Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, suspected of mass murder

The crash this week of the Germanwings flight from Barcelona to Dusseldorf is increasingly being attributed to a deliberate act by the co-pilot who apparently concealed his psychiatric and medical conditions from his employer.  Comments by his ex-girlfriend, who apparently ended the relationship because she was afraid of him, suggested that Lubitz had planned to do something dramatic because he wanted to be remembered.  His birth date has been given in the media at 18 December 1987, time unknown.  I have been unable to find official confirmation of this birth date, so the following chart, cast for Noon with Solar Sign houses is rated XX in the Rodden system.

Andreas Lubitz, time unknown, solar sign houses.  Date from news media.

Andreas Lubitz, time unknown, solar sign houses. Date from news media.

There are several striking features of this chart.

He has a stellium of four planets in Sagittarius, consistent with his life-long ambition to become an airline pilot.  The Sun/Saturn conjunction suggests someone with very high standards who is relentless in his pursuit of his goals.  Sun/Saturn is a marker of a serious individual with lofty ambitions, but such driven behavior can lead to depression when one does not live up to one’s ideals.  The Sun/Uranus conjunction is often a marker of a highly unusual individual who can be quite willful in insisting that things be done his way.

The other stellium occurs in secretive Scorpio with Mars conjunction Pluto, a powerfully intense and potentially explosive combination, followed by the Moon whose position is not known exactly but which lies in Scorpio.  This Mars/Pluto conjunction in Scorpio suggests someone who may act vengefully and violently when things don’t go his way. The combination of Moon, Mars and Pluto in Scorpio is consistent with the intense emotion and secrecy suggested by news report which quotes his ex-girlfriend as saying:

“He would suddenly freak out in conversations and yell at me,” she recalled. “At night he would wake up screaming ‘we are crashing’ because he had nightmares. He could be good at hiding what was really going on inside him.”

The two stellia are connected by a very close semi-square between Pluto in Scorpio and the Sun in Sagittarius, in addition to the close Uranus semi-square Pluto aspect between these outer planets. The involvement of the Sun makes this connection quite personal.  Here are his closest aspects in the Noon chart (with the exception of the Moon whose position may vary up to 6 degrees before or after the one that appears in the chart):

Andreas Lubitz – Natal Chart – Aspects Sorted by Orb – Maximum Orb 2°00′

  • Ura SSq Plu 0°14′ S
  • Mer Cnj Sat 0°37′ A
  • Sun SSx Ven 0°41′ A
  • Sun SSq Plu 0°38′ A 
  • Sun Cnj Ura 0°52′ A

His natal Uranus semi-square Pluto (separating) is repeated in the transiting Uranus square Pluto (also separating) at the time of the crash.  His natal Sun semi-square Pluto connects his Sun to the transiting nearly exact Uranus square Pluto through this repetition. Morinus regarded the repetition of natal aspects in one’s directions or transits as highly significant because they re-activated those natal tendencies in the current life of the native.

Interestingly, I saw mention in Facebook that Lubitz was born just a few days after the psychotic mass murder James Holmes who gunned down movie goers in Oklahoma in 2012. It will not be surprising to astrologers that these two individual will have much in their charts in common. For a discussion of James Holmes chart, see 

The main difference is that Holmes has his Moon in Virgo whereas Lubitz has his Moon in Scorpio.

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3 Responses to Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, suspected of mass murder

  1. Catherine PONCET says:

    Andreas Lubitz might be born on December 28, 1987 … I am still looking for detailed information.
    Do you have exact data ?
    Thanks . Catherine Poncet, French Astrologer

    • Hi Catherine,

      I have seen both dates in the news and do not have exact data. The majority of reputable news services mention the earlier date. It would be good to have a confirmed date from a birth certificate or hospital record. If you find a reliable source, please leave a post here.



  2. According to Ptolemy (Tetrabiblos chap. 13 Of the Quality of the Soul) the mind can be inspected by means of the condition of Mercury and Moon. In Lubitz’s geniture Mercury in Sagittarius is in detriment and conjunct to Saturn, which gives depressive and meandering thoughts and a melancholic temperament. Moreover Moon in Scorpio is in detriment and with Mars in its domicile, which add a violent aspect to his temperament. It would be very interesting to know his time of birth.

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