The Brian Williams Debacle

This week news anchor Brian Williams has become the news.  On Wednesday 4 Feb 2015 he apologized on the evening news for misstating the extent of his involvement in an incident during the Iraq war in which a helicopter was hit by enemy fire. Williams’ supporters say that he mis-remembered an event that happened many years ago as all of us are wont to do.  His detractors say that he deliberately lied.

Williams time of birth is unknown, so I cast a chart with Noon positions and solar sign houses.  Around the natal chart I placed the transits for the 6:30 pm evening news on the day of his apology.

Brian Williams natal chart, Noon positions, time unknown, with transits for the day of his apology superimposed.

Brian Williams natal chart, Noon positions, time unknown, with transits for the day of his apology superimposed.

What immediately stands out the the prominence of the transiting Uranus/Pluto square exactly aspecting his natal Mars.  If Williams were born during the morning, transiting Pluto would be precisely opposite his natal Mars on the day of the apology. This is a typical interpretation of transiting Pluto opposite Mars quoted from

Pluto Opposition Mars
“Any conflicts that arise now likely are intense. Whatever opponents you encounter at this time usually are formidable, although you also can demonstrate considerable strength in asserting your wishes. Important issues, especially with others, may require much effort. Sometimes they reach a critical point during this cycle because you are unlikely to let important things pass without reacting. You typically find it easier to stand up for what is right, which you may do on your own volition, or people or circumstances may compel you. It is possible that controlling influences in your life become too overbearing, requiring you to defend your position, even to sever ties.”

Natal Mars here is significant because Mars occupies his 3rd solar house of communications and is opposed by transiting Pluto in his 9th solar house of broadcasting. Furthermore, Mars rules his Capricorn solar 10th house of career by exaltation and his solar 12th house of scandal, seclusion and self-undoing.  Transiting Uranus occupies the 12th house of exile and undoing, squares transiting Pluto in the 9th of broadcasting, and also squares natal Mars in the 3rd of communications.  As I write this, Brian Williams has gone into voluntary seclusion (a 12th house matter) for a several days and will not be broadcasting the evening news.

The transiting Uranus/Pluto square has been prominent in the charts of many news stories in recent times.

These are his major transit to natal aspects, using solar sign houses and a birth time of Noon, for the first three months of 2015:

Sat (8) Sqr Plu (5) Tr-Na Jan 9 2015   01°Sg41′ D 01°Vi41′ R

Jup (4) Tri Mer (12) Tr-Na Jan 24 2015   19°Le18′ R 19°Ar18′ D

Plu (9) Tri Sun (1) Tr-Na Feb 6 2015   14°Cp24′ D 14°Ta24′ D

Plu (9) Opp Mar (3)  Tr-Na Feb 7 2015   14°Cp25′ D 14°Cn25′ D

Nep (11) Sxt Sat (9)  Tr-Na Feb 13 2015   06°Pi46′ D 06°Cp46′ R

Ura (12) Sqr Mar (3) Tr-Na Feb 28 2015   14°Ar25′ D 14°Cn25′ D

Jup (4) Sqr Sun (1) Tr-Na Mar 5 2015   14°Le24′ R 14°Ta24′ D

On the up side, transiting Pluto forms a trine to his natal Sun suggesting that these difficult times will bring about a deeply personal transformation in all matters symbolically ruled by the Sun.

Addendum: On 10 February 2015 NBC announced that it was suspending Brian Williams for six months without pay. This action is consistent with the emphasis on Mars ruling the 12th house of exile in the solar sign chart.  At the same time natal Mars is opposed by transiting Pluto in the 9th of broadcasting and squared by transiting Uranus in the 12th of undoing.

About Anthony Louis

Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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4 Responses to The Brian Williams Debacle

  1. Jeffrey Albert Geist says:

    Like. Interesting. Thanks./Jeff Geist

  2. Heads up, Williams was actually born in Elmira, NY (His family moved to Jersey later) I think the AstroWiki is wrong but the Wikipedia entry is correct.

    Also, I’m estimating that his time of birth was probably around 4:15am as there seems to be the beginning of a “kite” formation between some of the aspects.

    • Thanks for the info. Since the time is unknown and his actual birthplace is in the same time zone, it will not make a difference in the planetary positions of the chart used here. I have not attempted a rectification of the chart. Your ideas about an early morning chart sound very plausible.

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