An interesting horary chart on renting an apartment

Recently I was browsing through the Skyscript Astrology Forum and came across and interesting horary question: “Will I be able to rent my downstairs studio at my asking price in 4 weeks?  Question asked April 12, 2011, 7:06 PM, Kinnelon, NJ. I had been having a lot of trouble renting this out and needed to rent it out soon.”

The querent explains that several people expressed interest but none of the potential renters came through by the time the 4 weeks was up (May 10, 2013). Finally, during the 5th week a 31-year-old mechanic agreed to rent the studio and finalized the deal on May 19th.  She had to reduce the rent to make the deal, and the new tenant moved in on June 1, 2011.

He turned out to be a good tenant but in July of 2013 he complained of mouse droppings around the apartment, and the querent had to get an exterminator to resolve the problem. Mice can be really disgusting.  In late July he also said that a female friend would be moving in with him for a while, which was against the terms of the lease.  The tenant agree that if his friend needed to stay longer than a month, he would vacate the apartment so she could rent it to someone else.

Here is the chart with Whole Sign Houses and the seven traditional planets, as Hellenistic horary astrologers would have viewed it:


It is a Mars day during a Moon hour. The Ascendant lies in the via combusta, a debilitating area from 15 Libra to 15 Scorpio where the malefics are free to do their mischief. Retrograde Saturn rising in the 1st is an indication that matters may not work out as the querent desires.

The Ascendant is at 18 Libra 07, making Venus the significator of the querent.  Venus in the 6th house of tenants is fitting because the querent asked about finding a tenant within 4 weeks.

Saturn is almuten of the Ascendant and also occupies the 1st house, so Saturn is a potential co-ruler of the querent. The Moon also co-rules the querent. Interestingly, the Moon opposes the Arabic Part of Servants (which are shown by the 6th house as are tenants), suggesting that she may have difficulty finding a tenant within the 4-week deadline.

Potential tenants would be shown by the 7th house of people who would contract with the querent to rent the apartment. Mars rules the cusp of the 7th, and is a significator of a potential tenant.  The Sun is almuten of the 7th and also occupies the 7th, so the Sun is a co-ruler of the potential tenant. Mercury and Jupiter in the 7th could also show interest in renting the  apartment.

The studio for rent is shown by the 4th house ruled by Saturn. In addition,  Saturn Rx could also show the rental space moving backward toward the querent rather forward toward a renter.

The price for the rent would be shown by the 10th house, ruled by the Moon. The Moon is peregrine (without essential dignity), so the querent may not get the amount of rent she is hoping for.

The primary ruler of the querent, Venus, lies in the cadent 6th and is “falling away” from the 7th house of potential tenants.  There are no aspects forming between Venus and the signifiers of the potential tenants, suggesting that she will have difficulty renting the apartment within 4 weeks.

The querent’s co-ruler Saturn (almuten and occupant of the 1st) lies opposite the 7th house planets.  Oppositions show separations rather than coming together, another indication that she will have a hard time renting her space within 4 weeks.

Mercury in the 7th is apply to oppose Saturn in the 1st. This opposition will perfect in 4 degrees or in about 9 days in the ephemeris. Most likely this Mercury/Saturn opposition means that someone will show interest but will not complete the deal, perhaps in 4 days or in 9 days time.

The Moon (querent’s co-ruler) is peregrine and in a succedent house and a fixed sign. Moon will trine the 7th house planets Mercury, Jupiter and the Sun, but the earliest trine (to Mercury) will perfect in 5 degrees from a succedent house and fixed sign, so the first opportunity for a tenant who signs a 7th house lease will be in about 5 weeks, which is around May 17th.

So the answer would be that she is unlikely to rent the studio apartment within 4 weeks (by May 10th) but she might sign a lease with a new tenant at 5 weeks, that is, around May 17th.  In fact, the lease was finalized on May 19th.

The property and its quality are shown by the 4th house with Capricorn on its cusp. Saturn thus rules the studio apartment. Interestingly, Lilly attributes mice to Saturn, which lies in the via combusta where the mice are free to do their mischief, especially with Saturn retrograde and opposite the lesser malefic Mars.

Table of Dignities for this Horary Chart.

Table of Dignities for this Horary Chart.

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  1. Grandtrines says:

    Reblogged this on Grandtrines .

  2. Jim Schaefer says:

    I appreciate you commentaries on horary charts. This time out I was impressed with your table of dignities and conditions of planets. Is that from astrological software (eg Solar Fire) or is it (as it looks) an Excel spreadsheet?


    Jim Schaefer

  3. Hi Jim,

    The table of dignities here is from the Janus 4 program.


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