Designer L’Wren Scott Dies at 49

The apparent suicide of fashion designer L’Wren Scott has been much in the news lately, partly because she happens to be the partner of Mick Jagger.  Ms. Scott was found dead by her assistant at her NYC Chelsea apartment around 10 a.m. on Monday, March 17, 2014.  According to one news source, “the fashion designer was reportedly $6 million in debt and was ’embarrassed’ over her clothing empire crashing.”

Like many celebrities she apparently gave a false birth date (01 Jan 1967) to make it appear that she was younger than her chronological age.  Judging from her appearance in recent published photos, I would estimate her to be close to 50 years old.  Most news sources are now reporting that she was born on April 28, 1964 in Salt Lake City Utah (time unknown).  If that date is correct, her death on Saint Patrick’s Day should show up in her chart.

Let’s consider her solar return in effect this week.  Since the birth time is unknown, I will use sunrise for her birthplace in the natal chart and calculate its solar return.  I find that the sunrise chart usually produces symbolically meaningful information when the birth time is not available.  Here are the superimposed charts:

L'Wren Scott's solar return superimposed on her sunrise birth chart (time unknown) for the current period.

L’Wren Scott’s solar return superimposed on her sunrise birth chart (time unknown) for the current period.

This is a sunrise chart; the actual time of birth is not available.  The majority of news sources state some version of “born Luann Bambrough on April 28, 1964, L’Wren Scott was adopted by Mormon parents and raised in Utah.”

The most striking feature of this chart is the very close opposition of solar return Saturn to her natal Sun.  Saturn is the planet of loss, frustration, and hardship.  A year when Saturn opposes the Sun is usually quite a trying and stressful time when one is confronted by harsh reality.  SR Saturn also opposes natal Mercury (ruler of the sunrise Placidus 6th house) and Jupiter (ruler of the sunrise Placidus 8th & 12th houses).  Traditionally, houses 6, 8 and 12 are the most unfortunate places in the horoscope.  Taken jointly, they rule sickness, death, anguish of mind, exile, confinement, and self-undoing (including suicide).

On Monday, 17 March 2014, transiting Saturn was at 23 Scorpio 07 Rx where it conjoined her natal Moon and exactly quincunxed her natal Mars in the 12th house (self-undoing) of the sunrise chart.  Solar return Saturn also opposes her solar return Mars and her natal Mercury.

Solar return Mars is stressing her natal Jupiter, Sun, and Mercury.  In the sunrise chart, Jupiter happens to rule the Placidus 12th house of self-undoing and the 8th of dying.  Natal Mars is conjoined by solar return Mercury in the 12th, and natal Mercury is conjoined by solar return Mars.  In the sunrise chart, Mercury rules her 2nd house of income and finances which were highly afflicted this year.  Natal Mercury is conjoined by SR Mars (the lesser malefic) and opposed by SR Saturn (the greater malefic), suggesting significant financial problems over the past year.  The prominence of transiting Saturn correlates with feeling overwhelmed and depressed by life’s obligations.

Her natal Saturn has been stressed for the past year by transiting Neptune in fairly close conjunction.  Astrologer Bob Marks delineates this transit (tr. Neptune conjunct natal Saturn) as folows: “Saturn rules your sense of security and your worst fears. The stressful aspects (conjunction, square, and opposition) of transiting Neptune can make it seem as if everything you need to feel safe is being dissolved out from under you.” (italics mine)

In short, this chart is certainly consistent with death by apparent suicide.  From an astrological point of view the April 28, 1964 birth date appears to be correct.


About Anthony Louis

Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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9 Responses to Designer L’Wren Scott Dies at 49

  1. Jimmer says:

    Hi, shouldn’t the solar return chart be cast using the degrees of her NYC location – place of death – and not Salt Lake City?

    • Jim,

      Normally I would look at both the solar return for the actual location at the time of the return and the solar return for the birthplace. I don’t know where she spent her current solar return. Since she was dating Mick Jagger, the two of them could have spent her birthday anywhere in the world. In addition, her time of birth is not known, so I opted to cast a sunrise chart. For these reasons, I set the solar return for her birthplace and did not regard the solar return ASC or MC as significant when interpreting the combined charts. The planetary positions will be the same regardless of her location.


  2. sungoddesstarot says:

    very interesting insights.

