A puzzling horary chart. Any comments?

Child last seen Friday, Oct 4, 2013 in Queens, NY.
12:38 pm, Queens, NY, 04 OCT 2013 - the time the boy was last seen. Ptolemy's terms outside chart. ASC 18 SAG 45.

12:38 pm, Queens, NY, 04 OCT 2013 – the time the boy was last seen. Ptolemy’s terms outside chart. ASC 18 SAG 45.

The above chart is updated from the original chart I posted on Oct. 4th from a news report which said he went missing at 12:30 pm.  The more exact time appears to be 12:38 pm, so this time was used in the above updated chart.


Poster in NYC says child went missing at 12:38 pm on Friday Oct 4, 2013.

I read in today’s news that a family in NYC is looking for an autistic boy who went missing last Friday.  Here is the report from the NY Post:

The family of a 14-year-old autistic boy who cannot speak says he has been missing since Friday.  Avonte Oquendo was seen on a school surveillance video leaving the Center Boulevard School in Long Island City, Queens, around 12:30 p.m. Friday.  His mother, Vanessa Fontaine, appealed to the public to help locate her son. Anyone who may have seen the boy is asked to call the NYPD Crime Stoppers at 800 577-8477.  The family says Avonte has a good understanding of the subway system but isn’t able to communicate verbally.

William Lilly uses horary astrology to locate missing persons.  When the astrologer or querent has no relation to the missing person, he uses the ASC-ruler as significator and cast the chart for the time the person was last seen.  The horary chart above is cast with Regiomontanus houses, as Lilly would have used.

Here are the essential dignities:

Essential dignities for horary chart of missing boy.

Essential dignities for horary chart of missing boy.

Jupiter rules the ASC for the time he went missing and thus is significator of the missing child.  Jupiter is strong in Cancer where it is exalted.  Jupiter is not afflicted by any aspects from the traditional malefics, Mars and Saturn.  These are all favorable indicators.

On the other hand, Jupiter conjoins the cusp of the 8th house and is involved is a wide grand cross formation.   Jupiter lies opposite Pluto in the 1st and is squared by a Sun/Moon conjunction in the 10th.  The Moon in this chart rules the 8th house and the Moon is also a natural signifier of fugitives.  Jupiter is separating from a square to Uranus, which is no within orb.  The Moon applying to oppose Uranus at the cusp of the end-of-the-matter 4th house also looks troubling.

If anyone has thoughts about this chart, please leave a comment below.

Addendum 1:

I just read a post that puts the time he was last seen at 12:38 pm, which would give an ASC of 18 SAG 45 and an MC of 9 LIB 58.  The source is metro.us:

Avonte Oquendo, 14, was last seen at lunchtime at his school in Long Island City on Friday, Oct. 4, police said.  Staff at the Center Boulevard School on 51st Avenue noticed Oquendo was missing when they were gathering the kids after lunch to escort them back to their classes.  Police said Oquendo was later seen on school surveillance video footage leaving the cafeteria around 12:38 p.m.  Police said Oquendo has gone missing before, but not for such a long period of time.  There is particular concern for Oquendo because he is unable to speak.  Police describe the boy as 5-foot-3 and 125 pounds. When he went missing, he was wearing a grey-striped shirt, black jeans and black sneakers.”

Other news sources are saying the boy was last seen around 12:40 or 12:45 pm, so it seems likely he was last seen between 12:30 and 12:45, making 12:38 pm a kind of average figure.

Calculating the Arabic Parts for the 12:38 pm chart with Solar Fire produces only four hits:

  • Saturn opposing Part of Treachery (15′ orb).
  • Uranus conjunct Part of Children (02′ orb).
  • Mars conjunct Part of Water Journeys (09′ orb). Did he drown?
  • Mars conjunct medieval Part of Death (34′ orb).

Addendum 2 (Oct. 10) —  CBS reported:

“The Oquendo family filed a claim Wednesday to sue the city and school district for failing to properly supervise Oquendo, CBS 2′s Tracee Carrasco reported.”

So the family decided to sue NY City within days of the boy’s disappearance and before there is any trace of the missing child.  If it were my child, I’d be 100% focused on finding him; there would be no time in the day to go visiting lawyers in the hopes of getting a big financial settlement.  In the above chart, Mars rules the 4th house cusp (the family).  Mars occupies Leo in the 8th house of other people’s money.

