A horary question

Recently in a horary astrology group, Jennie posted the following question which she asked in May of 2012: “Will I be able to renew my professional license in 2013?”  She added (in early December 2013): “In and of itself, it is a long story and I had honestly given up on this until last month when some unexpected circumstances brought the need for my license renewal back to the forefront suddenly.”

Today she wrote that she just learned that her license had been renewed.  The question was asked on May 13, 2012 at 8:09:01 PM in Wilmington, Delaware.  With her permission, let’s look at the chart:

Horary: able to renew license in 2013?  Placidus Houses.

Horary: able to renew license in 2013? Placidus Houses.

The Scorpio ASC rules the querent, whose significator is Mars.  The license is a 10th house career matter.  With Virgo on the MC, Mercury rules the quesited (whether the license can be renewed).

Mercury and Mars are in partile trine, suggesting a positive answer.  The Moon is about to oppose Mars and then immediately sextile Mercury, again establishing a connection between the significators.  Mercury receives Mars in his domicile, another positive factor.

If we consider midpoints (modulus 90), we find that ASC = MC/Part of Fortune = MC/Mars (since Mars conjoins MC).  This is another favorable indicator for a positive career event.

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2 Responses to A horary question

  1. Gisela says:

    Mercury is also the natural ruler of documents, which is after all what a license truly is, in practical terms. Since Mars (10th House occupant, as well as Asc ruler of the Querent) and Mercury (10th House ruler and occupant of 6th House of service) are in grand trine with Pluto Rx (occupant of 2nd House of possessions), does the Pluto explain why it took such a long and mysterious amount of time to suddenly emerge/erupt from the bowels of bureaucracy? Saturn Rx ruling the 3rd House of documents would of course also add to depressing slowness and opacity. The Moon conjunct Neptune in the 3rd House near the IC would also represent the long term weariness and lack of clarity. And Uranus in the 4th House of the end-of-the-matter also hints at the jack-in-the-box nature of the document’s final appearance.

  2. Lenormand becomes more accurate if read from right to left instead of left to right,look at the first card on the right the birds,this card told you that you would receive a phone call first about a woman ( Bear) which means grandmother or mother ) which was true as the card at the time pointed to your mother-in-law or your wife’s mother,the book was telling you that the phone call would reveal something unknown to you at the time which was right…I have always read even the tarot from left to right and when doing so this system of reading has proven time and time again to be extremely accurate..give it ago and one never knows what the cards will reveal to you concerning it’s accuracy..

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