US – lead Airstrikes Against Syria?

Fascinating analysis of the Syria situation by Peter Stockinger. Original is posted at

Peter Stockinger's Traditional Astrology Weblog

Solar ingress 2013 Syria

According to the rules of traditional astrology, judging the 2013 Aries ingress chart for Syria we find that the Sun is Lord of the Year and also significator of the king. The ingress chart has Leo, a fixed sign, on the Ascendant. Therefore the chart will be valid for the whole of the solar year.

We also note that the Sun is in a square aspect to the Moon in the 12th house, which is aptly signifying the common people. We can furthermore deduct that the square aspect adequately represents the state of affairs, i.e. the civil war currently taking place in Syria. To find out about the possibility of Syria getting dragged into a war against a foreign enemy, we have to investigate further. Traditionally, Mars is the natural significator of war in a Revolution. Bonatti tells us about the likelihood of war breaking out that, if Mars…

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15 Responses to US – lead Airstrikes Against Syria?

  1. james says:

    thanks for sharing this tony. i am curious about the particular profection method peter stockinger is using as it is not something i am familiar with. i think most folks are anticipating an act of war from the usa towards syria at any point in time. this puts some astro theory meat on the bones of this general idea being discussed in the mainstream media..

    • Thank you, Tony, for re-posting this here and also thank you to James, for providing a link to my original post via skyscript.

      As for James’s question about profections, the method I have used in this case is based on Giuseppe Bezza’s research. If you are interested, you can read an article about his ideas here:

      Very basically put, with this method, the degrees do not move along at the rate of one sign per year, but one house per year, along the circle of hours.

      • Peter,

        Thanks for explaining this method of profection. Great post!


      • james says:

        hi peter,
        i had read the article by bezza before, but thanks. you seem to be offering a unique spin on it by moving the rate by one sign per month as i seem to recall from your article and which is yet another take on the use of profections.. correct me if i have this wrong.. thanks..

        wilbur – i agree. thanks for saying all that.

      • you are absolutely correct in your thinking, James 🙂

      • james says:

        peter. thanks! taking a look at the article again, i see down at the very bottom of bezzas article he discusses moving by monthly profections within the year to focus on a particular area of the yearly profection.

      • Yes, in the graphic you can see two lines, with a red, respectively yellow circle at the top. These mark the position of profected Mars and profected Sun in September 2013. The yellow and red segements show the span of the monthly profection for Mars and Sun.

      • james says:

        peter, thanks for the additional comments. perhaps you’d like to make a general comment on the fact that many of these ingress charts are the same for countries in the same region as one another.. the charts for the usa and canada are much the same as are the charts for many countries in the middle east region. add to this that there are countries on the opposite side of the world that will have this same mars separating from saturn in the angles – india or pakistan- libra ingress.. while i like the idea of using ingress charts, i see some problems with them also and i am curious if you or others have some thoughts on these drawbacks i mention..

        finally, i am curious if you could tell me what (ben dykes?) translation of bonati where you are getting the mundane astrology references. i haven’t read those books yet.. thanks

      • James, I don’t see this as a problem. The main point here, IMHO, is the fact that I asked a specific question, regarding the possibility of airstrikes, and I was looking at the charts of the countires involved. If I would have asked a different question and would have looked at different ingress charts, the decoding of the inherent symbolism would have lead to a different interpretation.
        If you haven’t done so already, please read Geoffrey Cornelius’ “Moment of Astrology”, which touches on questions regarding predictive astrology and divination.

        Although I didn’t include it in my article, which is mainly meant to be read and understood by readers who do not have specialist astrological training, the foundation charts of the countries investigated have to be taken into account, too. If, for example, you look at the foundation chart for Syria, you will find that Venus is very prominent there. Looking at Venus in the ingress chart tells us a lot about the background and adds to the understanding of the situation.

        Lastly, as stated at the end of my article, I use Ben Dykes’ two volumes set of Bonatti, which has long been out of print. I do believe though that there is an affordable paperback edition available, only comprising the mundane section of BA.

      • james says:

        hi peter,
        i have read ‘the moment of astrology’ – a great book! it sounds like you are framing the ingress charts in the form of a current question which strikes me differently. thanks for letting me know the recent source for the bonati quotes. i will have to pick up a few of those ”book of astronomy” dyke translations.
        there are a number of ”foundation” charts for syria and the usa. which ones in particular are you working with? thanks!

      • James, I use the foundation chart for Syria per Campion, Book of World Horoscopes.

        For the USA, I am currently using the Sibly chart. I know that there is some debate around the validity of the chart and we will have to see what results from that.

        Time permitting, I will have a look at your postings over at skyscript.

      • james says:

        peter or others in the for what it is worth dept.. here is a thread on syria i started a few weeks ago discussing a particular chart for syria for anyone interested. thanks

      • james says:


        nic campion’s 2004 edition of ‘book of world horoscopes’ has 3 charts for syria.. which one in particular are you using? thanks.

      • For Syria:01.01.1944, 00:00, Damascus

  2. Carl Jung often spoke about the mass public shadow projecting it’s own unconscious contents upon another group or entity. I was afraid that this might be the case with our western astrologers as well, as it seems that so many who were eager to predict the winner of the 2008 and 2012 Presidential contests, online, on television or on the radio. They are conspicuously quiet at this time about events, no doubt focusing their efforts on writing books and teaching online classes. Often those who do mundane delineations find It is quite easy to focus on the malefic aspects in the chart “of a brutal dictator”, but quite difficult to look in the mirror at “ourselves” during the time of impending crisis. I am not pointing fingers, but simply noting that perhaps we as astrologers, just as psychologists, doctors, counselors or “journalists”, have an obligation to present clear, objective and untainted images of astrological symbols and meanings to our client and to the public. This may mean that it is often best for a “psychologist” to step back without forcing his personal concepts and agenda upon the client while allowing the client “to see” in a clear mirror. The physician must diagnostic procedures clearly before making his diagnosis. The astrologer must be silent and allow the charts to speak. If we cannot do that, we don’t allow the symbols to reveal themselves clearly and accurately..
    Thank you for allowing the chart to speak.

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