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Suarez bites Italian defender

Uruguay’s Luis Suarez made headlines for biting an Italian rival at the World Cup this week in Brazil, after which Suarez grabbed his teeth in pain.  Apparently the Italian’s shoulder was tougher to chew than Suarez expected.  This is what wikipedia says … Continue reading

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Podcasts from Spain

While trying to improve my Spanish at (a great site for learning languages), I just came across the following site which looks like an excellent way to improve one’s grasp of spoken Spanish: Here is the blurb quoted verbatim from their … Continue reading

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Alan Turing and Divinatory Ethics

Genius codebreaker and computer science pioneer, Alan Turing, committed suicide by cyanide poisoning on June 7, 1954.  This week marks the 60th anniversary of his death.  Turing’s downhill psychological course began when Turing’s house was burglarized on January 23, 1952.  The … Continue reading

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