Eagles of Death Metal and the Paris Attacks — some preliminary astrological observations

The recent terrorist events in Paris have shocked the world. The theater where the American band Eagles of Death Metal was a prime target. I wondered if the horrific events would show up in the charts of the band members.  According to wikipedia, “Eagles of Death Metal is a rock band from Palm Desert, California, United States, formed in 1998 by Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme, who are the only permanent members of the band.”

According to astro.com, Josh Homme was born 17 May 1973 at 13:18 in Joshua Tree (Palm Springs), California (data rating AA).  Jesse Hughes was born 24 September 1972 in Greenville, SC, time unknown.

Here is Homme’s natal chart (AA) with his birthplace Solar Return superimposed.

Homme na-sr

Note the angular placements of the solar return planets Saturn on the IC, Neptune on the DSC and Mars on the MC.  This solar return T-square activates his natal Mars (ruler of the 8th), suggesting a stressful year with the risk of danger of death. In addition, the recent solar eclipse of 13 September at 20 Virgo 10 closely squared his natal Saturn.

If we superimpose the natal chart on the birthplace solar return, this interpretation is further highlighted:

Homme sr-naHere the emphasis is overwhelmingly on the 8th house of the danger of death. The Sun occupies the 8th as does the Solar Return Ascendant ruler Venus.  The natal Ascendant ruler Mercury closely conjoins the 8th cusp.  The natal MC (career matters) conjoins Solar Return Mars (ruler of the natal 8th) in the solar return 8th.

Here are the 2015 direct primary directions for Josh Homme, calculated by the method of Regiomontanus with the key of the midpoint between the Ptolemaic and Naibod keys (which I find to be more accurate for timing).

Homme primaries 2015

Among Josh Homme’s Regiomontanus primaries (mundane and zodiacal) for this year are Pluto square Mercury in June followed by Sun oppose Uranus in October and Mars square Uranus with Sun semisquare Mars in November around the time of the Paris attacks.


Jesse Hughes time of birth is not known, so here is his natal chart for Noon with solar sign houses.  Superimposed is a chart for 11 pm in Paris when the theater was under siege.

hughes eventHere is it noteworthy that transiting Uranus closely opposes natal Uranus, an indicator of a midlife crisis. In addition, transiting Mars (aggression) conjoins his natal Sun/Pluto conjunction, which was recently activated by a total lunar eclipse with the Moon at 4 Aries 40. In addition, the recent solar eclipse of September 13th at 20 Virgo 10 closely squared his natal Saturn. These two band members, though born in different years, have almost identical zodiacal positions of their natal Saturn.

In Peter Stockinger’s blog post about the 13 September Solar Eclipse, posted on 20 August, he wrote that, according to astrologer William Lilly, this eclipse “produces murder and banishment”. Peter also predicted that one of the locations most likely to be affected could be “France, especially Paris”.   See Peter Stockinger’s blog.

About Anthony Louis

Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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4 Responses to Eagles of Death Metal and the Paris Attacks — some preliminary astrological observations

  1. Jeffrey Geist says:

    Excellent presentation. Did these guys live?

  2. As far as I know, the band survived the attack.

  3. Raul Davila says:

    Josh Homme’s relocated Natal chart to Paris France activates his Mars / Venus / Neptune. T-square. Across. The. Ascendant / Decendant .

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