A Progressive Politician

Recently I was listening to a news broadcast about Bill de Blasio, the Mayor elect of New York City.  The journalist must have used the word ‘progressive’ at least a dozen times in describing the new mayor’s views.  It occurred to me that he must have Uranus, the most ‘progressive’ planet, prominent in his chart.  To find out, I did a google search for this birth time and found that Mr. de Blasio “was born on May 8, 1961 at 7:03 PM in New York, NY (his campaign manager gave the data to astrologer Shelley Ackerman).”

Sure enough, his birth chart has Uranus in Leo, high in the angular 10th house, in square aspect to his natal Sun and Mercury in Taurus in the 7th.  Uranus is his most elevated planet.  ASC-ruler Mars is also in Leo but in the 9th Placidus house.  Mars conjoins Uranus in Leo by sign.  Here is the chart with Placidus houses in the tropical zodiac:

Bill de Blasio Natal Chart, Placidus House. Uranus elevated in the 10th.

Bill de Blasio Natal Chart, Placidus House. Uranus elevated in the 10th.

Addendum:  Mr. de Blasio won by a landslide, so I checked his primary directions for 2013 to see what was going on.  Here are the directions from June through December of 2013, Placidus semi-arc, with latitude, both direct and converse:

Bill de Balsio's primary directions, semi-arc method, Ptolemy's time key for June - December 2013.

Bill de Balsio’s primary directions, semi-arc method, Ptolemy’s time key for June – December 2013.

The Sun rules his MC.  In June his primary directed ASC trines the Sun, an indication of popularity and advancement.  In September his directed Sun comes by converse direction to the trine of the Moon, another extremely positive direction.  In November the sextile of Pluto comes to the Part of Fortune, with both Pluto and Pars Fortuna occupying his natal 10th house of public office.  In December the trine of Mercury, ruler of his 11th of hopes and wishes, trines his ASC.  All in all, this is a very favorable period for Mr. de Blasio, as far as his primary directions are concerned.

Addendum #2:  In searching for politicians with Scorpio rising, Uranus in the 10th and and angular Neptune, I came across the chart of Benito Mussolini, which bears striking resemblances to the above chart.  Whether the similarities have any significance remains to be seen.

Mussolini natal chart.  Time verified by Gauquelin Vol. 5/1745.

Mussolini natal chart. Time verified by Gauquelin Vol. 5/1745.

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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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15 Responses to A Progressive Politician

  1. Kelly says:

    Uranus, Pluto and Mars – all elevated. Must be some politician!

  2. james says:

    thanks for adding the primary direction perspective. i don’t think there is much in common between mussolini’s chart and his other then scorp rising with uranus in the 10th.. after that, the connections fall off dramatically.. the moon besieged in mussolini’s chart is a far different vibe then what one gets off a moon in pisces trine neptune rising, even if one makes a point of the opposition to pluto..
    back to the primary data readout.. how are you getting both mundane and zodiac positions? i will have to explore the morinus software to see if i can do that too.. i like the fact you are using the 45 aspect. i usually do the z and m’s separately with different approaches. i have been encouraged by margherita who studied in italy to do them a certain way.. you may already be familiar with her website where she has a few different posts on primary directions. here is the latest one, but there are others you might enjoy reading.
    one of the most interesting aspects of the astrology back to blasio’s chart is the transit of saturn here..it is moving down into the lower hemisphere towards an opposition to his sun, and squaring onto the midheaven directly in a short while.. most astrologers would see this as a move off the outer world stage towards more personal self development as i understand it.. i see this saturn transit as bringing more work by connecting via hard aspect to the sun/midheaven square and hopefully it doesn’t have some negative implications on his health which is always a possibility with saturn true the 1st too.. thanks for your post.

    • James,

      Margherita has a very nice site. I agree that de Blasio and Mussolini’s charts have significant differences. What struck me was the presence of Neptune very close to the horizon in each other them, together with Uranus in the 10th. I’m not sure what that means but it seems like it must be significant.

