A Geomantic Tarot Spread

Geomancy is an ancient system of divination quite similar to the I Ching of ancient China.  Geomancy uses figures with four rows as opposed to the 6-row hexagrams of the I Ching.  The use of four rows of one or two dots generates sixteen distinct geomantic figures, which are given common names, much like the names used for the popular Lenormand cards.

It is easy to convert a four-card tarot reading into a geomantic figure.  I have used this technique for many years and find that it often adds a new and revealing dimension to the tarot reading.  A detailed description of this method can be found in my e-book, A Geomantic Tarot Spread.

To illustrate the method in this post, I looked for a four-card spread on YouTube to see how the geomantic figure it generates might add to the overall interpretation of the cards.  The one I found was a “love reading” by Angelo Nasios for Natasha.  Angelo is a gifted and thoughtful reader, and his videos are definitely worth watching.

Natasha asked whether the man she was with was the right one for her.  Angelo explained that the tarot cannot tell her if her current boyfriend is Mr. Right but it can indicate whether the relationship is working and what needs to change to make it better.  He began by drawing three cards (Waite-Smith deck):

King of Wands – Page of Swords – Nine of Swords

Angelo views the King and the Page as a pair of individuals who represent the relationship inquired about.  He interpreted the Nine of Swords as indicating Natasha’s worries about the relationship — perhaps some concern about trust or infidelity.  The King of Wands has his back turned to the Page of Swords (the “spy” card), so maybe the boyfriend is focused elsewhere rather than on the querent.  The Page of Swords could even indicate verbal attacks by the querent on the boyfriend, which are causing the relationship to begin to crumble.  As the central card, the Page of Swords is central to what’s going on in the relationship.

For advice on how to fix the relationship Angelo drew a fourth card: the Emperor — an authority figure who likes to be in control and may come across as emotionally distant.  Perhaps the boyfriend is too controlling and not emotionally attuned enough.  Because Swords represent communication, the Page of Swords in the center of the reading suggests a need for open communication to resolve the problems in the relationship.

To generate the geomantic figure, we take the numbers in sequence on the cards.  For court cards, Kings and Knights are considered odd-numbered whereas Queens and Pages are considered even-numbered.  I use “1” to represent odd numbers and “2” for even numbers.

The spread King of Wands – Page of Swords – Nine of Swords – Emperor (IV) generate the sequence 1 – 2 – 1 – 2, and the corresponding geomantic figure is Amissio, Loss:

Geomantic amissio.svg

Amissio is Latin for “loss,” and this figure generally indicates that something will be lost or will be outside of one’s reach.  The figure looks like two stacked and inverted bowls that are spilling out their contents, which is a good metaphor for Natasha’s worries about what’s happening in her relationship.  This figure is generally unfavorable but has a positive side in that the planet associated with Amissio is Venus, the goddess of love.

Because of the strong link between Amissio and Venus, love is possible in this relationship; but if Natasha wants to end it, the geomantic figure suggests that she can do so successfully.  The inverted bowls of the figure suggest that she has been pouring her love into the relationship.  The fact that the King of Wands has his back turned to the rest of the cards suggests that her boyfriend has not been as receptive as she would like to the love that she has dumped into their relationship.

The geomantic figure correlates with Angelo’s interpretation of the spread and suggests that she feels putting more into the relationship than she is receiving so that it feels like a net loss.

E-book cover

E-book cover

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