Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Because of an illness in the family, I haven’t had much time to study the chart of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 which disappeared a week ago.  News reports give the time of takeoff as 0:41 AM on March 8, 2014 from Kuala Lumpur.  Here is the chart.  I used Porphyry houses.

Departure of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Departure of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Sagittarius rises, so Jupiter rules the ASC as well as the Pisces 4th house of endings.  Jupiter in the 8th of death and conjunct its cusp is an ominous sign. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer but is debilitated by its placement in the 8th.  Jupiter is also opposed by Pluto, lord of the underworld, and squared by Uranus, an indicator of sudden disruptions.

Also significant are the two most angular planets: Neptune conjunct the IC in the 4th of endings and Moon conjunct the DSC where Moon very closely opposes the ASC.  Moon squares Neptune.  Moon also rules the 8th of death and disposes ASC-ruler Jupiter. These factors suggest that the plane went down in the ocean.

It is probably unwise to elect to begin a journey with the lord of death angular on the horizon opposing the ASC and squaring an angular Neptune (dissolution, god of the oceans) which conjoins the end-of-the-matter IC.

Jupiter in the 8th lies in a southwesterly house.  This raises the possibility that the plane will eventually be found to the west of Kuala Lumpur and somewhat above the horizon as you face south, which I believe is somewhere in the Indian Ocean.  If we apply Lilly’s method for missing ships, then the Moon also represents the plane; and the Moon lies due west of the ASC just below the horizon (ASC-DSC axis).  Again, the suggestion is that the plane went down to the west in the Indian Ocean.  Cancer is a northerly sign, but Gemini suggests west by south.  My overall impression from this “takeoff chart” is that the missing plane ended its journey to the west and somewhat above the horizon as you face south in Kuala Lumpur.

Here is the map of the region with the local space lines for the takeoff (from Solar Fire).  The Jupiter and Moon lines are running somewhat north of the equator to the west of Kuala Lumpur.  The Moon was due west of the ASC along the horizon as the plane departed in Kuala Lumbur.  There are large positive declinations of the Moon and Jupiter, which are above the equator.   According to the map below, the plane is likely to be found to the west and slightly north of Kuala Lumpur (see the region bounded by the Moon and Jupiter lines in the map).

To hedge my bets, since the Sun occupies the end-of-the-matter 4th house, I suspect the plane will be found in the Indian Ocean to the west of Kuala Lumpur in the region bounded by the Jupiter line north of the equator and the Sun line south of the equator.  Most likely the plane will be found in the region bounded by the Moon and Jupiter lines to the west of Kuala Lumpur; this is the region with the Pluto and Venus lines in the center.

Local Space map of flight's takeoff from Kuala Lumpur.

Local Space Map of flight’s takeoff from Kuala Lumpur.

In the above local space map the plane is likely to be found in the region near the symbol for Jupiter along the left edge of the map (click on the map to enlarge the image).

Find the symbol for Jupiter along the left edge of the local space map.  This is the region where the plane is likely to be found.

Find the symbol for Jupiter along the left edge of the local space map. This is the region where the plane is likely to be found.

Planetary data at the time of takeoff in Kuala Lumpur.

Planetary data at the time of takeoff in Kuala Lumpur.

I’m puzzled by the “who did it?” question in this chart.  Although a current theory is one of human agency, I don’t see it clearly in the chart.  It is possible that some bizarre yet “natural” explanation will be found, especially with Neptune in Pisces on the IC.  However, Lilly regarded the 10th house and its ruler as signifying the leading officers on the ship. The Sun is also a natural significator of the captain.  Here the 10th is ruled by Mercury which lies in Aquarius (which Lilly associated with the  Master or Captain of the Ship).  Mercury is disposed by Saturn in the 12th of sabotage and secret enemies, which could indicate that someone at the level of the caption or a ship’s officer is responsible.

Note (16 March 2014): I revised the initial post to clarify the directions indicated by the chart.  In my first post I did not make clear that the ASC-DSC axis lies along the horizon whereas the local space map shows positions relative to the Equator rather than Kuala Lumpur’s horizon.

Addendum (16 March): This morning CNN posted the following map which indicates current search areas.  Note that the lower edge of the upper boxed area intersects with the Jupiter line of the local space map of the “takeoff” chart.  The plane is likely to be found along the Jupiter line which goes from Kuala Lumpur through the Nicobar Islands out to the Bay of Bengal.

16 March 2014: CNN Map of current search areas.  Note that the upper boxed area is consistent with the Jupiter line of the takeoff chart.

