Astrological BS (and I don’t mean Bachelor of Science)

In my last post I talked about skepticism and astrology.  Unfortunately, astrologers give skeptics a lot to crow about.  As if by synchronicity, after writing that post I happened to be browsing an astrological site when I received an offer to buy my yearly forecast for a mere $65 in US money.  To entice me to purchase the full report, the ad offered some juicy tidbits of my upcoming year.  I will omit the name of the site I was browsing.  My beef is not with the author of the report, who seems quite sincere, but with the overly generalized approach that spews out relatively meaningless platitudes in the name of astrology.


Here are the highlights of my personalized forecast for the coming year, a report specific for my date and time of birth (my own reactions are in parentheses after the predictions quoted from the report:

  •  you may find certain experiences and perceptions at work over the next year deeply inspiring and uplifting. (I can’t wait to feel inspired and uplifted.)
  • You may feel especially eager to expand your professional life, and you may seek greater contact with the public and a higher profile in your work.  (I like professional expansion but I was looking forward to retirement.)
  • this year could prove immensely rewarding on the emotional level, and you may discover many new dimensions of your inner nature which have not been sufficiently expressed in the past.  (Wow, new inner dimensions!  I can’t wait.)
  • you may feel torn between your need for a more fulfilling private life, and your fear that reneging on your obligations to others – especially at work – will provoke retaliation. You may experience hurt and disappointment in these areas.  (I don’t like feeling torn.)
  • There may be periods during the year when matters concerning your emotional life take priority in a fulfilling or a difficult way. (I’ll have to watch for periods when my emotions take priority.  Forewarned is forearmed.)
  • Creative projects which come your way may prove to be financially rewarding, or helpful in moving you closer to cherished long-term goals. (Nice. A creative project that may bring in $.  Then again, it may not and I’ll have to create in poverty.)
  • Matters concerning your physical and material life are also likely to be important. Some may prove rewarding over the next year, some difficult.
  • You may indeed need to make changes in your life, especially in your spiritual and moral convictions.  (Maybe I’ll find a new restaurant that I like.)
  • The development of your mind, and the cultivation of new skills, may occupy a lot of your energy at different times during the year. (Does this mean the onset of Alzheimer’s?)
  • If you allow cynicism to color your thoughts, you could make things more difficult for yourself.  (It’s my nature to be cynical.  Oh well!)
  • This is a time when you can make constructive changes in your inner and outer life.  (Good.  I was planning to make destructive changes but now that I’ve been warned I’ll do things differently.)
  • you may discover the need for more direct and honest confrontation. (Damn!  I prefer being indirect and dishonest.)

For a mere $65 I can get 50 pages of such platitudes, which in my opinion could apply to just about anyone who reads them.  There is nothing specific or quantifiable in this report, so it is obviously almost 100% accurate for just about everyone in the world.  As you can see, my impression of this report is rather cynical but my cynicism was accurately predicted by the report when it told me quite directly that “if you allow cynicism to color your thoughts, you could make things more difficult for yourself.”  What amazing accuracy!  Where do I send my $65?

About Anthony Louis

Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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5 Responses to Astrological BS (and I don’t mean Bachelor of Science)

  1. Hi Anthony,

    I am quite amazed by many of these sites. I get emails from the daily telling me about my astrological transits (they don’t even have my birthday) that are strongly influencing my life. So, curiously, I replied for my free report and basically got another email from the astrologer which basically led to my purchasing a $200 astrological forecast in full. Whereas yours were full of generalities, mine was full of dire warnings of doom and gloom. It is quite sad.


    • I’m sorry you wasted $200 on a set of gloom and doom predictions. I read my personalized forecast highlights out of curiosity and was struck by how it said nothing of substance and nothing that was verifiable. At least nice things will be happening in my life, but there may be a few rain clouds amidst the generally good climate of the year, and then again there may not. Fortunately I didn’t shell out $65 to be told what I could read in a bag of Chinese fortune cookies. The sad thing is that astrology really can be helpful and sometimes very specific about what to expect. You would never know it from forecasts like these.

  2. weathersage says:

    In my many years of astro experience, weather forecasting (long range) can give one a sense of achievement and the study also helps to know the true nature of the planets. In turn, one’s natal and transit interpretation is enhanced

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