Mark Sanchez may need shoulder surgery

According to USA Today (Sept. 12, 2013), New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez “will require shoulder surgery,” and is likely headed for injured reserve, so his stormy career with the team is all but over.

What’s going on in his chart that would indicate such a setback?  Sanchez was born on 11 Nov. 1986 in Long Beach, California.  Several astrology sites give a 4 a.m. time of birth, but I do not know the source of that time.  Here is his natal chart based on this data:

Mark Sanchez, 11 Nov. 1986, 4 AM, Long Beach, CA.

Mark Sanchez, 11 Nov. 1986, 4 AM, Long Beach, CA.

Natally, the Moon rules his Cancer Midheaven and thus symbolizes his professional success.  The Moon lies at the cusp of the 6th house suggesting that health issues will affect his career.  The Moon’s closest aspect is a square to Uranus, the planet of the unexpected.  Hence, Moon square Uranus in his chart can symbolize unexpected disruptions to his career due to health matters.

Saturn is the planet of obstacles and setbacks.  Currently Saturn is transiting the first decan of Scorpio.  Saturn will thus conjoin his natal Pluto and Venus in the 1st house in quick succession.  Saturn conjoined Pluto on September 7th and will conjoin Venus on September 22nd of this year.

Transiting Saturn conjoining Pluto often throws a money-wrench into the works of one’s life, sometimes through health problems.  Because Venus rules his 1st house (the body) and 8th house (surgery), transiting Saturn conjoining Venus could well represent a need for surgery.

It is also significant that his natal Saturn squares Jupiter, the ruler of his 6th house of health concerns and bodily ailments.

If the 4 a.m. birth time is accurate, the following are his primary directions (mundane, direct, Placidus semi-arc) this year:

  • Venus directed to ASC, arc 25.93
  • Moon directed to sextile of Uranus, arc 26.72
  • Neptune directed to Saturn, arc 26.84
  • On 15 Sept 2013, Mark Sanchez is 26.85 years old.
  • Moon directed to square of Sun, arc 27.44

In mid-September 2013, Mark Sanchez is 26.85 years old.  Venus rules his ASC (body) and 8th house (surgery).  Natally Moon square Uranus, so the Moon directed to the sextile of Uranus this year energizes the natal square with Moon at the cusp of the 6th house of health issues.  Neptune is the modern ruler of his 6th and is directed to Saturn this year, suggesting that a health issue will challenge the structure and stability (Saturn) of his life.  Although Sanchez would like to avoid surgery, astrologically it seems likely that he will need it.  Unfortunately, shoulder surgery would have an adverse effect on his career.


It is amazing how well the astrological symbolism in his natal chart portrays Mr. Sanchez’s current professional predicament and health concerns.



Oct 8, 2013 — Newsday reported:

Mark Sanchez’s 2013 season is officially over — and most likely, so is his Jets career.  In an expected and long-awaited move, the Jets announced the 26-year-old quarterback had surgery on his throwing shoulder late Tuesday (8 Oct 2013).

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9 Responses to Mark Sanchez may need shoulder surgery

  1. The Pluto-Uranus square has also been hitting his Moon for a while now via equidistance (Cardinal to mutable) from the Aries Point (AP), which it has already done, and when Pluto stations in very late 8Capricorn+ fairly soon that should tell a lot of the tale. Of course, we’re just working with transits here. When Uranus stationed in 8Aries+ it, also, no doubt had an effect via antiscion activity to the Moon. So doesn’t look real good right now. Jupiter will station conjunct his MC in November; so that should bring a lot of hope re recovery by that time; it will be within a degree of a trine to the Moon, which you – Tony – have already pointed out rules the career and speaks to health issues playing a big part in such. Jupiter makes its last conjunction to the MC and trine to Jupiter in early October; so maybe that will be in time for next season. Satrun can be tracked trining both those points on and off as well over the next year and a half or so.

