Lenormand and Horary – a personal reading

On Tuesday 25 March 2014 my wife’s mother died of complications of a stroke.  She would have been 93 years old on June 2nd of this year. My knowledge of Lenormand and of horary astrology was helpful to me in getting through this trying time, so I would like to recount it briefly in this post.

The story began on Wednesday 12 March 2014 when my mother-in-law fell and severely injured her head, face and neck.  She had bleeding in the subarachnoid space within her skull and fractured vertebrae which necessitated immobilization with a neck brace.  Until that date she had lived independently as a lively, active and intelligent woman who was president of the residents’ council in her senior living complex.

In 2009 she developed atrial fibrillation which was only diagnosed when she had two severe blood clots which nearly killed her.  Fortunately she recovered and became fully functional again, but she needed to take the blood thinner coumadin for the rest of her life. When she fell on 12 March, the doctors needed to stop the coumadin to prevent further bleeding inside her skull.

Because she could not take coumadin, I began to worry that she would suffer another life-threatening blood clot.  With this concern in mind, I asked a question of the Lenormand about the unfolding of her health status over the next several months.   My worry was that she would suffer another blood clot and die before her 93rd birthday in June.   I posted the 5-card Lenormand spread on the Lenormand Cards Study Group and received much helpful feedback.  I also did a horary chart for the time I asked the question: 21 March 2014 at 4:10 pm (16:10) EDT at my home in Connecticut.

Here is the Lenormand spread, which I cast with Feichter’s Mystical Lenormand deck:

How will her health status unfold over the next several months?

How will her health status unfold over the next several months?

The first thing that struck me was the Mountain in the center of the spread.  Mountains represent blockages and obstacles, which seemed symbolic of another serious blood clot off the coumadin.  Mountain was followed by a dark Cloud, which appeared to be an ominous sign.  The spread began with the Whip or Birch Rod, most likely symbolizing the fall and serious head injury she had endured.  Clover represents a brief period of good fortune and probably was linked to her recovering enough from the fall to be sent to a rehab facility.  Unfortunately, Clover was followed by Mountain + Clouds, a warning of another serious blockage due to a blood clot.  The Birds at the end often indicate a phone call, which I thought would mean a phone call from the hospital that she had suffered another blood clot and perhaps expired.

The horary chart looked like this (Regiomontanus Houses):

Unfolding of wife's mother's health problems?  Will they cause her to die?

Unfolding of wife’s mother’s health problems? Will they cause her to die?

Horary question asked on Friday, 21 March 2014, at 4:10 pm (16:10) EDT at my home in Connecticut.

In interpreting this chart I followed Lilly’s method and used traditional house rulerships.  My wife is shown by the 7th house.  Her mother is indicated by the 10th of the 7th, which is the radical 4th house with Scorpio on the cusp and Saturn and the Moon within.  Her mother’s death would be shown by the 8th of the 4th, which is the radical 11th house with Gemini on the cusp and Jupiter within.  Jupiter also rules the radical 8th of death.

Mars rules the 4th (my mother-in-law) and is retrograde.  Jupiter (ruler of the 8th of death and the 11th of my wife’s mother’s death) is mutually applying to a square of Mars.  The orb is a bit wide, but it is a mutual application.  By transit this aspect will perfect in about a month.  I took this to mean that she would die of a stroke before the end of April.

Mars also rules the radical 9th, which is the 6th of the 4th, and so signifies my wife’s mother’s health problems.  Mars mutually applies to square Jupiter in the 11th, the 8th of death of the radical 4th.  Again this implication is that her current health problems lead to her death.

For confirmation I looked to planets in the 4th (my wife’s mother).  The most likely candidate was the Moon, symbolic of maternal figures.  The Moon was rapidly applying to square Mercury, ruler of the 11th of her mother’s death.  This square was 2 degrees from perfection, so I expected that something adverse might happen in about 2 days, that is, on Sunday 23 March 2014.

In fact, on Sunday afternoon I spoke to my wife’s mother by phone.  She was at the rehab facility.  She told me she had a headache earlier in the afternoon and had vomited.  I called the nurse and asked him to check her neurologically because these symptoms could be warning signs of increased intracranial pressure.  The nurse called me back about 15 minutes later and said that he had done a neurological exam and everything was normal.

About two hours later my wife and I got a call that her mother had suffered another headache and vomited, and she was being sent to the local hospital emergency room.  We rushed to the ER and met with the doctor who told us she had suffered a stroke.  The doctor thought it might have been a bleed inside her brain.  She had an MRI in the middle of the night, which showed that she had a large clot to the left side of her brain.  The stroke paralyzed the right side of her body and left her unable to speak.  She died on Tuesday 25 March 2014 at about 1:50 pm EDT.

Events transpired as the horary and the Lenormand had foreshadowed.  Having these tools at my disposal helped me to cope emotionally as my wife and I went though this sad event.  We are in the midst of mourning, but knowing there is some kind of meaningfulness in the universe is a great comfort.



About Anthony Louis

Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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4 Responses to Lenormand and Horary – a personal reading

  1. james says:

    my condolences on the loss of your mother in law tony.. cheers james

  2. Audrey Florez says:

    My condolences to you and wife with the lost of you mother in law. God bless you and your family with solace in this painful time

  3. mukul says:

    I am very saddened to hear of your recent loss and would like to express my sincere condolences to you and your family


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