Addendum 3 (Friday, January 17, 2014):

Human remains were discovered at College Point around 7:15 p.m. Thursday January 16, 2014.   Size 5 1/2 Nike Jordan sneakers and size 16 jeans with the remains match what Avonte was wearing when he disappeared.  The chart for his disappearance had the ASC-ruler Jupiter in Cancer (connected with bodies of water and the oceans) at the cusp of the Regiomonantus 8th house (death).  Mars, the only planet in the 8th house and ruler of the 4th house of endings, was closely connected to the Arabic part of water journeys and the medieval part of death.  The chart cast for the “official” time of his disappearance has Jupiter (ASC ruler) exactly quincunx the ASC — a stressful connection related to 6th and 8th house symbolism.


About Anthony Louis

Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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30 Responses to A puzzling horary chart. Any comments?

  1. james says:

    hi tony,
    as i mentioned before horary is not my area of knowledge, but what does the moon represent here? the moon is in a very hidden spot just before new moon and 45 mars..
    if you work with the 45 or 135 degree aspects, jupiter also forms a close 135 to neptune in the 3rd.

  2. James,
    The Moon rules the 8th cusp, so it represents the possibility of death, fear and anguish of mind. In a general way it can also represent the missing person and the general action of the chart. Begin combust the sun, it is debilitated. The Moon will apply to a square of Jupiter in about 11 degrees, which could translate into 11 days for his whereabouts to be known. Part of what puzzles me is that Jupiter, which rules the boy, is dignified in Cancer but the 8th house influence is troublesome. I noticed that with the other reported time of 12:38 pm, the medieval part of death conjoins Mars in the 8th, which has a Cancer cusp. This raises the possibility of drowning. Cancer is a sign associated with the oceans. I hope the boy is found safe and unharmed. He has been missing since Friday, so 5 days have passed without any trace.
    I also did a tarot spread to see what another form of divination might say about this situation. Unfortunately, it ended with the Tower card in the outcome position.

    • dennis says:

      Bonjour Anthony , je pense en effet , comme vous ,que beaucoup d’arguments ne permettent pas d’être très optimiste quant à l’issue .Pour un thème monté à 16h38 avec la domification Regiomontanus , on peut peut-être ajouter que jupiter (maître et almuten de 1 ) est conjoint à l’étoile Wasat ( orbe 0’01) , que la pointe de la maison VIII est conjointe à l’étoile Castor (orbe 0’12’) , deux étoiles dangereuses de la constellation du Gémeaux. Enfin, j’avais appris avec R.Zoller qu’une planète en exaltation , contre toute attente , produisait parfois des résultats ou revers dramatiques , ce que j’ai , dans ma pratique , pu vérifier depuis (Bien qu’ayant été au départ très surpris par cette information !) . La position de Jupiter dans un signe d’eau et à 135° de Neptune nous invite certainement à penser à l’élément eau …Et la lune allant à la combustion n’aurait certainement pas été bien vue par W.Lilly dans ce genre de question..Bien cordialement

      • Bonjour Dennis,

        Merci pour vos commentaires. Malheureusement, je ne parle pas français, mais j’ai lu votre message avec Google Translate. La Zoller oberservation est intéressant. Je vais noter les résultats quand ils trouvent le garçon disparu.


  3. Tony,

    not a complete analysis, just first impressions:

    If the astrologer is not involved, I wonder if the querent’s significator can’t just be left out. This leaves just the quesited’s planet. Here I would say 5th house ruler as we are talking about a child. This is Venus, just entering the 12th house and in it’s detriment. The Part of Fortune is also in the 12th house. None of this looks good though I would note the separating trine with Mars, ruler of the 12th, possibly a positive relation.

    The Moon can represent missing persons and also a child. Applying conjunction with the Sun, combust so powerless.

    I don’t have the skills to go beyond this. Of course, we all hope for a positive outcome.


  4. Susan says:

    I very much hope this boy is safe & sound, there are few things more terrifying for parents than a child who goes missing. A few comments on the chart:
    As you point out, this chart is puzzling because the positives are undermined by alternative meanings and accidental debilities: Jupiter in Cancer is exalted but its position in the 8th is ominous; the Part of Fortune conjunct the Ascendant is powerfully protective, but may also indicate that his disappearance is seen as a financial opportunity. Though exaltation is a major dignity, it also includes the idea of being better or stronger than you really are
    The Moon’s next aspects indicate unfolding events: she perfects the opposition to Uranus in 3 degrees (triggering conflict & agitation within the family?); sextiles the Part of Fortune in a bit more than 5 degrees (when the family decided to sue the city & the school?); and then perfects her square aspect to Jupiter in just over 11 degrees, which may bring some news about the boy to light in 11 days ie 15 October.
    Mars ruling the 4th, and Uranus conjunct the 4th house cusp (I pay attention to modern planets close to angles) points to the possibility of previous disturbance & upheaval in the home.
    Jupiter in Cancer in the 8th, and ruling Pisces on the 3rd house cusp does suggest the possibility of danger around water in the neighbourhood where the child lives.