16 March 2014: CNN Map of current search areas. Note that the upper boxed area is consistent with the Jupiter line of the takeoff chart.

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15 Responses to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

  1. Hawkins Deb says:

    As good a reading as it gets. I do think however that Lilly was correct and there were others, but I still can’t wrap my head around the idea of the captain or co-pilot doing this. The latest news is that it was 8:11 in the A.M. or 7 1/2 hours later that the plane likely went down in the ocean. Based on the satellite technology, last ping.

  2. sunsine says:

    Great analysis of the missing plain and crew, I enjoy reading your work.

  3. Audrey Florez says:

    Good teaching, good learning. Excellent!

  4. Thanks, Tony! And I’m so happy I found your blog. Looking forward to more of your horary wisdom.

  5. wdg says:

    According to the local news ,the pilot of MH370, Zaharie, born in the north of Pulau Pinang, 1961July 31, time unknown. He moved to Kuala Lumpur many years ago. Maybe his birth chart reveals something related to this incident?

  6. panteradraco says:

    Reblogged this on doramapolis and commented:

  7. Heather says:

    Thanks for the pilot’s chart.

    I see his natal chiron is all most exactly conjunct Neptune on the IC of event chart of MH370 take-off from Kuala Lumpur, Venus was pretty much over his natal Jupiter at the time which is a pretty cruisey position.

    Mars trines his South Node. Mars is also trine his Venus. The moon is sextile his Sun.
    May be he was too easy going. Let someone in to the cockpit he should not have.

    Saturn retrograde is oppositing his Vesta, which is a point of focus and where one keeps apart from the status quo. Could be the other person out there challenged his focus.

    Transiting Mars was square to his Saturn/Jupiter midpoint, so his position of authority may have been challenged.

    He has a Pluto opposition Chiron, so his Pluto sits on the MC of the event chart.
    This could mean a take-over, as it does in the stockmarket.

    Neptune over his chiron looks rather dangerous around be seduced or deluded. Also, too, there is the tendency to fall in to his pain with this aspect. However his Saturn is in Capricorn, so a pretty solid guy, and able to be rather broad and innovative like Obama. I doubt if he would have suicided.

    He does have a Sun square Neptune and that antivertex of the take-off was right over his Sun-Neptune midpoint. Vertex is where one gets stretched right out. The Antivertex could be an implosion of sorts. ie. caving in to another’s wishes, perhaps someone he consider a reputable sort of guy

  8. Heather says:

    BBC has reported on the 31st March 2014 that the last words from the plane has been changed by the Malaysians. Such reportage is right on cue for New Moon conjunct Uranus in Aries, with 90 degreen dial showing 0Aries = Mercury/Uranus midpoint. This could be read as telling the public, about a communication change. This may be adding to the excitement of it all with involvement of two other midpoints Juno/Selena (trine) and Juno/Chiron.

    Am impressed with what this woman had to say. She is missing passenger Philip Wood’s partner

  9. Moonboweve says:

    My reading done on 14th March said the plane came down over land, no indication of a crash, with some kind of intervention from the ground authorities. I wrote it in my journal thinking that I must be way off with my readings since all the media indicated at the time (and since then) that it came down in the ocean but I saw no indication of water in my cards. So now I wait.
    So pleased that I found your blog Tony, Tarot Plain and Simple was my first Tarot book.

  10. Helen says:

    I found the birth of journey, the physical body of the plane, ruler of the ascendant one of the traveling planets Jupiter exalted in the 8th, Moon another traveling planet partile Descendant and the end of result of the journey of far away land and remote places, oceans, Neptune in Pisces partile at IC in very tight orb to be very significant, involvement of the Cross of Matter. Also the traveling houses 3rd and 9th, Mercury in Aquarius, Uranus in Aries in active cardinal square with ruler of the ascendant. Sun ruler of the 9th, ruled by Neptune at IC. Moon in Gemini is ruled by Mercury in Aquarius. It may worth exploring the Part of Fortune to look at the physical well being of the plane as a human body.

    • Helen says:

      4th is the home land and final resting place of the plane, ruler Neptune. It is still missing, mysterious, and under the most remote part of the oceans. If the answer ever going to be revealed, should Neptune be in the next sign Aries, or worse when it passes one of the angles such as descendant in Gemini or Neptune be activated by some other major aspects.

      • George says:

        The transiting Sun and moon (new moon) just crossed the DSC of the MH370 take off chart, and it was announced that all satellite data will be released. Neptune goes retrograded squaring the ASC/DSC on Jun 8, should another announcement.
        I believe releasing the data will be significant.

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