    I’m actually hoping that the Moon in Pisces on the House VI cusp with Jupiter hitting his MC and simultaneously making a trine to the Moon over several passes will give him the opportunity to be a bad actor so that he doesn’t have to come back to football in NY. He’s already got the money indicated by Sun ruling the 11th (2nd of the 10th = goals of career as well as money from career) with the Sun in House II, with the Moon separating from that, but not – amazingly void of course because of its doubly-applying trine with Rx Mercury.Saturn WILL NOT come back to the conjunction with his Venus-Pluto conjunction (which opposes my Sun, btw). So probably he’ll have a great social time over the next year instead of getting beat up and being chronically unpredictable problematically in his football work (as per you mention, Tony, of his Moon-Uranus natal square. Personally, I’d rather see Matt Simms be the guy on the Jets. Maybe you could get his chart, Tony.

    I’m also curious, Tony, what the indication of The S. Node conjunct his Libra Ascendand ARIES house, with the N. Node conjunct his Descendant in ARIES (Libra house) is indicative of re his personality. The only thing I can think of right now (it’s late) is that when it comes to relating to people he doesn’t know whether he’s coming or going. But I have a bad attitude, so as a professional psychiatrist I’m hoping you can figure him out better than me. He has to be more assertive with people or what? Can’t help thinking, however, that this, too, affects his game (which Is why I chose the expression coming or going). Actually, now that I think of it, he has kind of always had to get his coaches and general managers to keep saying that they’re going to work with Mark as their main man; so I guess it’s true that he hasn’t know whether he’s coming or going chronically. Thanks for the article./Jeff Geist

    • Thanks for you analysis of my comment. I guess I should have added that the coaches say they’re going to work with Mark as their “Main Man” because he “gives us the best chance to win.” I’m obviously biased.about him but it’s good to see his natural erraticism expressed by the Moon-Uranus square, and last year they say the clubhouse was like a war zone between Sanchez and one of the better receivers in the game – I forget his name just now, of course – that apparently had a very negative effect on the team; Sanchez, btw, hardly ever passed to the guy. Having read your comment on my comment, perhaps also we could say the Venus-Pluto conj (exactly opp my ntl Sun and conj exact my ntal Vertex – again, perhaps consistent with my professed bias) does, in fact, make him a real manipulator and along with the position of Moon in Pisces (ruling X) on cusp of VI (the “best chance” thing possibly having something to do with the wide separating Moon-Jupe conj = he had most of his success in the past, in actual fact, when he first came up): suspect, based on your comments on my comments and subservient-appearing Pisces Moon on VI cusp, though ruling X and trine XI, he knows how to put the authorities in his life – as a “good actor”, NOT a bad one after all – into his pocked (Sun Hs II) as “friends” (ruler XI). Also I’m sure with the N. Node (Aries) in the hs of Libra and vc vs along with the slick but poorly-positioned hs VI Moon in Pisces with its sq to Uranus, in spite of the nice trines I would have to expect this would incline him to to being at the center of “can’t trust him” scenarios with others on multiple levels.

      Note that I wrote these comments really kind of “off the cuff” and was not aware at the time that you had written about the primary directions that you apparently did another piece on or I somehow missed on this piece or whatever. Speaking of primaries, for the life of me (it’s probably a combo of my really bad astronomy and my lack of time lately to concentrate “freely) I don’t understand these primary directions worth a damn and AM GOING TO purchase your E-book Primer on Primaries. However, given how computer-lame I am, I just went to the the distributor site and was immediately thrown off by it being formatted for Krills – which I don’t have and can’t afford, probably necessitating having to follow directions (another reason for my computeritis; have close Sat-Pluto conj in III near Mars on IC with Sat-Pluto sq Nodal axis exact) and get a krill app or whatever. Be assured, ‘am not asking for your help on this; as I write, am thinking of various people who might help me with this no doubt simple task. Believe it or not I’ve never ordered an E-boook before. Anyway, will stop wasting your time and again thank you for motivating me with your work and hopefully next time I write you I’ll be a little more fluent with the primaries as well as the computer. I suspect I can figure out a lot by just sitting down with the table of houses and some of your examples if I can clear the time; but I WILL have to get my astronomy together in any case, hopefully, before I die so I don’t have to do it again next time around. And to think I was given a father who was a navigator on a B17 this life who got around the wartime skies by dead reckoning? Thanks again./Jeff