    • Susan,
      Thanks for your comments. We are looking at the chart in the same way, and I’m puzzled by it. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the boy and follow the news from NYC.

  5. Grace Wilson says:

    Tony, do you have birthdates for the boy and his parents? TIA

  6. Susan says:

    My previous comment about exaltation was incomplete so it read oddly. I meant to say: Though exaltation (ie Jupiter in Cancer) is a major dignity, it also includes the idea of appearing better or stronger than you really are. John Frawley warns against overstating this – it is most definitely a powerful dignity, inferior only to rulership. That said, I find the comparison of a planet in exaltation with an honoured guest in someone else’s house helpful: there is a sense of being slightly apart, wearing your best face, being on your best behaviour, not being at ease as you can be in your own home.
    We need to look more closely at Jupiter in Cancer as a description of Avonte. I see on his brother Danny’s Twitter account he is described as “13 years old, autistic, and cannot speak, however he is very intelligent and is familiar with the subway system.” (Danny, by the way, is making a big effort on social media & organising search groups to find his brother.)
    Cancer is a mute sign; Avonte’s silence, ease with the subway system and general manner may make him seem older than he is. Jupiter can indicate a large physical size or presence – however, I don’t see that in the details provided earlier. Sometimes, significators are connected with names: Avonte echoes avant/e = forward, advanced. Jupiter makes no Ptolemaic aspects which describes Avonte’s sudden loss of connection to his family, friends etc.
    I’m wondering if we need also to examine the significator for a possible other person involved in Avonte’s disappearance, in this case Mercury, ruler of Gemini (on the 7th house cusp). Mercury is in Scorpio in the 11th house, conjunct the North Node & Saturn.
    Mercury is interesting in this chart because he is in mutual reception by term with Jupiter – not a very strong connection, but a connection nevertheless. Any more thoughts about this?

  7. james says:

    your horary and the time of his going missing is very similar.
    the fact the family has made a law suit towards the city and school district so soon after his going missing is interesting here as well. are his parents separated from one another at present?

    • James,
      In missing persons charts like this one, the horary is cast for the time the person was last seen. The new reports give a range of times from 12:30 pm to 12:45 pm. The first report I read used 12:30 pm, so I cast the chart for that time.

  8. Patrick O'Neil says:

    Dear Anthony,as a long time reader of your books-blog-I was also puzzled by the missing boy Avonte.When a horary does not give me clear answers ,and there has been no updates on the event I will cast a lunar return chart for the original horary.In this case the 8th house cusp and Jupiter rise and the late 3rd and 4th houses hold the midheaven.As you know ,only time will tell the fate of the boy ,but the horary return is very interesting.
    Keep up the inspiring and fascinating work-and thankyou for your wonderful contributions. Patrick

    • Patrick,
      Thanks. Looking at the lunar return is a nice touch. I was looking at Moon square Jupiter which perfects in 11 degrees, suggesting that 11 days after the event there should be an important development. The boy went missing on Oct. 4th, and 4 + 11 = 15. Around Tuesday October 15th we should know more.

      The lunar return occurs on Oct. 31st. If we use the 12:38 pm time (the range is 12:30 – 12:45 in various news reports), return Jupiter is in partile conjunction with the original 8th cusp. Return Sun conjoins the horary’s north node, and return Mercury conjoins the return’s Saturn. Also return Uranus conjoins the horary IC. All these conjunctions are partile. Return Mars trines horary Pluto from the 9th to the 1st. Finally, the Moon which disposes Jupiter falls in the return 4th house of endings, so we should definitely know what happened by the end of October.


