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Infantile behavior on the baseball field

In the sports news today we learned that the Washington Nationals have suspended closer Jonathan Papelbon for four games without pay for his role in a dugout incident in which he choked his teammate Bryce Harper. According to ESPN: “After getting out of … Continue reading

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Pope Francis canonizes controversial saint Junípero Serra

On Wednesday 23 September 2015 in Washington, DC, Pope Francis canonized the controversial Spanish missionary Junípero Serro, despite the fact that Serra had not met all the church requirements for sainthood.  He had not performed the two requisite miracles, but … Continue reading

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The Importance of an Accurate Birth Time

This article is a revision of one that appeared on October 25, 2000 on The original discussion was based on an inaccurate birth time, the bane of serious astrologers. Skeptics usually dismiss astrology as misguided pseudoscience. A leading skeptic in … Continue reading

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What is an inner planet?

Recently I was reading an astrology book and I noticed that the author referred to Jupiter and Saturn as “inner planets.”  This was surprising because I had learned from my classes in astronomy that the inner planets referred to the … Continue reading

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An Amazing Natal Chart

Recently I heard a program on NPR about Billy Williams, the amazing man who spent years with the elephants in Burmese jungles.  A book about him made the New York Times bestseller list. James Howard Williams (“Elephant Bill” or “Billy” Williams) … Continue reading

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Four Modes of Listening

Yesterday I attended a lecture by Dr. Salmon Akhtar about models of listening in psychoanalysis. The ability to listen skillfully to clients is essential for psychoanalysts as well as for astrologers who do any type of counseling. According to Dr. … Continue reading

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A New Interpretation of the Dendera Zodiac

Originally posted on solariapublications:
SOLARIA UPDATE: NEW RELEASE (Oct 2013) ‘THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN A New Interpretation of the Goddess in Ancient Near Eastern Art’ by Gavin White _______________________________________________________ A New Interpretation of the Dendera Zodiac  [The following extract is…

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Does “sect” make sense in modern astrology?

One of the basic tenets of Hellenistic astrology is the idea of sect.  Ancient astrologers believed that the astrological behavior of a visible planet varies with whether the native is born during the daytime or at night, that is, when the sun … Continue reading

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Astrology, Conscious Systems and Theoretical Physics

Ever since childhood I have been fascinated by both astrology and theoretical physics.  Both disciplines offer an unorthodox view of reality which defies common sense. After practicing astrology for many years, it became clear to me that astrology is not … Continue reading

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