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Murderer Vester Flanagan aka Bryce Williams

This week a deranged man murdered two young journalists on live TV.  News stories reveal that the killer, Vester Flanagan, had a long history of paranoid and narcissistic behavior.  In his 20s he apparently worked as a ‘high-paid companion‘ who … Continue reading

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Horary – Why do I keep hiring the wrong astrologers?

Why browsing online recently, I came across the following horary question posted by ‘athenian200’ on “Why do I keep hiring the wrong astrologers?” The querent complained in the post that: “I’ve found that every time I try to pay … Continue reading

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The Passing of Julian Bond

I woke this morning (16 Aug 2015) to the news that the civil rights leader Julian Bond had died yesterday and it occurred to me to look at his natal chart to see if this event had been foreshadowed in … Continue reading

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Relocating the Solar Return

A perennial question in predictive astrology is whether or not to relocate the Solar Return. Some astrologers insist on using only the Solar Return for the birth place while others argue that the more appropriate chart is the one cast … Continue reading

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Karl Ernst Krafft predicts attempt on Hitler’s life

One of the famous predictions in astrology was made by Karl Ernst Krafft, a Swiss astrologer born in Basel  (10 May 1900 – 8 January 1945).  In November 1939 he  predicted that the Führer’s life would be in danger between 7 and … Continue reading

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