The Quincunx, Chiron and a Broken Leg

In sports news the weekend a major story was the broken leg of Mets shortstop Ruben Tejada. The Associated Press published the following on Saturday evening:

LOS ANGELES — Mets shortstop Ruben Tejada broke his right leg when a takeout slide by Chase Utley flipped the shortstop during a four-run rally in the seventh inning, and the Los Angeles Dodgers went on to beat New York 5-2 Saturday night to tie their NL Division Series at one game apiece.

I was curious to see what symbolism was active in the shortstop’s chart at the time of the accident.

Ruben Tejada was born on 27 October 1989 in Santiago de Veraguas, Panama (08N06, 080W58), time unknown. I used an approximate time of 9:30 pm in Los Angeles for the accident (based on the Associated Press report) and put the transits for October 10th 2015 around the outside of a natal chart set for Noon (actual time unknown) with equal houses from the Sun on the 1st house cusp.

Natal chart for Noon with Accident chart superimposed.

Natal chart for Noon with Accident chart superimposed.

I was expecting Uranus (sudden disruptive events), Mars (forceful injuries) and Saturn (gravity, bones) to be active.

Transiting Uranus almost exactly opposes the transiting Sun and at the same time squares his natal Chiron (wounds to the leg). In the myth, Heracles accidentally shot Chiron in the leg with a poisoned arrow, causing a wound that would not heal. Transiting Chiron trines Tejada’s natal Chiron, but at the same time mutually applies to a stressful quincunx with transiting Sun. The quincunx involves signs that are either 6 or 8 signs apart and has a 6th and 8th house significance — illness, bodily ailments, the need for medical or surgical intervention.

Transiting Saturn squares transiting Venus but does not appear to be particularly involved with the natal chart by transit.

Transiting Mars in Virgo trines his natal Saturn/Neptune conjunction in Capricorn.

Here are the transits and progressions for the month before and after the accident.

Tejada transits

Quite striking in this list is the lunar eclipse of September 27th which occurred almost exactly quincunx Tejada’s natal Sun from a 6th house distance, symbolizing risk of illness and bodily injury.

Also significant is the fact that the day of the leg injury (10 Oct 2015) is sandwiched between transiting Saturn sesqui-square natal Chiron on October 7th and secondary progressed Venus opposing natal Chiron on October 17th.

Venus is prominent both by transit (square transiting Saturn) and progression (opposite natal Chiron), so I suspect that Venus plays a significant role in Tejada’s natal chart.  In the Sun Sign chart (which is generic for someone born on this date), Venus rules his 12th house of illness and confinement; and it is certainly true that a leg injury led to a period of confinement (progressed Venus opposite natal Chiron).

Some things I learned or confirmed from this chart are:

  • The importance of the quincunx in bodily ailments and injuries.
  • The symbolism of Chiron as injuries to the legs.
  • The validity of Uranus as a symbol of sudden unexpected events.
  • The role of eclipses as harbingers of stressful events when they closely involve natal planets.
  • The name Tejada comes from the Spanish verb tejar, meaning to tile a roof.

About Anthony Louis

Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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5 Responses to The Quincunx, Chiron and a Broken Leg

  1. Raul Davila says:

    Thank you for the Post. I will study it carefully. I have been looking for an astrological link to a “broken wrist” since Jan 26th , when My Wife broke her Left Arm while doing “Utkatasana” in her Bikram Yoga class. She lost her balance and rolled out on to her left side. If this helps I will post a detailed follow up.

  2. jyoteeka cummings says:

    Thanks Anthony, Love your blog posts. Always short, to the point and great learning!

  3. Jeffrey Geist says:

    Good work, as usual, Anthony. Will study this more closely later. I think that Tejada may have had the leg injured (and/or broken before = wounds that don’t heal), possibly even by Chase Hedley (sp?). Will try to research this when I get a chance. Good to know you’re a sports fan. Me, I have the Moon and Jupiter conjunct in Sag.

  4. Thanks. If he has repeated leg injuries, that should show up in his natal chart. I wish we had the time of birth.

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