Astrologer wins literary prize

At age 28, Eleanor Catton is the youngest author to win Britain’s prestigious Man Booker literary prize for her novel The Luminaries. She was born in Ontario, Canada, on 24 September 1985 and raised in Christchurch, New Zealand.  According to a review by Tom Tivnan:

“… the structure of The Luminaries is based upon astrology. Yes, astrology. But the tome is far more complex than Mystic Meg’s column. Catton used charts from Sky & Telescope and a software program called Stellarium to plot the stars and planets during the course of when the narrative takes place, with characters linked to the heavenly bodies. There are 12 “stellar” characters who correspond to the Zodiac signs and seven “planetary” characters, all grounded by the “earth” character, Crosbie Wells, the murdered man whom the mystery revolves around.”

Catton’s time of birth is unavailable, so here is a chart for Noon with sun sign houses:

Eleanor Catton, 12 Noon, 24 Sep 1985, London, Ontario. Time unknown, sun sign houses.

Eleanor Catton, 12 Noon, 24 Sep 1985, London, Ontario. Time unknown, sun sign houses.

The natal promise of success as a writer is reflected in the Sun/Mercury conjunction in Libra (a sign associated with literature and the fine arts) trine the Jupiter/Moon conjunction in Aquarius (a sign associated with astrology).

With Venus as her leading planet, she has a strong need for creative expression.  Venus disposes her Sun and Mercury in Libra.  Venus in Virgo is in mutual reception with Mercury in Libra.  This strong positive emphasis on Venus, Mercury and the Sun is great for a writer since Mercury rules the written word, the Sun signifies the creative spark, and Venus loves beauty and harmony.

In her current solar return Jupiter lies at 17 Cancer 33 in this chart’s 10th house (the 10th house of her sun sign). Transiting Jupiter makes an almost exact and partile trine to her secondary progressed Mercury at 17 Scorpio 50 in mid-October (2013) when she won the literary prize.

Catton’s imaginative use of astrological details in creating her work of fiction is reflected in the Venus/Mars conjunction in meticulous Virgo in her solar 12th house of illusion trine otherworldly Neptune in ambitious Capricorn.

With Saturn in Scorpio since October of 2012 she is experiencing the early stages of her Saturn return.

If anyone knows the time of birth for this author, please leave a comment below.


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4 Responses to Astrologer wins literary prize

  1. Thanks, Ed. Fascinating analysis of her numerology.

  2. james says:

    mercury at the direct midpoint of venus/pluto suggests a fair amount of creative juice in the writing dept… the waning sextile of sun/mercury to saturn also suggests some of the same..

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