The Death of Joan Rivers

This week Joan Rivers has been much in the news.  On August 28, 2014, the comedian experienced serious complications and stopped breathing during a medical procedure at a New York clinic.  She was then hospitalized at Mount Sinai where she was put on life support two days later.  On September 4 she died at 1:17 pm EDT.  A recently released report by NY State health investigators reported that the Manhattan clinic where she suffered fatal complications had made several errors, including failing to identify her deteriorating vital signs and failing to provide timely intervention.

Could any of this have been foreseen in her birth chart?  Using the data from astrodatabank, I calculated her natal chart to be the following:

Joan Rivers Natal Chart

Joan Rivers Natal Chart

The houses that have to do with health and illness are the 1st (ASC, the body & its vitality), the 6th (illness) and the 8th (surgery, major medical interventions, death).  Mars is the traditional ruler of her Scorpio 8th house.  Pluto is considered the modern ruler of Scorpio.  The Sun rules her 6th house and is in square aspect to Mars, suggesting health problems related to surgery (6th ruler square 8th ruler).  This aspect is also significant because Mars rules her ASC (her body) and the Sun is the exalted ruler of the Aries ASC.  Mars also makes a stressful quincunx to Saturn, suggesting impediments due to surgery.

If we superimpose her current solar return on her natal chart, we see the following:

Rivers Solar Return on Natal chart

Rivers Solar Return on Natal chart

Uranus rises in the solar return for 2014.  In fact, she is approaching a Uranus return.  SR Uranus opposes SR ASC, Mars and Moon.  Uranus lies in the natal 1st (her body) and opposes SR Mars (natal 8th ruler of surgery and death).  SR Saturn lies in the natal 8th near its cusp.  These are all indications of possible health problems and the need to be cautious about any surgical procedures in 2014.

If we look at her primary directions for the period around her death (using Placidus semi-arc and Ptolemy’s time measure), we find:

Rivers primary directions, summer -fall 2014, Placidus semiarc, Ptolemy key

Rivers primary directions, summer -fall 2014, Placidus semiarc, Ptolemy key

Most significant is the primary direction involving Uranus opposing Pluto in September of 2014.  Natally Uranus occupies her 1st house and in the solar return Uranus is again in her natal 1st house (the body and its vitality), while in the solar return chart Uranus occupies her 6th house of health issues.  Modern astrologers would regard Pluto as the ruler of her Scorpio 8th house, so that the primary direction of Uranus opposing Pluto in September of 2014 is a clear warning to be cautious about health matters (Uranus in SR 6th) involving surgery (Scorpio 8th house).

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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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3 Responses to The Death of Joan Rivers

  1. Jim Schaefer says:

    Your astrology and tarot blog emails are some of the few joys in my in basket. A friend has asked how to get on your mailing list, and danged if I can remember how I did.


    Jim Schaefer

  2. james says:

    i note the midpoint for the ascendant/midheaven is 17 aquarius 57 – or descendant/midheaven – 17 scorpio 57 – right where saturn is during the time of her hospitalization and death a few days later.. it is also where saturn is in the solar return for 2014.. in the solar return – mercury at 3 libra forms a 45 to saturn at 18 scorpio.. mercury rules the 6th, so health problems are especially pronounced given this combo in direct aspect to her angles. the pof happens to be at 3 libra as well. of course there are many things to look at when considering different charts, so this is incomplete, but if i was to point out one more astro observation it would be the ascendant at 22 libra – square pluto by degree back in the natal chart.. sr14 jupiter happens to be at 21 cancer as well. it is interesting how saturn often shows up as being highlighted in comedians charts. in rivers case her saturn at 16 aquarius 15 is very close to this same asc/mid midpoint i mention at the top of my post. some astrologers consider this point – a/m midpoint – as especially worth paying attention to.

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