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Learning from Chiron, the wounded healer (part 2) by Heather Eggleston

Originally posted on sphereheals:
To begin take an inventory of why you are drawn to energy healing. Is it to heal a physical, emotional, or spiritual illness in yourself? Is it to pass healing to others? Is it to save…

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Killings in Isla Vista, California

The failure of the United States to enact any reasonable gun laws has led to the free access to guns by virtually everyone in America who has the slightest desire for gun ownership, regardless of their mental health or criminal background. … Continue reading

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Using Tarot to Delineate the Ascendant

Recently Zanna Starr posted a review of Tarot Beyond the Basics in which she commented that she was interested in using the tarot to delineate the Ascendant of her natal horoscope.  For those who don’t have the book I thought it … Continue reading

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Book Review

I haven’t posted much recently because of some medical problems which are slowly resolving.  Here is a link to a recent review by Zanna Starr of my book Tarot Beyond the Basics: Tarot Notes, A Blog by Zanna Star Thanks, Zanna, … Continue reading

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