  9. lauren says:

    Thanks so much for leaving this chart up. I am the mother of a non-verbal autistic child and everytime I go out of my house, I see posters of him and hear announcements of his disappearance. I did a horary chart yesterday before I googled and found yours: october 17, 10:45 am NY, NY and I too got sag on the first house cusp but in 5 degrees with venus right there in sag in the first house (he’s ok!). But what immediately stuck out was the moon in the fourth house in aries (the full moon is in aries tonight) neptune was on the cusp of the fourth house (mother deception or mother confusion, mother loss) coupled with a conjunction to Uranus (upheaval, rollercoaster, unpredictability). This makes me uncomfortable, yo mom, youre pretty sure he’s alive and someone has him. Is that good? Maternal instinct? I hope so. I hope she’s right. Avonte, where are you? Where where where?? Does anyone have his birth info?

  10. Susan says:

    I hope Dennis & Patrick are both right, that the exalted Jupiter proves to be a very protective significator for Avonte, and that the horary chart’s lunar return brings news by the end of the month. There seem to be no further developments at present, except that searches have focussed on train yards & subway tunnels because of Avonte’s reported fascination with trains.
    So I keep returning to the chart to see what our collective efforts might have missed. One thing which may or may not be relevant is that Mercury, lord of the 7th house, in the 11th house of friends and signifying a possible other person (or people, as Gemini is a double sign) involved in Avonte’s disappearance, has almost, but not quite, perfected the trine to Jupiter. Mercury went retrograde on 22 October at 19 Scorpio, while Jupiter has moved to the 21st degree of Cancer. There are various ways to read this eg perhaps searchers came very close but not close enough to finding Avonte; or, if he was abducted (and I’ve not read of any evidence that he has been), perhaps the abductor(s) almost returned him.
    Mercury is also the natural ruler of teachers, merchants, messengers, secretaries and attorneys.

  11. Iris says:

    Just a few sugestions:
    1.Jupiter soon will retrogate so boy could reappear . Jupiter thinks he is this and that ,he is exalted in himself – wrong picture , he believed in what he wanted to believe.
    2. Sag Asc shows being unstable in h of Mercury moving to Capricorn
    Now He against the world hs 7 Gemini ruling by Mercury in the house of friends.Possiblly he could arrive in the known to him visually unpleasant place,place where youngsters are visiting for drinks drugs etc. ,where is easy to hide.Who knows tempted by own mind or others.All in Scorpio so when you pop in you struggle to get off.Scorp ruled by Mars sitting in his 8th shows this envoirment as dangerous .
    I hope by getting to the top he will get reunited with his mum,I hope not too late.

  12. Jd says:

    Everyone mentioning water was right. They found an arm and leg and shoes that washed on shore by the ricks in college point,ny. A teenager found them and then police say the clothing are the same ones he was wearing when he disappeared. The remains are almost skeletal and the shoes are the same ones he had on. Even the same size. His family has been notified. I rather knoq he drowned and no one hurt him ;(

  13. Erica says:

    You should do forensic astrology, tony. I mean…wow, this is eerily & unfortunately impressive… You are a good astrologer, tony. I was really hoping Avonte would make it back home safe.

  14. Erica,
    If the remains do belong to Avonte, it is a sad but not unexpected outcome. There was a strong emphasis on death involving water in the disappearance chart. The fact that he was unaccounted for during such a long time made me think he had drowned and his body would eventually wash up somewhere in the NY area.

  15. lauren says:

    I received this update from Anthony in my inbox friday morning and I was devastated, walking around Battery Park with the wind knocked out of me. This entire situation has caused me so much grief these past months, but I tried to make something good come out of it and immediately won my speech therapy services back from the New York Department of Education. Within 8 hours of comparing Avonte with my own non-verbal daughter, my speech therapy services which had been surreptitiously taken from us, had been re-instated. Still, I am so devastated from this news (I believe it is him and re-reading Anthony’s interpretation is even more heartbreaking in its probable accuracy than ever). With the number of children being diagnosed with Autism, the CDC says 1 in 88 children 1 in 50 boys, the only positive outcome I can see is that Autism has now been brought to a greater awareness to millions. I still don’t understand how this situation could have happened in the first place (the circumstances need to be investigated, Anthony, what do you think really happened in the school?). May Avonte rest in peace and know that he touched the lives of millions of people and hopefully changed something in the system that will prevent something like this from ever happening again. May his family win the lawsuit, and even though the outcome will never, ever pay for the pain they endured (and continue to endure), let them live in the most comfort possible. May every parent who has a child with a similar disposition never have to worry that the child will disappear and come to harm’s end because of there was no system in place to protect him.