  3. I am finding the confusion over L’Wren’s birthdate intriguing since Jan 1 1967 is also very relevant to her death:
    The January 1 1967 date for L’Wren has
    Saturn at 24 Pisces, Chiron at 22 Pisces 
    Uranus at 24 Virgo
    Pluto at 20 Virgo
    Saturn square Mercury
    Deep seated sense of vulnerability, fragility, woundedness along with critical/destructive self analysis.
    Despite the giddying lifestyle, high achievement and glamour, L’Wren may have rarely shown cracks in the edifice of her life.
    In March 2014 from the 12th-13th, the Sun in Pisces activated directly first the Chiron position at 22 Pisces, then the Saturn position on March 14-15.
    Already the Sun had passed opposite her Pluto position on March 10-11 and would pass as well opposite her Uranus position on March 14-15
    This time frame now entered into the building Full Moon in Pisces with the Sun at 26 Pisces and the Moon at 26 Virgo on the 16th [Universal Time].
    Over the period of a week of cascading activations, intensity of her inner wounds became too much to bear by the morning of March 17.

    This collection of energy surrounding L’Wren was not the only factor:
    If born with the Sun close to 10 degrees Capricorn she is one of many people currently under the immense stress of three planets – Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto -presently all lingering around 10 degrees.
    The pressure from three potentially very destructive forces all in connection was the added factor, significant alone in itself.
    Suicide can have many motivations, one being a desire to “go to sleep & not wake up” or “return to the source of all connectedness” or “end the pain by escaping”. These are all thoughts of a Pisces kind. The ideal state in the womb is Piscean bliss.

    The prevailing Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto pattern is also very relevant in the case of the missing airplane.

  4. kate says:

    Next month’s solar eclipse occurs right on her Sun (for the April 1964 birthdate).

    And- I wouldn’t personally put too much emphasis on this, but I found it interesting- natal Uranus directed by solar arc to the exact contra-antiscia of that Uranus. = Aries point. This is somewhat notable (to me) because she has Mars in antiscion to Uranus natally; so Uranus directed to Mars by opposition, and all were connected to the cardinal axis (world stage).

  5. Grace says:

    …An exellent article,you certainly know your astrology. What do you think of this idea? She used 1.1.1967 as her birthdate,it is listed on the Vogue website. Would this influence her astrologically? The fact that she used the date and believed it was her birthdate.What do you think? I tend to think that it did. The coming Uranus square pluto would affect that birthdate.

    • It seems unlikely that she did not know her actual birth date. My guess is that she wanted to take a couple of years off her publicly available age because of her profession. Choosing the first day of the first month makes it easy to remember. Whether inventing an alternate birth date would affect her astrologically is another question. This is similar to authors or celebrities who uses pseudonyms instead of their birth names. If you consider 1/1/1967 as an example of Jungian synchronicity, there may be astrological symbolism connected with that date which relates to her life. I have not studied people who give alternate birth dates and have no basis to make a judgment.

  6. mdppb1 says:

    Hi, as Ardo Ci we are less skilled in this type of interpretation but your comment has appeared on our news site which promotes discoverer of the soulmate code and an interpreter of magnetic types.

    Our take on the life and death of L’Wren recognises the magnetic code in her date of birth 28th April 1952 as a 2+/2- type. At this simple level which underpins astrology, these people are all about give and take in equal measure. Even at a plummeted level of despair they tend to find balance and are unlikely to go for suicide. Murder, yes – suicide, no!

    Your chart assessment leads you to agreement with the ‘supposed date of birth’ of 28th April 1964, discarding her nominated date of 1 January 1967. Whilst accepting the latter date may be a ‘self-convenience’ one, if it were true it would make her 3-/1+ type. They are low energy types and they have been going through very difficult times which are challenging and continuing at the moment and without doubt L’Wren, if this type, could have succumbed either accidentally or otherwise to the enormous pressures she felt she was under. The 28th April may well have been the date she was adopted and they treated that as her ‘birthday’ rather than her actual date of 1 January 1967. Can it ever be confirmed? Have you done a chart of her for that date to compare? It would be very interesting I think.

    I have to say I was surprised when I first saw her birthday as I couldn’t accept her type purposely doing this especially being a year of the dragon type (they love life) but I was ‘hot’ on 1/1/67 as this is Capricorn in the year of the Horse – a 3-/1+ type – and more capable of succumbing to the pressures, even with a degree of panache.

    In summary, I would believe her date of birth was 1st January 1967

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