) and sharing intense and oftentimes sexual experiences (Pluto) with them.

Moon’s North Node in the 9th implies a desire to expand the mind.  The Node is ruled by the Moon in Pisces in the 5th, so that expanding one’s mind is accomplished through nebulous Piscean experiences (drugs and gurus) and recreational sex.

Jupiter Rx in Aries in the 6th may warn of potential health risks, especially involving the head and brain, as a result of excessive involvement in such experiences.

Saturn Rx in Aquarius in the 4th is suggestive of breaking with tradition and doing things that our parents would not approve of.

(The image of the four lava lamps above is from http://indianapublicmedia.org/amomentofscience/lava-lamp/.)

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday, Lava Lamp!

  1. Pamela Gibson says:

    That was fun! And happy birthday!


  2. Eric says:

    I must say, I’ve never seen a delineation quite like this before! Many happy returns.

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