  16. Lauren,
    The DNA evidence has not yet confirmed the identity of the remains. From the chart for when Avonte went missing, the circumstances of the finding of the remains closely resembles what was indicated in the chart. When I pulled some tarot cards about the disappearance, the outcome card was the Tower, which usually means a shocking event. Like you, I was hoping the divination was wrong and that he would be found safe and sound. Until the DNA evidence confirms the identity, there is still hope that the remains do not belong to Avonte. But in that case, they belong to some other poor child whose family will be grief-stricken.

    You asked what I think happened. From the chart I suspected he had either drowned by falling in the water (ASC-ruler conjunct the Cancer 8th cusp) or that he was the victim of some sort of foul play (Mars in the 8th) and his body was concealed in the water. I thought that he was not found for so long because of water currents carrying the body far from where he disappeared after he wandered off from the school. I deliberately did not say these things explicitly in the blog because I thought the family might read it, and I did not want to add to their anguish. Instead, I presented the evidence so that readers familiar with astrology would be able to drawn the same conclusions.

    I won’t give up hope until the DNA evidence is examined.

  17. Susan says:

    Sad news indeed: I see that the body found washed up in Queens last Thursday 16 January has been identified as Avonte Oquendo, after comparing his DNA with that of family members. However, his cause of death is yet to be determined and foul play remains a possibility.
    Anthony’s work on the last seen chart was excellent, and it proved to be descriptive of Avonte’s fate, at least as far as we know at the moment.
    The Moon didn’t prove to be a good indicator of time, as I thought she might, and we may never know enough about the circumstances of Avonte’s death to test our speculations about what exactly happened to him.
    I have thought about Avonte and the chart many times over the past few months one thing that keeps coming up is the difference between a genuine horary question from someone with a direct interest in the matter asked about; a question asked by someone with no direct interest in the matter (as any of us could have asked: “Where is Avonte?”); and a chart erected for the date, time and place he was last seen, which is what we’ve been working with.
    Here’s what I now think about cases of missing people (and possibly other matters subject to horary questions): the first kind of question is preferable because it is infused with most urgency & emotional power.
    I think the Last Seen chart may be next-best because, although it lacks the personal connection that, for example, a question asked by Avonte’s mother would have had, it nevertheless represents the final moment that someone who knows or recognises Avonte has registered his presence. It is, as other posters have noted, an event chart which can be interpreted using the rules of horary astrology.
    After limited experience with them, it seems to me that questions asked by disinterested querents who are asking more out of idle curiosity (or a desire to practise their horary skills!), than any urgent need to know, are least effective, and should be avoided. But I’m happy to hear other views!

  18. panteradraco says:

    Reblogged this on doramapolis and commented:
    I am always a student of astrology, never a master. Learning more each day.

    • Angel says:

      No disrespect but we assign the 7th house to people we know by name and know something about them (which we do). So Mercury in Scorpio here is a much better fit. Cancer represents public places – ocean beaches and pools and direction by North. Scorpio respresents sesspools and specifically RIVERS (the remains were found in river) and hidden or dirty places. Direction NE. Also if you print the flipped chart and superimpose it in the map, Mercury falls right on the position where the remains was found. Also Merc in Scorpio is weak – and always misunderstood and lost in translation (autistic boy could not speak). Its applying to both NNode and Saturn in 11 house – it makes sense. North Node is an unfortunate influence: remember, the dragon wanted to devour the sun. The energy dragon represents Cosmic Law—which everyone, even the Sun and the Moon, have to obey. It also represents old age; maternal father; bones and breathing. Now with Saturn so close, it’s possible that boy was choked to death (Saturn: limiting Rahu: breath). Saturn could also signify an older person posing as a friend (11 house). If we try to focus on the kidnapper, he would be signified by peregrine planet: Jupiter and Mars are the two suspects. Jupiter would signify a teacher or a lawyer. Mars would make a doctor, engineer or a metal worker (working w cars, repairing cars, or selling cars). Mars is very cruel character. Furthermore, Mars has just semi-squared the Moon. In boys 2nd house. Now Mars in Leo wants recognition – he wants to express himself regardless of what others will think. This makes me think that this person has killed before. His location in Leo/8 house, someone who is also sexually disturbed.

