An interesting horary chart

While reading something on a fellow astrologer’s Facebook page, I noticed a reference to a horary question about a lost cell phone, which was still missing.  The chart was posted by astrologer Priya Kale, who was requesting feedback on the chart.  Priya’s blog is at  Priya gave permission to discuss her horary in this blog.

Here’s the situation.  Priya wrote (on 13 Sep 2012): “My friend lost her phone and she’s been really losing sleep over it.  I drew up a chart for the time I read her question. … The last she remembers having it was in the mall in the bathroom. … she has a young son — and the last she remembers seeing the phone was in a mall bathroom when her son was cranky for a nap… ”

The chart is cast for the moment she read and understood her friend’s message on 10 September 2012 at 9:24 PM EDT in Lehew, West Virginia.  She used Placidus houses and the tropical zodiac.  This is the horary chart she worked with:

priya horaryIn response to questions by readers, Priya clarified the exact wording of the question.  Her friend wrote,  “Priya I lost my phone on Friday and have been so full of anxiety since.  Can you help me with a question?  Will I find it?”

On October 5, 2012, Priya updated the information, stating: “a few days after the new moon she said her husband called the mall again, and they told him someone had come in and collected a white phone (like hers) just a few hours ago, so now she has no idea if that was hers or not, but as far as I know she hasn’t found it.”

As of today (6 November 2013, more than a year later) the phone has not been found.

The ASC represents the querent.  With Taurus rising, Venus signifies the woman who lost the phone.  Personal possessions are shown by the 2nd house with Mercury on the cusp, so Mercury signifies the missing phone.

Mercury lies in Virgo at the end of the Placidus 5th house (children) and conjunct the cusp of the Placidus 6th, an unfortunate house in horary.  The symbolism suggests the possibility of her losing the phone when she took her child into the bathroom at the mall (5th house, 6th house, and Virgo symbolism).

Mercury is combust the Sun, an unfortunate condition in horary which suggests the phone is not visible and may be damaged in some way.

Venus, ruler of the ASC, lies in Leo and will not form any major aspect with Mercury in Virgo.  The absence of a connection between the ASC-ruler and the 2nd house ruler suggests that she will not retrieve her phone.

The Moon is well placed in Cancer but weak in the cadent 3rd house.  The Moon is also slow in motion.  The Moon’s major aspects which perfect before Luna leaves her sign are, in order:

  • Moon sextile Sun
  • Moon sextile Mercury
  • Moon square Saturn

Moon sextile Sun and Mercury offer some hope that she might find it, but the final square to Saturn in the 6th in a night chart suggest that the matter ends badly.  When combined with the absence of any connection between ASC-ruler Venus and 2nd-ruler Mercury, the final Moon square Saturn tips the balance in favor of the phone being lost forever.

Another possibility is that Jupiter in the 2nd of personal possessions could represent the phone.  Jupiter is debilitated in Gemini.  Venus in Leo will eventually sextile Jupiter in Gemini but her approach to Jupiter is impeded by a square to Mars in Scorpio.  Mars here rules the 7th and the 12th houses.

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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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1 Response to An interesting horary chart

  1. Kelly says:

    Great chart to learn from. I believe Ivy Goldstein Jacobson also noted that when both the Sun and the Moon are below the horizon, the lost/missing item will not be found. THANKS!

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