The Star-cross’d Relationship of Richie and Jonathan

This post is a follow-up to a previous post about bullying in the NFL.  By now, the world knows that football player Jonathan Martin accused his teammate Richie Incognito of “bullying.”  Mr. Incognito was suspended pending the investigation of the allegations.  Incognito’s chart suggested impulsiveness and a tendency to run off aggressively at the mouth but did not smack of a hardcore bully.

I wondered what the synastry between these two charts would show.  As Freud would have it, there is a libidinal component to all relationships, which shows up as sexual tension between the two charts, suggesting perhaps that the harassment is a form of making some type of intimate (though overtly unwanted) contact with a partner.  Could this be a case of unrequited love?  Here is Martin’s Noon chart with Incognito’s chart superimposed.  Birth times are unknown, so the charts are cast for Noon with Sun Sign Houses.

Jonathan Martin's chart with Richie Incognito's chart superimposed.

Jonathan Martin’s chart with Richie Incognito’s chart superimposed.

Because the time of birth is unknown, the positions of the Moon cannot be used reliably to analyze the synastry between these two men.  Their overt relationship is one of conflict, so let’s focus on the planet Mars, which symbolically most typifies their relationship.  The following are quotes taken verbatim from a synastry report generated by Solar Fire:

Jonathan’s Venus Square Richie’s Mars, Orb 2°24′ Applying

This is a strong combination for a love union because it creates an intense sexual attraction. The durability and nature of the relationship depends on other connections between Jonathan and Richie. Desire is strong, perhaps too strong at times in this relationship. Jonathan and Richie are likely to fall in love at first sight enjoying a passionate union, the type of love affair featured in romance novels. At first both Jonathan and Richie enjoy the intense physical nature of the union, but as time goes on the flames seem to burn too strongly. Richie begins to feel possessive and perhaps somewhat obsessive, eager to maintain the force of passion. Jonathan feels overwhelmed by the passion of the romance and the force of Richie’s nature, and is in danger of becoming repulsed rather than attracted to Richie. As a result the relationship becomes a combat zone. Jonathan and Richie start to compete rather than co-operate. The positive side of the relationship is the strong attraction felt by both Jonathan and Richie. However, it is important for both Jonathan and Richie to learn to temper their desires in this union. They need to remain focused on co-operation and communication in order to keep an appropriate balance in the partnership. While this combination is often found between marriage or sexual partners, it can also be encountered in friendships or work associations which involve working on an artistic project. However, it is important that both individuals remain focused on the creative project at hand because a sexual flirtation could easily get out of control.

Jonathan’s Mars Sextile Richie’s Sun, Orb 2°52′ Applying

This combination of the Sun and the planet Mars is a positive one for a working partnership that calls for concentrated effort on a joint project. It also ignites a strong sexual spark for a personal relationship, one that continues to flare throughout the union. It is an exciting combination. There is never a dull moment when Richie and Jonathan are together. They love and fight with energy. Richie and Jonathan are hard working and energetic, achieving more together than they can on their own. Together Richie and Jonathan are able to tackle most of life’s challenges with confidence and a positive attitude, taking the initiative, rather than sitting back and waiting for things to happen. Together they also enjoy taking few risks in life, particularly ones that satisfy their sense of adventure. They need only be wary of becoming too impulsive, of taking unnecessary risks that lead to dangerous ground. Richie feels that Jonathan provides the impetus and drive to help achieve his full potential. Richie is aware that his personality also helps Jonathan achieve his goals. Jonathan is excited by Richie’s powerful personality and is inspired in his ambitions. This is certainly a progressive relationship that makes an impact on both Richie and Jonathan and those around them.

Jonathan’s Mars Sextile Richie’s Mercury, Orb 1°57′ Separating

There is an instant spark of attraction when Richie and Jonathan first meet, and this continues during the course of the relationship. The spark is likely to be an intellectual one, which may or may not result in a sexual attraction. Richie and Jonathan are stimulated by each other’s company, enjoying lively conversations and energetic activities. Both Richie and Jonathan learn much from each other and enjoy facing challenges together which in turn help them to move forward in their own lives. This combination of the planets Mercury and Mars is ideal for any working association, which requires co-operation and drive in order to complete a challenging project. However, it can also be beneficial for personal relationships involving individuals who enjoy change and challenge. Richie is challenged to use his wits in this relationship. Jonathan’s drive and determination force Richie to clarify his thoughts and opinions. Richie is likely to find this aspect of the relationship exciting. In turn Jonathan enjoys Richie’s intellectual input which helps him achieve his personal goals. Together Richie and Jonathan may dare to take risks in their lives which lead to adventures that might otherwise have been missed.

Jonathan’s Mars Square Richie’s Uranus, Orb 4°29′ Separating

Sexual attraction plays a key role in this relationship. Jonathan and Richie find each other’s company exciting both in and out of the bedroom. When Jonathan and Richie first meet they experience a thrill. However, it is difficult for Jonathan and Richie to maintain the excitement beyond the initial stages of the relationship. An initially challenging union quickly becomes frustrating as both Jonathan and Richie try to balance intimacy and independence. Jonathan is irritated by Richie’s constant need for autonomy and his apparent lack of commitment. At first Jonathan finds Richie’s independent spirit thrilling and arousing, but he soon becomes threatened and annoyed. Richie grows to dislike Jonathan’s drive and determination, which he perceives as aggressive and arrogant. The challenge for Jonathan and Richie is to allow each other the freedom to follow their individual interests. These moments of separation may help alleviate the growing tension and re-ignite the positive sparks.

