Relocating the Solar Return

A perennial question in predictive astrology is whether or not to relocate the Solar Return. Some astrologers insist on using only the Solar Return for the birth place while others argue that the more appropriate chart is the one cast for the location of the native at the time of the return. My own practice is to look at both charts because they give valuable information from different points of view.

Recently I watched a lecture about Solar Returns given by the Spanish astrologer Antonio Villalba. In it he mentions the chart of the Spanish naturalist and broadcaster Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente who was born in Spain but who died in Alaska on this 52nd birthday. This obviously is a case example which could shed light on the question of relocation.

According to family sources, Felix Rodriguez de la Fuenta was born in Burgos, Spain on 14 March 1928 at 1 pm. He died around 12:30 pm on 14 March 1980 in Shaktoolik, Alaska as the result of a plane accident. It was his 52nd birthday. Here is the natal chart:

Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente natal chart, Placiuds houses.

Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente natal chart, Placiuds houses.

In the natal chart, the Moon rules the Cancer Ascendant and Saturn rules the 8th house of death. Mars conjunction the 8th cusp is traditionally a sign of a sudden violent death. Mars rules the Midheaven, suggesting that his death might be linked to a professional activity. He had flown to Alaska with his crew to film the Ititarod Dog Sled Race, a career-related activity.

Let’s look at his Solar Return, first for his birth place and next for the location of the accident in Alaska.  Here is the birthplace return for Burgos, Spain, with his natal planets superimposed:

Solar Return of 14 March 1980 for Burgos Spain with natal chart outside.

Solar Return of 14 March 1980 for Burgos Spain with natal chart outside.

Capricorn rises, making Saturn the ruler of the birthplace SR Ascendant. SR Saturn in the SR 8th house of death suggests that his mortality will be an issue during the solar return year.  The ASC rules the body and its integrity.  SR ASC-ruler Saturn in the 8th of death closely opposes his Sun.

SR Mars on the cusp of the SR 8th conjunct natal Neptune warns of a forcible injury due to carelessness or malfunction. SR Uranus in the 10th of professional activities squares the SR Mars/natal Neptune conjunction on the cusp of the 8th of death.

His natal Venus/Mercury conjunction in Aquarius in the natal 8th closely opposes SR Mars on the cusp of the SR 8th of death and completes a T-Square with SR Uranus in Scorpio in the 10th. In the SR chart, Venus rules the 9th of plane travel and Mercury rules the 8th of death.

Finally, natal Pluto on the horizon opposing the SR ASC isof concern, especially because Pluto is placed in the natal 12th house of misfortune.

The symbolism for the birthplace Solar Return clearly warns of a plane accident which could result in serious injury or death.

Now let’s look at the Solar Return calculated for Alaska:

14 March 1980 Solar Return set for Shaktoolik, Alaska, the site of the fatal crash.

14 March 1980 Solar Return set for Shaktoolik, Alaska, the site of the fatal crash.

In the relocated Solar Return Virgo rises making Mercury the ASC-ruler. SR Mars rules the SR 8th house of death as well as the SR 9th house of plane travel. SR Mars in the 12th of misfortune opposes natal Mercury (ASC-ruler) in the 6th.  SR Uranus in the 3rd of local travel squares this SR Mars/natal Mercury opposition.

His natal MC/Uranus conjunction lies on the cusp of the SR 8th of death, suggesting the possibility of sudden or unexpected (Uranus) death related to professional matters (MC).

Saturn Rx and rising in the first closely opposes the Sun.

More could be said about each of the above Solar Return charts. The bottom line is that each one tells the story of what happened but from a different perspective.

About Anthony Louis

Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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4 Responses to Relocating the Solar Return

  1. Grandtrines says:

    Reblogged this on Grandtrines.

  2. Bill in DC says:

    Thank you for returning to this question. I was planning to write and ask you privately about this very same issue.

    Would you be willing to answer this question:

    Considering all charts in which you have previously examined both SRs (original and relocated), and you had to be forced to forever dispense with using *one* of them, which one would you KEEP as the most valuable (of the two valuable types): the relocated SR or the original birthplace SR?

  3. Lucie says:

    Please please Help! I keep looking for an email for you or contact so that I can ask a horary question. I would like to pay you. I read your book and asked the question myself except that Venus is retrograde and separating from Jupiter( these things rule my question.) I have a love hate with this horary business.

  4. Helen says:

    Interesting looking at both charts which actually made more sense as otherwise anyone could escape death or other issues by selecting a better chart.

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