Primary Directions E-book

This is to announce the publication of my e-book about primary directions.  It will be available on on September 10, 2013.  The book is intended to be an introduction to primary directions for astrologers who have little familiarity with this ancient technique.  Clicking on the link at the beginning of this paragraph will take you to the amazon site where you can download a sample of the book in the section on the right-hand side labeled “TRY IT FREE.”  Here is what the cover looks like:

An introductory text about primary directions.

An introductory text about primary directions.  The cover image is based on a detail from Tycho  Brahe’s 16th century great brass globe.

In this e-book I review the basic astronomy needed to understand the technique and give several case examples.  One such example is the case of the Texas Tower Massacre of August 1, 1966 in which  Charles Joseph Whitman shot and killed a number of people from his position as a sniper atop a tower at the University of Texas in Austin.

Here is an example (not included in the e-book) which illustrates the usefulness of primary directions.  A young man consulted me at the beginning of 2013 about finding a job in his field.  He was well educated with a Master’s Degree but had trouble finding suitable employment because of the sad state of the economy in the Northeast.  A horary chart suggested that he would find his desired employment around late July of 2013.  Transiting Saturn would cross his MC on June 30, 2013, which was consistent with the horary.  Here is his natal chart (data withheld for privacy):

Man looking for work.

Man looking for work.  Placidus Houses, Tropical Zodiac.

His MC lies in Scorpio, ruled by Mars.  The Moon and Uranus occupy his 10th house.

His ASC lies in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn. Mercury, the Sun and Venus lie in his 1st house.

I looked at all his direct primary directions, mundane and zodiacal, in 2013, using the method of Placidus semi-arc and allowing for latitude.  (These ideas are explained in the e-book.)  Here is the list:

2103 direct primary directions, mundane and zodiacal, with latitude (Bianchini), time-key = midpoint of Ptolemy and Naibod keys.

2103 direct primary directions, mundane and zodiacal, with latitude (Bianchini), time-key = midpoint of Ptolemy and Naibod keys.

It turned out that 2013 was the only year within a long time-span during which a primary direction involving the MC occurred.  Furthermore, this direction involved a sextile with the Moon, which occupied the 10th and it occurred in the summer of 2013.  Thus, I was fairly confident that he would find a job in his field in mid-summer of 2013 (since the horary chart and the transit of Saturn to the natal MC also indicated it).  In fact, he was offered a job that he wanted during the second week in July and began the new job during the first week in August of 2013.  Saturn, ruler of the ASC, being directed to the trines of Uranus and the Moon, both 10th house planets, between late April and late July of 2013 were also good indicators of his securing a job in his chosen profession.


Fundamental to understanding primary directions is the model of the celestial sphere, which forms the basis for the astrological calculations.  Here is a beautiful version of the sphere from Andreas Cellarius Harmonia Macrocosmica, 1660/61.

Andreas Cellarius Harmonia Macrocosmica, 1660/61.

Andreas Cellarius Harmonia Macrocosmica, 1660/61.


Readers of the e-book who wish to leave feedback about its contents are welcome to post a comment here in the “Leave a Reply” space provided below.

About Anthony Louis

Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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15 Responses to Primary Directions E-book

  1. Kelly says:

    Hello, in a nutshell, what are primary directions? THANKS! Kelly

  2. In the hours after your birth the sky continues to move around the earth (actually the earth rotates on its axis, causing the sky to appear to move). As the changing positions of your natal planets align with the position of the planets at birth, “primary directions” form and can be used to forecast major events in one’s life.

    • Kelly says:

      Thank you! Will your book be useful to someone starting from ground zero with their knowledge of Primary Directions (but not astrology in general)? Or should we have some working knowledge of Primary Directions first?

      • Kelly,
        It is intended as an introduction for someone familiar with astrology but not with primary directions. On the other hand, the subject of primary directions is a bit technical and some concepts from astronomy and coordinate systems are involved. If you go to, you can download the beginning section of the book (“SEND SAMPLE NOW”), which will give you a good idea of what it covers and how complicated the material is.

      • Kelly says:

        Thanks! Will do!

  3. dennis says:

    Cher Anthony , je viens d’acheter votre e-book . Je suis également très reconnaissant , avec d’autres amis qui l’utilisent , à Robert Nagy pour son logiciel “Morinus”.
    Votre Table des matières annonce un travail à la fois expérimental et très nuancé ,j’ai donc hâte de commencer . J’avais également noté d’intéréssantes convergences dans l’utilisation de la latitude Bianchini. C’est bien d’un ouvrage comme le vôtre dont nous avions besoin pour pouvoir aborder d’éventuelles nouvelles pistes de réflexion .Soyez donc d’emblée remercié . Mon anglais est peut-être correct mais il manque certainement de nuances , j’ai donc préféré vous écrire en Français .Peut-être pourrez vous vous faire traduire ce message! Encore MERCI/THANKS !

    • Cher Dennis,
      Merci pour votre email et pour vos aimables paroles. Je ne parle pas français, donc j’utilise google-tranlate pour écrire ce texte. J’espère que vous trouverez ce livre utile. Soit dit en passant, j’adore les écrits de Jean-Baptiste Morin, et il a fortement influencé ma façon de penser à propos de cette technique astrologique.

      • dennis says:

        Cher Anthony ,
        Merci pour votre réponse.
        J.H.Holden a traduit “Astrologia Gallica” de Morin vers l’anglais . Nous n’avons malheureusement pas eu cette chance en France et devons nous contenter d’extraits .(Certaines traductions par H.Selva Notamment , qui sont assez satisfaisantes bien qu’incomplètes et ne concernent que le livre XXI de l’A.G. de Morin ) En revanche , je dispose d’une ancienne édition de J.B.Morin nommée “Ma vie devant les Astres” , qui est une autobiographie commentée par Morin lui même . Si vous l’avez lue , il y a un point dont j’aurais aimé parler avec vous .
        Bien cordialement

  4. Malheureusement, je n’ai pas lu “Ma vie devant les Astres”, et je ne possède pas une copie.

  5. james says:

    saturn transit to the midheaven is one possible indicator of success in the outer world and in relation to career. saturn upper square transit to the sun would be another one. zodiac primary direction of midheaven to the sextile of 10th house moon would be yet another one.. i often wonder how much of ones experience is matched correctly with astrological data, since we have so much to choose from. thanks for the example.

  6. el tarot says:

    Hmm it seems like your blog ate my first comment (it
    was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up
    what I had written and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog.
    I as well am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to everything.
    Do you have any helpful hints for beginner blog writers?
    I’d genuinely appreciate it.

  7. Peter Smith says:

    Dear Mr. Louis – I’m a big fan of yours, and in particular your book on solar returns. Am finishing up Robert Corre’s two-year webinar and wondering whether perchance, fingers crossed, you teach, or could point me to a post-corre “grad program” to continue studying/getting better at/ solars and lunars and primaries? Many thanks if you can, and best wishes – Peter Smith

    • Peter,

      I’m not sure what to recommend. Robert Corre may have some ideas. I think Martin Gansten gives a workshop on primary directions and he’s very knowledgeable about Morinus. Except for giving occasional lectures to astrology groups, I’m not doing any teaching now. Maybe other readers of this blog will have ideas where to direct you.


  8. Terry says:

    Hi Anthony
    Thanks for a very clear and helpful exposition on Primary Directions. I did spot one error which maybe by now (June 2020) you have already discovered yourself. One of your chart examples is King Henry VII … it shouild be Edward !

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