Obamacare Goes Live with Postnatal Distress

The Affordable Care Act Exchanges were scheduled to go live at 8 AM EDT on Tuesday October 1, 2013.  Due to glitches in the system, the actual time Obamacare emerged from the federal womb was 8:17 AM EDT in Washington, DC.  Here is a chart for its moment of birth with Placidus houses in the tropical zodiac:

Obamacare goes live at 8:17 AM EDT in Washington, DC.

Obamacare goes live at 8:17 AM EDT in Washington, DC.

If we treat this as an electional chart, what can we say about the likely outcome?

It is a Mars day during a Sun hour.  The hour-ruler Sun has little in common with the Libra ASC.  In fact, the Sun is in fall in Libra — a debility for the Sun.  The Sun mutually applies to oppose Uranus, suggesting technical difficulties.

The degree of the Libra ASC lies in the via combusta — one of the cautionary indicators in a horary chart.  This ASC is more than a degree away from conjoining the favorable fixed star Spica at 24 Libra 01.  This conjunction would have been exact at 8:26 AM EDT.  If the government had an astrologer on staff, they could have  delayed the opening to 8:26 AM to mitigate some of the problems with the roll-out.

In electional charts it is preferable to have the Moon increasing in light (waxing), fast in motion, and well fortified in the chart.  In this chart the Moon is slow in motion, is waning in its balsamic phase, and is void of course in the modern definition of that term.  (Lilly would not have regarded this Moon as void because it applies within orb to a major aspect with Mercury, nor would this Moon be regarded as void by Hellenistic astrologers.)  The Moon is without essential dignity and thus peregrine.  Luna is afflicted by a conjunction with the malefic Mars from which she is separating.

The ASC and its ruler represent the event.  Libra is a cardinal sign, which is good on initiating but poor on follow-through.  The ASC-ruler Venus lies in Scorpio, the sign of its detriment.  In Ptolemy’s system, Venus has some mild dignity by triplicity and face, so all is not lost.  Venus is separating from a fairly close square to malefic Mars, which is somewhat mitigated by reception (Venus in Scorpio is received by Mars).

As ruler of the ASC, Venus signifies the project undertaken. In the Golden Dawn system, the third decan of Scorpio (where the ASC-ruler Venus resides) corresponds to the Seven of Cups, a card of illusion and unrealistic undertakings.


According to Biddy Tarot:

Oftentimes, this card shows choices and plans that have little or no basis in reality. Such things are typical of the developed imagination, and fine if they stay in the imagination. However when you try to implement those ideas in the real world you are leaving yourself open to inevitable disappointment when you realise that your vision simply does not work.”

The almuten of the Libra ASC is Saturn, which lies in Scorpio without essential dignity (and is thus peregrine).  Saturn participates in a mutually applying partile quincunx with Uranus in Aries in the 6th.  This configuration suggests that the project is off to a rather ineffectual start which will be plagued by technological difficulties.

From a Hellenistic perspective Mars, which is highly malefic in a day chart, makes a whole sign square to all the planets in Scorpio, which include Venus and Saturn — the ASC ruler and almuten respectively.  The maleficity of this square is somewhat mitigated by Mars receiving the planets in Scorpio.

All in all, this is not a particularly favorable electional chart.  I doubt that any astrologer would have recommended opening the exchanges at this time.  On the positive side, the ASC will progress to the fixed star Spica in less than 2 degrees and will be within orb in less than one degree (within a year), Jupiter is exalted in Cancer and applies to the MC which it will cross by transit in late June of 2014.  By the summer of 2014, the bugs in the system should be ironed out.

Mabye Obama should consider appointing an astrologer to his Cabinet.

About Anthony Louis

Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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