Suarez bites Italian defender

Uruguay’s Luis Suarez made headlines for biting an Italian rival at the World Cup this week in Brazil, after which Suarez grabbed his teeth in pain.  Apparently the Italian’s shoulder was tougher to chew than Suarez expected.  This is what wikipedia says about him:

  • Luis Alberto Suárez Díaz is a Uruguayan footballer who plays as a forward for Premier League club Liverpool and the Uruguayan national team. In 2006, Suárez moved to the Netherlands to play for Groningen in the Eredivisie.
  • Born: January 24, 1987 (age 27), Salto, Uruguay
  • Salary: 10 million GBP (2014)

When I heard the news about the aggressive biting, I expected to see a strong and afflicted Mars in his natal chart.  Here is his natal chart for 12 Noon (time unknown) with solar sign houses:

Uruguay's Luis Suarez Noon chart, time unknown.

Uruguay’s Luis Suarez Noon chart, time unknown.

Mars is quite strong as the red planet lies in Aries the Ram, a sign which it rules. Rams like to butt heads. Mars is nicely sextile Mercury, which is often seen in the charts of athletes who rely on  speed, agility, and physical dexterity.  His Mars is quincunx Pluto in Scorpio, which is also ruled by Mars.  Pluto is a planet of intense power and emotion, and modern astrologers grant Pluto rulership of the sign Scorpio.  Scorpions have a painful sting and can at times be vindictive.

If he were born prior to 7:35 PM, his Moon would also be in Scorpio.  Because of the Moon’s close tie to alimentation, I suspect that Suarez’s Moon acutally does lie in Scorpio. In addition, snakes as well as scorpions are associated with the sign Scorpio, and snakes are feared for their venomous bites.

Solar Fire delineates Mars quincunx Pluto as “your intense energy is not always appreciated by fellow workers …”  It always amazes me how the astrological symbolism plays out in real life.  I doubt that the Italian player with the bite on his shoulder appreciated the intense energy displayed by Luis Suarez.  My only hope is that Suarez is up-to-date on his rabies shots.

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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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1 Response to Suarez bites Italian defender

  1. james says:

    hi tony,
    thanks for your article.
    i like midpoints. the mars/pluto midpoint is at 25 capricorn 33 using a noon time. it won’t change much over the course of the day.. transiting jupiter on june 24th is at 25 cancer and change – i don’t know the exact time of the occurrence which would be interesting to look at. the transiting mars/uranus opposition is exact at 16 cardinal 12 on this same date too which fits with this bizarre act of violence.. mercury/jupiter midpoint in suarez’s noon chart is 1 pisces 56. this is 45/135 the transiting mars/uranus opposition. what i am suggesting is the overconfidence of jupiter is a cause for the unraveling of his place in the game, as opposed to his success. astrology is complicated and we are hampered by the lack of availability of accurate birth times.

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