  19. Susan says:

    Nice work Angel & I understand your preference for using the 7th house ruler as Avonte’s significator; however, I find Deborah Houlding persuasive & helpful on this rather vexing topic, in her book “The Houses: Temples of the Sky”, p. 78:
    “Some people assume that because the 7th house signifies fugitives it also signifies missing persons generally, but the fugitives it represents are those trying to escape our personal or collective influence, so they adopt the same 7th-house signification as we assign to prey in questions relating to hunting. Note that the 7th house is not ‘any other person’; it relates only to those with whom we are directly and personally involved, or in general (otherwise indefinable) relationships, those we oppose. Hence, in the question “will the missing celebrity be found?” the celebrity is signified by the 1st house because there is no relationship between the quesited and querent other than general concern. But in the question “will the leader of the country we are at war with be found?”, that leader is signified by the 7th house, as is any unknown perpetrator or attacker in nationally reported crime”.
    The relevant factor here is not our knowledge of Avonte but our connection with him. We have no direct relationship or involvement with him, so Anthony’s selection of the ASC-ruler Jupiter as significator for him was correct. I agree that Mercury seems a better fit for a young boy but that’s not what the chart is telling us.
    I believe the medical examiner’s final report found no evidence of foul play but it’s not possible to be absolutely certain about that, given the lengthy time between Avonte’s disappearance and the discovery of his body. However, in the absence of further evidence, death by accidental drowning remains the most likely explanation.

  20. Angel says:

    Thanks Susan. Also Mercury is traditionally a natural significator of all children. Sun and Moon are conjunct in Libra: hidden relationship, in the boy’s 4th House of Endings. Mercury in his 5th House applicating to Saturn. (The Grim Reaper). Even if he did “accidentally drown” (which I personally don’t believe), death by inability to breath still does apply. He disposes to Mars, our likely suspect (a person he left the school with or met shortly after leaving school). Being in Scorpio shows a river; and in 11th House ruled by Aquarius, another fixed sign but this time it signifies Air and Humanity (sign of Water-Bearer who embraces groups of people). Aquarius could mean “in or around an automobile” – which leads me to believe he was brought to the river in a car.
    If we take a look at the Moon (always a co significator of the missing person) in Hekata Black Moon’s 28’s Mansion and in Libra (Air again) then it becomes less clear that the boy died of simple drowning. With Air so prominent, I am leaning that he was strangled. Saturn here a ruler of Death and Separation. But what about Pluto in the 1st, child’s 7th House of Enemies? It directly squares the Moon. Pluto is the planet of violence and the under world.
    Let’s take another, closer look at Mars – it represents the 10th house and is probably a male figure of authority. Mars in Leo is very bad for children because Leo is the 5th sign which rules children and acting and Mars is a malefic planet. Ability in relation to firearms comes naturally to people with Mars in Leo. It could have been a person with career in Acting, a natural leader, a public profession or even someone who works with children. Note also that there’s Jupiter in the child’s house: he could be a person that the child knew/recently met. Jupiter rules schools and education. Here he is received by the Moon (highly regarded in Cancer) and is liked by the Moon.

    All of these markers, in general and together, tell us a different story. I believe the boy was violently murdered, as we have Pluto in our first house tell the circumstances of the boy’s disappearance quite clearly. I used two significators for the boy: Mercury and Moon. They both describe the boy well (Mercury is Scorpio=impared communication), Moon “burnt out” by the Sun and signify a secret action. I used 3 significators to describe the person who abducted him: Mars (a peregrine planet), Saturn (boy’s turned 8th house), and Jupiter (in boy’s 1st House, cusp of 2nd: changed locations) . This revealed a picture of a person who was authoritative, who recently changed location, who was thin and dark skinned, who liked weapons, who recently met the boy. (11th house connection). To pinpoint the boy’s body, I used the location of Mercury (in Scorpio) and flipped the chart vertically. (Unable to post picture).

  21. Filly says:

    Hi, I know this is old story but it just pains me not to know why or who could possibly do this if that was the case!

    This chart screams of suicide to me!
    The exalted Jupiter means the boy was treated like a guest, first priority but in this case because he had a deficiency and he felt like a burden.
    An exalted planet at the door of death jumps at his will when malefics are not at steak…
    Parents symbolised by Venus/Mars look at their rulership, house position and last square…

    Most planets disposed by Mars, or somewhat in it’s rulership.
    Moon disposed by Venus, mother first carer of the boy, the reception between Venus/moon says much about the mother as nurturer and as a women.
    Moon afraid under patriarchal figure. Mars disposed by the Sun!
    Neptune conjunct 3rd house….confused thoughts at the time, miscommunication…
    But I guess we’ll never know.

    Anyway, I’m reading this chart as horary. I guess an event chart one has to progress the angles and use other technics. So it may turn out different!

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