Bullying in the NFL

The recent news about the alleged bullying of Dolphins player Jonathan Martin by his teammate Richie Incognito has gotten a lot of press.  Some reports claim that the Dolphins coaches actually instructed Mr. Incognito to “toughen up” Mr. Martin  and “get him into the fold.”  Perhaps verbal abuse, bullying, hazing, harassment, racial slurs, denigration of women, and monetary exploitation of younger players are part of the typical machismo environment for NFL rookies.

In 2012 a player poll in Sporting News voted Richie Incognito the “second dirtiest player in the NFL.”  Whatever story emerges after this situation is investigated, I wondered whether there were any indications of a proneness for bullying in Richie Incognito’s chart. I’m not sure where to look for bullying in a chart, but I suspect it would involve Mars and Pluto (power and control) and perhaps an inflated ego (Sun, Jupiter issues), and low self-esteem (? Chiron, Saturn, Moon ?).

The alleged “bully” was born July 5, 1983 in Englwood, NJ, time unknown.  Here is a chart with Noon position and sun sign houses.

Richie Incognito, accused of bullying, born July 5, 1983, Englewood, NY.  Time unknown.  Noon chart.  Solar Sign Houses.

Richie Incognito, accused of bullying, born July 5, 1983, Englewood, NY. Time unknown. Noon chart. Solar Sign Houses.

His Moon is in good shape, exalted in Taurus and not afflicted by any malefic. Moon is nicely sextile the Sun in Cancer, so the Moon receives the Sun.  Moon is also sextile Mercury and Mars in Cancer.  Nothing in the configuration of the Moon seems to smack of bullying.

The quincunx of Mars to Uranus suggests a quick temper, impulsiveness, and erratic behavior.  He may not think before he acts and he may be prone to disruptive or rebellious behavior.  Mars in Cancer is debilitated in the sign of his fall and may act like a bully.

The Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Libra may indicate a desire for control in relationships, but this is related harmoniously to Venus in Leo and Venus receives Saturn and Pluto.

So far these configurations suggest that he is hot-headed but do not support a strong tendency to bully others.  Bullying, if it exists, may be shown by the opposition of Chiron in Gemini to the Pluto/Uranus conjunction in Sagittarius.

In addition, a midpoint sort (45 degree) shows that the closest midpoints in the chart involve Chiron (the wounded healer).

By midpoints:  Chiron = Mars/Saturn = Venus/Uranus = Mars/Pluto.

If the bullying allegations are found to be true, then most likely the bullying could be considered a result of an old emotional wound which left him with pent-up anger, perhaps involving a separation or breakup in a close relationship.  The involvement of Mars/Pluto suggests deep resentment and a desire for control and vengeance.

Without a birth time, we do not know which planets are prominent by angularity in this chart.  My hunch is that this gentleman a prominent Pluto or Mars.

It will be interesting to follow this case in the news as it evolves and as more in known about the individuals involved (Martin and Incognito).

Addendum (9 Nov. 2013):

Kathy, in her comment below, pointed out the importance of the Mars/Mercury conjunction in this chart.  The aggression of Mars comes out through the mouth via the words of Mercury.  Recently I’ve been reading through astrological literature from the beginning of the 20th century to get a better grasp on the roots of modern astrology.  In Raphael’s 1905 text on natal astrology, this influential British author writes:

“Mars in conjunction or afflicting Mercury. Quick, active wit; fond of wrangling and disputing; addicted to falsehood and pilfering, forgery and other ruinous habits; sarcastic; possessing a good judgment, aspiring to be foremost whether in good or evil; generally very clever at any handicraft; a good workman, but often fond of drink.”

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5 Responses to Bullying in the NFL

  1. james says:

    do a 16th harmonic chart off the noon time.. you will see a close mars/pluto conjunction. 16th harmonic aspects are the 22.30 degree aspect which is the halfway point of a 45 degree aspect… most astrologers don’t bother to look at this.. 4cancer17 to 26libra42 is 90 + 22.15..
    so much hinges on the moon, but if one goes with standard astro theory without the aid of a specific time it is always difficult to see the info that is critical to the chart as i see it..
    thanks for all the posts you’ve been doing here.. clearly you are keen on the astrology!

  2. James,

    Agreed. The 16th harmonic shows a close Mars/Pluto connection. I was expecting something more prominent in the chart of someone who has made national news for his alleged behavior as a bully. If a birth time becomes available, this apsect of his chart may become more obvious.


  3. Kathy says:

    I thought the Mercury/Mars cjn might be relevant too. In Banzhaf & Haebler’s book, they speak of this aspect as being potentially a ‘nasty mouth, sharp tongue, not respecting other people’s opinions, disrupting…arguing like a hothead. Mean criticism or slander’. Also the Mercury is quincunx Uranus together with the Mars so again suggesting he would perhpas blurt offensive comments out impulsively & in a shocking or anti-social way.

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