  2. Jeff,
    Thanks for your detailed analysis. I guess it’s fair to say you are not a fan of Mark Sanchez and would prefer he not play football in New York. You commented that he has always been able “to get his coaches and general managers to keep saying that they’re going to work with Mark as their main man.” I wonder if this is related to his natal stellium in Scorpio trine his Moon/Jupiter in Pisces. The Moon represents his career (as 10th house ruler) and his Scorpio Sun (11th house ruler) signifies support from those in power. Mercury (ruler of 12th), as his own ability to screw things up, is nicely trine the Moon. The square from natal Uranus to the Moon, and from natal Mars to his Sun/Mercury conjunction, seem to be indicators in the problems he repeatedly runs into (or causes).

    In any case, he is undergoing some stressful transits right now. For some reason, I have had a number of people in his age bracket consult me in the past year or two as transiting Saturn crosses over their natal Pluto. This has uniformly been an extremely trying time, often with associated health problems that sometimes require hospitalization. One person suffered a spontaneous collapsed lung during the week that Saturn crossed his natal Pluto (see

    As far as understanding Mr. Sanchez psychiatrically, I learned early in my career never to make assumptions but to listen carefully to what the patient tells me and to attempt to understand as much as possible how he or she sees the world. Only to the extent that we can understand how Mark Sanchez constructs his own reality we ill be able to understand his behavior.

  3. Jenny Brown says:

    I can’t help but wonder reading this what’s in store for Tom Brady. Watching his last two games it looks like his Mars has morphed from action to rage. Honestly, he looked about ready to pop a blood vessel last night. There’s been a huge energy shift for the Patriots which feels very Pluto in the 10th to me. I haven’t looked at any charts, though.

  4. james says:

    according to this site
    the shoulder injury happened on aug 24th.. what i see astrologically on aug 24th is this : transiting saturn in the first house – more prone to injury to body if it connects to another planet/point.. saturn was at approx 6 degrees scorpio 36 or so minutes which is about exactly 135 degrees to the 6th house moon at 21 pisces 15.. some astrologers think of this aspect as having a connection to health issues as well, -this aspect along with the 150. the transit of mars at 27 cancer 57 is about exactly 135 to his natal jupiter also in pisces – 6th sign and perhaps house from the ascendant at 12 pisces 59′.. so we have 2 transits from the malefic planets saturn and mars hitting on the 2 planets that could be loosely defined as 6th house, definitely 6th sign from the ascendant.. if the ascendant is close to accurate you can throw in the transit of neptune at 4 pisces making a 135 aspect to the ascendant degree at about 19 libra as well.

    the solar return for 2012 has mars at 25 sag in the 12th house/sign area of the chart if the 4am is relevant. it squares onto his natal moon position – 4 degree orb. i would associate shoulder with sag.. uranus at 20 sag 36 in his natal 3 does get picked up here by mars as well and shows me the natal square involving moon and uranus that i think might reflect the surprising end to his season here as well..

    of the primary directions you point out, Moon directed to sextile of Uranus, arc 26.72 seems to catch the situation the best and here is why i think this along with the previous paragraph.. my thinking is that 2 planets in hard aspect in a natal chart when brought together in a directed chart release the tension suggested between the 2 in the natal chart. by this same reasoning – Moon directed to square of Sun, arc 27.44 – i would view favourably.. it isn’t the aspect that is being made in the primary directions that is as important as the relationship in the natal chart.. my 2c..

  5. james says:

    you can even drag in the 2012 profection lord – jupiter and say it was going to be a year where health issues would be prominent.. i don’t know if that is your cup of tea, but it is another wrinkle to the astrology..

    • James,

      Thanks as usual for your insightful comments. I’m not sure about profections since when I use them the results are variable. Also, the technique doesn’t have the feel of something well grounded theoretically. Maybe I just don’t know enough about them, though.


      • james says:

        thanks tony,
        i am just about finished reading ben dykes 3rd book on persian nativities where profections get discussed more thoroughly. i am not sure about the use of them either! as i understand them, the ascendant lord for the year is the most critical consideration if you want to use them.

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