Jonathan’s Mars Semisquare Richie’s Pluto, Orb 1°31′ Applying

This is a passionate and explosive relationship fraught with hidden tension. It is difficult for both Jonathan and Richie to conquer their own strong feelings about this association. There is a real danger of this relationship becoming an emotional battleground. Jonathan and Richie try to communicate in a calm and loving manner, but their union is fraught with deep-seated problems which continually surface in an explosive manner. The result is that they both become embroiled in a fight for supremacy. There is also a danger for this relationship to become emotionally and physically abusive. Richie feels threatened by Jonathan’s drive and initiative and compensates with controlling behaviour. As a result Jonathan rebels. There is a clash of wills. A long-term intimate bond is a difficult goal with this combination of the planets Mars and Pluto. However, it is possible to direct the passion that Jonathan and Richie feel for each other into a positive pursuit. Perhaps a challenging home-renovation project, or a demanding sports activity or a regular workout at the gym could help alleviate the pent-up emotions.

Jonathan’s Jupiter Conjunction Richie’s Mars, Orb 0°30′ Applying

Richie and Jonathan are able to combine their talents well under the positive influence of the planets Mars and Jupiter. Their association provides them both with a zest for life. Richie has the drive necessary for any joint projects, and Jonathan has the know-how and planning capabilities. Richie and Jonathan set goals, work towards them while overcoming obstacles along the way. Together they successfully achieve their ambitions. They enjoy collaborating, gaining the respect of each other in the process. Richie admires Jonathan’s inspirational ideas. In turn Jonathan appreciates Richie’s initiative and energy. As well as working together Richie and Jonathan also delight in playing together. It’s possible that they enjoy sharing travel and sporting activities. Whatever joint project they undertake Richie and Jonathan enjoy good fortune.

Jonathan’s Saturn Opposition Richie’s Mars, Orb 3°25′ Applying

This combination of the planets Mars and Saturn suggests a strong commitment in which Richie and Jonathan struggle to understand each other. On the one hand both Richie and Jonathan are committed to making this partnership work. On the other hand they face almost insurmountable difficulties along the way. Ancient astrologers consider the planets Mars and Saturn to have a harmful effect on humanity. Therefore this relationship is in grave danger of causing emotional or physical damage to both Richie and Jonathan. The trouble is that they are both determined to force their own egos on to each other, and can be quite brutal in their efforts to get the other person to do as they wish. They lack understanding and respect for each other. Richie tries to force his methods on to Jonathan, only to meet Jonathan’s stubborn refusal to budge on certain matters. The challenge is a big one in this union. Both Richie and Jonathan need to carefully consider the future of this relationship, knowing that only mutual respect and caring communication can shine a light on their difficulties.

Jonathan’s Neptune Opposition Richie’s Mars, Orb 5°35′ Applying

Richie and Jonathan have difficulty maintaining a long-term commitment because of the negative influence of the planets Mars and Neptune. There is a strong sense of loss associated with this influence. Perhaps Richie and Jonathan have formed a bond based on a shared sense of grief or loss, or maybe they fail to establish a loving bond and suffer as a result. In extreme cases they may be victims of each other’s abuse. They find it very difficult to be honest with each other, because straight-talking often becomes confused and hurtful. There is a tendency for them to resort to deceit in order to escape the emotional pain associated with misunderstandings. Of course much of this depends on the influence of other aspects of their relationship. It is possible that Richie and Jonathan share a common bond by working together on an artistic, musical, dramatic, spiritual or philanthropic project thereby maintaining a positive focus in their association. However, it is more likely that they struggle to find common ground and therefore maintain a strong and loving bond.

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1 Response to The Star-cross’d Relationship of Richie and Jonathan

  1. james says:

    as i see it, these synastry reports are mostly worthless..
    i understand why some look at them and why you are focused on the mars connected aspects, but ignoring the many other aspects, is like trying to understand a forest based on examining only one type of tree in it!
    the oppositions in jonathans chart are my first consideration.. without the aid of specific times to either chart, planets in opposition point to areas of conflict along with the potential for projection onto others.. .jonathan has a grand square in his chart which involves 2 oppositions squaring onto each other.. the peace seeking venus in libra opp moon in aries squaring onto those outer planets contained in the capricorn/cancer opposition tells me jonathan is more interested in seeking and creating harmony and peace, even if he is involved in some physical contact sport.. richie on the other hand has mars just having passed thru a conjunction with the sun, sharp and getting sharper by planetary phase. his sun/mercury/mars in cancer conjunction is not tangled up in any opposition and has the field to do what he wants with it.. sharp tongued is only one of the likely possibilities.. moon in taurus is pretty self content and self contained as i see it too..

    the connection of richies mars opposite jonathans saturn is the main source of discomfort as i see it.. jonathan feels threatened and richie is a constant reminder.. if you include chiron, the close conjunction of richies sun 13 cancer to jonathans chiron 13 cancer implies another sore spot in jonathans chart being highlighted by the strengths of his fellow player richie..

    the composite chart has sun/mars/mercury 4/7/15 leo, squared onto by pluto at 4 scorpio.. the hard aspect of mars/pluto shows up strongly in the comp chart.. what happens next in this story? does someone get charged, or is this all for making better football players? legalized bullying, a true american sport, lol..

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