Lenormand tells the tale

I recently read an enjoyable book by James  Ricklef, which he entitled Tarot Tells the Tale.  In it the author presents a series of 3-card tarot readings for notable figures from history or literature.  His goals were to show the usefulness of 3-card spreads and to illustrate how he reads the cards.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in tarot.

Since I’ve been doing more with the Petit Lenormand recently, I decided to try this technique with the Lenormand cards.  The notable figure who came to mind at the moment was O.J. Simpson, so I drew three cards with the question in mind, “Help me to understand the relationship between O.J. and Nicole, his murdered ex-wife.  Here are the three cards which I drew randomly from the deck:

Bear - Whip - Dog from an  antique Belgian deck.

Bear – Whip – Dog from an antique Belgian deck.

The bear seems like an apt symbol for O.J. — a large, powerful, imposing figure around whom you need to tread carefully lest he go on the attack and maul you for irritating him.  The whips in the center does seem to characterize the relationship of O.J. and Nicole, which was marked according to the press by domestic strife.  The dog at the end is a bit puzzling.  Perhaps it shows Nicole’s loyalty to him, despite the abusive whips in the center of the spread, or possibly O.J.’s demand for absolute dog-like loyalty even from an ex-partner.  Then again, the dog sometimes shows a young male friend, so it could represent Ronald Goldman whose presence with Nicole may have spurred the bear’s whips into action.

Thanks to James Ricklef for his interesting approach to practicing with the cards. In fairness to James, I did not follow his method exactly; he assigns specific meanings to each position in the 3-card spread.  I simply looked at the interactions of the cards for insights into the relationship.

Addendum: After posting the above, I came across a set of Lenormand meanings online, which were written in Portuguese by Morgan Mahira.  Here are my translations of her delineations of these three cards:

Card No.15 – BEAR, this card suggests deception/disappointment caused by jealousy and envy. The company of jealous/envious people should be avoided, and the querent should avoid revealing issues or details of a private nature.

Card No.11 – WHIP this card means conflict and disharmony in family life. The cat of nine tails whip is used to flog a person. If this card is near the Significator, it could mean fights, domestic problems, a tempestuous friendship, unhappy romance and a failed marriage.

Card No.18 – DOG, if this card is near the Significator means a true and lasting friendship. If this card is distant and surrounded by other cards of foreboding, it suggests some betrayal or deception/disappointment from those who present themselves as friends. [Whip is a card of foreboding, so the latter interpretation applies.]

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