      • james says:


        i overlooked the close connection of neptune to the ascendant axis in both! i tend to under-weigh the outers in reading a chart which is a revision in my way of reading them for the past couple of years.. my brother has neptune in scorpio right on the ascendant too although from my point of view quite different then both blasio and mussolini outwardly anyway..

        margherita’s site is useful. i go back to it and re-read some of the articles, since i am not rich enough to take martin ganstens primary direction course, which i would do in a heartbeat if i could. as a consequence i find myself entangled in the many possibilities that can be reached thru the primary directions.. for example, in one of margherita’s posts she mentions this “The first thing to do is choosing a directions key under PRIMARY KEYS (traditionally these are PTOLEMY for semiarc, NAIBOD for Regiomontanus, TRUE EQUATORIAL SOLAR ARC for Placidian underthepole & mundane.”

        if instead of the naibod key you are using for semiarc, one uses the ptolemy key, a different set of primary directions are gotten given the difference between the naibod and ptolemy keys.. here are a few of the zodiac pds for 2013 using the ptolemy key with placidus semi-arc. jupiter 45 to neptune may 19 2013, mercury sextile saturn june 1 2013, and sun 45 jupiter july 20 2013. venus 45 venus oct 13/13, and next converse mercury trine ascendant march 13 2014.. these are different primary directions to blasio’s chart all thanks to a shift in the primary key being used and i haven’t gotten to the mundane pd’s yet as they would require different settings according to margherita’s notes..

        obviously the simplest way is to use the same key for each method regardless of zodiac or mundane… since i pay attention to these differences, i continue to find i can fit them to any event as i have so many methods to choose from!

  3. James,
    I think I used the Ptolemy key in the above directions. The Naibod key produces dates a bit later, roughly one month later than Ptolemy’s key for each decade of life. Primary directions are rarely precise but instead indicate a time period when an event might occur. Have you read Gansten’s book on primaries? Do you see any striking features of Neptune on the ASC in your brother’s chart? Is he involved in divination or spiritual practices, for example?

    • james says:

      yes, i have read martins ganstens book. i have reviewed it a few more times as well..

      it must have to do with some of the other options being selected that gives me different data then you.. on the primary directions page that opens up in the options window from the top, i am curious to know what zodiacal options in the bottom left corner you are choosing? this seems to make quite a difference in the results.

      my brother is not involved in divination or spiritual practices in any organized or traditional manner. he is born the same year as blasio – dec 12/61 toronto canada 4:15am. he has a love of the water and boats which i tend to associate with neptune rising in a water sign.. he reads metaphysical type lit from time to time, and doesn’t really have any strong feelings one way or the other about his brother having been interested in astrology most of his life..

      • In the Morinus software, I’m using Placidus semi-arc, mundane and zodiacal, with latitude for both promisor & significator, Bianchini mehtod, and all three zodiacal options checked.
        These are the options that work best in the majority of charts I have studied with primaries. Events usually occur between the dates given by the Ptolemy and Naibod keys, so I view them as giving a window of time.

      • james says:

        thanks tony.. now i can see how you are getting your data. i am curious how you are getting a reading of both mundane and zodiacal positions off the one sheet like that. i can only do one or the other, but not both at the same time.. i am unable to check off both mundane and zodiac positions at the same time in the primary directions option..

  4. james says:

    ps – i too treat pd data in a wider time frame which is how i’ve been encouraged to view the data since being introduced to the use of primary directions..

  5. Mudane and Zodiacal:

    Below “Bianchini” and above “Zodiacal Options” in the left hand column, there is a place to check “Both”.

    • james says:

      tony -here is a screen shot of the morinus primary directions page.. i don’t seem to have what you have available.. thanks.

      • Maybe you have an older version. Try downloading it again. Also, there is a traditional and a modern version.

      • james says:

        thanks tony,
        on another note, i recall seeing your chart somewhere and happened to find it again. i note you have neptune rising on the ascendant.
        i made a composite chart of our charts as i was curious why more exchange at this point in time, then is usual in the time i have been on this site, only to note our composite ascendant is at 3 scorpio – an interesting degree, but also the degree of where the mercury station has been the past couple of days. thought you might that interesting.. thanks again for the additional conversation to do with morinus and primary directions.

    • james says:

      i see on margheritas article on morinus a screenshot which does include the option ‘both’ but it is missing on my program for some weird reason!

  6. Eric says:

    Hmm…being very interested in the concept of reception as taught by Robert Hand(his lecture on YouTube was an eye-opener for me), I notice that de Blasio’s Uranus is received by its domicile lord by square, while Mussolini’s does not make a classical aspect. This suggests to me a difference in how they handle that intense and potentially dangerous Uranian energy, and all things being equal I’d expect de Blasio’s to be a lot better behaved even if the square causes some problems.

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