Marcus Smart shoves fan at basketball game

According to ESPN: “Oklahoma State star Marcus Smart shoved a Texas Tech fan in the final seconds of the 19th-ranked Cowboys’ 65-61 loss to the Red Raiders on Saturday night in Lubbock, Texas.”  The incident occurred on Saturday night, 8 February 2014.

Mr. Smart is a rather remarkable young player whose story was told in an interview which is detailed by USA Today: “Rage burned inside him after seeing cancer overtake one older brother and cocaine nearly destroy another. Anger boiled while confronting a neighborhood south of Dallas he called a war zone amid duplexes. He desperately sought to inflict others with the pain that incessantly gnawed at his 12-year-old heart.”

Through the game of basketball, Marcus Smart has turned his life around.  He is committed not only to the game of basketball but also to completing his college education.  This unfortunate incident in which he impulsively shoved a fan who made an unwelcome comment to him in a heated moment can potentially derail him from his trajectory.  I wondered what his birth chart looked like.  Martin Smart was born on March 6, 1994,  and grew up in Texas.  Here is his birth chart, time unknown, cast for noon in Texas with solar sign houses.

Martine Smart, March 6, 1994.  Noon chart, time unknown, solar sign houses.

Marcus Smart, March 6, 1994. Noon chart, time unknown, solar sign houses.  Note the prominent Mars square Pluto aspect.

The first thing that struck me about this chart is Mars in Aquarius so closely square to Pluto in Scorpio. This angry Mars/Pluto square is entirely consistent with the comment in USA Today: “Family tragedy sent him into a period of simmering rage and troublemaking as a youth.”  Among other things, delineates natal Mars square Pluto as follows:

“You have a tendency to impose your will upon others, which can cause severe problems for yourself when they react in self-defense. You have a hair-trigger temper and may even resort to verbal or physical abuse when upset. Learning to react to unpleasant circumstances with your intellect rather than your emotions comes with maturity. “

Maria Desimone says of Mars square Pluto in her own birth chart:

“I was born with Mars square Pluto in my horoscope. These planets, especially when in hard aspect (conjunction, square or opposition) leave the native with an imprint that represents fighting for your life. It is sometimes an indicator of an individual with a fierce temper or someone who is the victim of violence at some point in his or her life. It is also an indicator of someone with the most incredible drive to win.”

It seemed to me that Mars or Pluto must have been involved, probably by transit, at the time of the shoving incident, so I ran his transits for the few days before and after the game in Solar Fire.  Here are the results:

Transits to Marcus Smart's natal chart around the time of the shoving incident.

Transits to Marcus Smart’s natal chart around the time of the shoving incident.

Sure enough, on the day of the fateful game, transiting Mars (which squares Pluto natally) made an exact square to his natal Uranus at 1:58 pm CST, just a few hours before the shoving took place.  Solar Fire delineates this transit as “inner tension and stress, impulsive actions.”  Astrologically, Marcus Smart was primed for a sudden outburst of aggressive Mars energy on Saturday, February 8, 2014.

It is amazing how astrological symbolism plays itself out so precisely in such public events.  Fortunately, the fan whom Marcus shoved did not appear to have been injured.  The case is under review.  Given Mr. Smart’s overall impressive performance and the way in which he has turned his life around after a troubled youth, I hope he can learn from this incident and put it behind him.

Addendum:  In this evening’s news (Feb 9th) it was announced that Marcus Smart will be suspended for three games for pushing a fan.  Smart was quoted as saying: “This is not me, and I really do apologize for it … I’ll take responsibility and the consequences that come with it.”  He is probably unaware that he was under the influence of transiting Mars square his natal Uranus during the shoving incident.

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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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3 Responses to Marcus Smart shoves fan at basketball game

  1. james says:

    thanks tony,

    it is difficult to get much without accurate birth data, but you did pick up on the square of t mars to natal uranus! i like to think of the bigger picture that is unfolding which isn’t necessarily gotten via exact aspects from transiting planets. the big one here for me is the slow transit of saturn in the area of the mars/pluto square.. to me that is overshadowing this event and is ”the lesson” he is in the process of learning.. do we have the ability to control our aggression and if so, how? this is where the longer term transit of saturn to the square of his mars comes in.. of course the close square of t saturn to his mercury is also happening probably giving him the realization he has think a little more seriously on his actions as well..

    in another sense natal uranus acts like a channel for him to wake up, thru ”the accident” of this event triggered by the mars transit.

    it is interesting the close conjunction of mars to saturn in this chart as well, although it is over the signs. typically a close mars/saturn aspect suggests a difficult relationship with the father and perhaps men more generally. it can be buried away from a persons consciousness too due what i believe is saturns ability to keep hidden what a person doesn’t want others to know about, or themselves to look at.. the square transit of saturn to this sensitive spot is in the process of unfolding.. it is the 3/4 cycle of saturn to itself.. maybe we will get his chart details at some point to be able to examine the angles, midpoints and other stuff like that to be better able to understand the astrology at work here. thanks for sharing.

  2. James,
    I agree about having accurate birth data. I like to look at charts of people who make the news in a dramatic way because astrological aspects and transits are often fairly exact in describing what is going on. My guess was that he had a stressful Mars-Pluto aspect in his natal chart, and there it was as expected. The transit of Mars to natal Uranus just before the impulsive explosion of temper was more than I was expecting. As you point out, the slow transit of Saturn will affect this entire period of his development. If you get a chance, read his biography in one of the links cited in the blog. He has overcome some mighty obstacles to get where he is today.

  3. james says:

    thanks for encouraging me to read one of the links.. i read the usa today interview. that was quite intense. kudos to him for pulling his shit together and making more of a life for himself then what he might have been destined for otherwise..

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