Aaron Alexis Identified as Navy Yard Shooter

Today an armed man killed at least 12 people in a shooting at a naval office building in Washington.  The FBI confirmed the shooter’s identity as 34-year-old Aaron Alexis, born 9 May 1979 in Queens, New York.  His time of birth is unknown at this time, so I cast a sunrise chart.

Aaron Alexis, May 9, 1979, Queens NY.

Aaron Alexis, May 9, 1979, Queens NY.

He has a couple potentially explosive aspects in his chart, including Mars opposite Pluto and Uranus opposite his Sun.  The Moon/Pluto conjunction suggests powerful emotional reactions.  The stellium of planets in Aries opposes the Moon/Pluto conjunction in Libra.  This opposition is currently being energized by a square from transiting Jupiter, which rules his sunrise chart 8th house.

Here are typical delineations of the natal Mars/Pluto and Sun/Uranus oppositions from cafeastrology.com:

Mars square or opposition Pluto
You have a tendency to impose your will upon others, which can cause severe problems for yourself when they react in self-defense. You have a hair-trigger temper and may even resort to verbal or physical abuse when upset. “

Sun square or opposition Uranus
The ego is quite large when the Sun is square or opposite Uranus. This is largely due to the fact that these people’s very identities ride on their sense of personal freedom. It can be quite a challenge to get them to do what they don’t want to do, simply because they see any attempts to push them in a certain direction as threatening their freedom.”

Here is the data available so far regarding Mr. Alexis:

FBIaHere is a chart for the start of the shootings at the Navy Yard, according to the above data:

Inception of shootings at Navy Yard, 16 September 2013, around 8:20 AM

Inception of shootings at Navy Yard, 16 September 2013, around 8:20 AM

Uranus is highlighted on the DSC as it is in the sunrise natal chart.

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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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4 Responses to Aaron Alexis Identified as Navy Yard Shooter

  1. Belle de la nuit noir says:

    I am experimenting with horary astrology and a novice with no computer or software. I am puzzled as to the recent conjunction of saturn to north node in 8* Scorpio, which will soon be joined by Venus. Although you mention the Via combusta can be made beneficial by the via spica I don’t see the positive side of this happening. Each chart I experiment with that contacts this conjunction seems relegated to an unfortunate fate. Please respond. I’m an aquarius and do adore the virgos!

    • The Via Combusta is one of the more unclear concepts in horary astrology. It is given several different sets of boundaries in the literature. Various authors say that it represents and area of unpredictability, fear, instability, or a combustible situation. Olivia Barclay in Horary Astrology Rediscovered wrote that a chart with the Moon in this location (15 Libra – 15 Scorpio) should be discarded as unreadable or unable to give a valid answer.

      The recent shootings in Washington began with the ASC in Libra (Sep 16, 2013, around 8:20 AM) and ASC-ruler Venus conjunct Saturn and the Moon’s North Node in the first decan of Scorpio (in the Via Combusta). Venus also rules the 8th cusp of death. It occurred on a Moon day during a Saturn hour, with Saturn being the Almuten of the ASC. In this case the ASC-ruler and almuten of the ASC (Venus and Saturn, respectively) are conjunct in Scorpio in the Via Combusta. The symbolism of a combustible situation certainly applies as do the notions of fear, instability and unpredictability.

      A good review of the Via Combusta concept can be found at http://starlightknightastrology.com/2011/10/06/horary-technique-via-combusta/.

      • Belle de la nuit noir says:

        So super grateful I’m going to read that link! I’ve just found that with all the charts I’ve experimented with that the Saturn North node and Venus conjunction has been un aided by the Via Spica. Even the sextile to Pluto ( now a brown dwarf and in its true stealth mode) have not mitigated the heaviness of this pairing. I’m eagerly about to read your post on it today. Thank you so much my invisible mentor!!

  2. james says:

    hi tony,
    i posted on alexis’s chart on skyscript. here is an excerpt of what i had to say on skyscript
    venus, ruler of the taurus sun (and libra moon) is applying to a conjunction to mars in aries. this pattern would support the idea of someone with anger management issues. the aries planets are in the solar 12th house here. both mars and venus are strong by planetary phase, mars especially given it’s position in aries, as opposed to venus which is not as favourably predisposed to the sign…
    looking at alexis solar return for 2013 gives an emphasis on the nodal axis, with his birthday, one day prior to the solar eclipse may 10th this year. as it happens mars, mercury and sun are all on the south node end of the axis.. without a specific time of birth for alexis, it is hard to go much further here, but perhaps someone else would like to comment.

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