Ex Power Ranger Ricardo Medina Jr. Arrested for Murder

A headline over the weekend caught my eye. An actor allegedly stabbed his roommate with a sword, resulting in his death. According to news reports, police arrested “actor Ricardo Medina, Jr. for murder in Palmdale, California on Saturday. Medina allegedly killed his 36-year-old roommate Joshua Sutter after an argument turned physical.  According to the sheriff’s deputies, Sutter had forced his way into Medina’s bedroom, where Medina and his girlfriend were, during the altercation Saturday afternoon. Medina then allegedly stabbed Sutter once in the abdomen with a sword he kept next to the door. Medina called 911 at about 3:50 p.m., and the detectives interviewed him at their Palmdale Station. He is now in jail with a US$1 million bail.”

These kinds of dramatic killings usually involve Mars and Pluto — Mars being the god of war and bloodshed and Pluto, god of the underworld, symbolizing powerful forces that are hard to control. Several sources say that Medina was born on 6 July 1977 in Los Angeles, time unknown, so I cast a sunrise chart for that date and place:

Medina, Jr., sunrise birth chart, time unknown

Medina, Jr., sunrise birth chart, time unknown

As expected, this gentleman was born with natal Sun square Pluto, an aspect associated with a somewhat explosive temperament and a need to control one’s emotional reactions. One website calls this natal aspect “transformation through loss of control.” In this case, the failure to control the use of the sword which resulted in the death of his roommate will certainly transform the life of Mr. Medina.

Actor in his role as a Power Ranger

Actor in his role as a Power Ranger

Looking further, let’s compare the solar return for this year to the natal chart:

Medina Solar Return 2014-2015.  Note transiting Pluto opposing Sun.

Medina Solar Return 2014-2015. Note transiting Pluto opposing Sun.

The Solar Return for this year is striking for transiting Pluto opposing natal and return Sun.  Since he was born with Sun square Pluto, this aspect brings to the force the issues of explosive use of force and the need to control emotions in order to avoid unpredictable dangerous behavior.  Also of note is that SR Mars squares natal Mercury, giving an aggressive cast to mental processes.

Finally, let’s compare the chart for the 911 call to the natal chart.

Time of 911 call compared to natal chart.

Time of 911 call compared to natal chart.

The 911 call was made at 3:50 just at the transiting MC at the location of the stabbing was opposing Mr. Medina’s natal Pluto and the ASC of that location was crossing his natal Mercury. Most notable is the nearly exact opposition of Pluto to the actor’s natal sun on the day his roommate died due to a wound he had inflicted with his sword.  Astrological timing doesn’t get much more precise than this example illustrates.

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