50th Anniversary of JFK’s Passing

Today is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  I hadn’t look at his birth chart recently, so I decided to post it here.  In addition, last evening I attended a lecture by Carolyn Egan on progressed declination graphs, and I thought it would be interesting to look at Kennedy’s progressed declinations in November of 1963.

Kennedy was born on May 29, 1917 at 3 PM.  Rodden lists the 3 pm time as “from memory” so it is close but may not be exact.  I tweaked the chart to 3:00:43 pm for reasons that will be explained below.  Here is what his progressed declination graph looks like.  The wavy line that goes up and down, forming two humps, belongs to the progressed Moon and shows its changes in declination over time.

Kennedy progressed declination graph to age 60.

Kennedy progressed declination graph to age 60.

Kennedy was elected president on November 8, 1960 and inaugurated on January 20, 1961.  You can see from the graph (the second peak the Moon makes) that the progressed Moon formed parallels of declination with a large number of natal planets between July of 1960 and March of 1963, as the Moon was ascending to its maximum declination north of the equator.  What you can’t see in the graph are the contraparallels of declination.  These were calculated in Solar Fire:

Kennedy secondary progressions October 1963 x 4 months.

Kennedy secondary progressions October 1963 x 4 months.

I adjusted the time of birth so that the progressed ASC contraparallel natal Pluto would occur on November 22, 1963.  This required adding 43 seconds to his stated birth time (from memory) of 3 pm.  If we use the 3 pm time, the ASC # Pluto occurs on January 26, 1964 and the progressed Moon semisquare natal MC occurs on November 17, 1963.  The 15:00:43 time works better with this progressed declination technique.

Whole Sign Houses also give a telling account of what happened.  Here is a whole sign chart from Morinus software.

JFK with Whole Sign Houses (time adjusted to 3:00:43 pm).

JFK with Whole Sign Houses (time adjusted to 3:00:43 pm).

Note that the 8th house of death is ruled by Venus, which occupies the 9th house of foreigners and long-distance travel.  The Mars/Mercury/Jupiter conjunction in Taurus in the 8th is square Uranus in Aquarius in the 5th.  Uranus square Mars could certainly symbolize a sudden violent death.  Mercury and Jupiter are planets associated with travel, and in this chart they rule the 9th and 3rd houses respectively.  The symbolism of sudden death while traveling and involving a foreigner is apparent in the chart.

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6 Responses to 50th Anniversary of JFK’s Passing

  1. james says:

    thanks for sharing!
    i don’t completely understand it, but it is interesting!
    jim lewis in his book on astrocartography – The Psychology of Astrocartography” mentions how the pluto line goes thru the midheaven in dallas. they have re-printed this book so it is more readily available for anyone interested in understanding lewis’s views on relocation.

    • James,

      Carolyn Egan has a good discussion at the link in the blog. Basically, it looks at the declinations rather than the zodiac longitudes by secondary progression. This produces a graph of progressed parallels of declination. The movement of progressed planets is measured above and below the Equator rather than around the zodiac.

      Regarding AstroCartoGraphy, if Kennedy were born in Dallas the MC would have been at about 0 Cancer, so Pluto would have been slightly more than 3 degrees away from the MC. On the other hand, Chiron is pretty much exactly on the DSC in Dallas.


      • james says:

        thanks tony,
        thanks for encouraging me to go to the link. i was reminded of looking at graphic charts that i have done in the past when trying to understand some of the ebertin methodology better. that is a tool that was used a lot in cosmobiology. as i recall ebertin did look at declination data and considered it equally valid to zodiac longitude. after considering the data off my own chart set for 60 years, i don’t know that it holds much merit to me personally.. perhaps others have found value in it.

        regarding jfk’s chart and jim lewis’s comments, small orbs can be quite powerful on relocated angles. if the 3pm time is a good approximation ( i haven’t studied jfk’s chart to verify the accuracy of the 3pm time), then moving the chart to dallas will be the pluto 45 mars very close to the midheaven. one could say the aspect between these 2 raises a concern for such an outcome, perhaps more so if you think of pluto in his natal 9th while mars is in the 8th as increasing the possibility thru travel, or generally politics – both 9th house activities.. interesting to note the moon declination for the time of his death was at maximum north latitude – out of bounds essentially.

  2. james says:

    my last sentence is using sec prog moon position as discussed in this thread – failed to mention that..

    • This is not a technique that I know much about but there happened to be a lecture on it last night, so I looked at the JFK chart in light of the progressed declination graph.

      • james says:

        hey – you are lucky to be in a position to go to these lectures! i am just looking at this technique of sec prog moon in declination over 60 year periods on the present political leadership of israel and usa – netanyahu and obama.. obama has the low point of the cycle at approx 2005/2006 while netanyahu had the peak in 1996 and the low in 2009.. he became pm of israel in 2009..

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