Solar Return for the Onset of Diabetes

I came across a video on YouTube in which a young man known as “Dalas” talks about how he was diagnosed with diabetes.  Apparently early in 2007 while still a student he began to urinate frequently and to lose a significant amount weight, which ultimately resulted in hospitalization.  After visiting doctors for 6 months, he was finally diagnosed with diabetes.  (This is a bit strange because frequent urination and weight loss signal the need to screen immediately for diabetes in the mind of any competent health professional.)

Apparently Dalas is a regular YouTuber in Spain. He gives his birth data as October 31, 1993 in Tenerife (time unknown).  The diabetes was diagnosed when he was living in Barcelona. His YouTube profile states:

Daniel Azahar Blanco. Mejor conocido en YouTube como DalasReview o simplemente Dalas, es un actor, escritor, diseñador y youtuber español. Nació en Tenerife, pero se mudó a Barcelona, lugar donde actualmente sigue viviendo. Sufre de diabetes desde 2007.”  (He is a Spanish actor, writer, designer and YouTuber born in Tenerife.  He moved to Barcelona where he currently resides and was diagnosed with diabetes in 2007.)

I wondered whether his Solar Return for the year 2007 would should significant health problems and potential hospitalization.  Not having an actual time of birth, I used the sunrise birth chart for the birth location, which often provides a useful perspective.  Here is his sunrise birth chart (Placidus houses) with the solar return in effect during 2007 calculated for Barcelona superimposed.


The natal chart is the inner wheel.  He has four planets in Scorpio: the Sun at the beginning of the sign plus a Mercury-Mars-Pluto conjunction, suggesting a person of intense emotions with a sharp wit and strongly held opinions.  Venus and Jupiter in Libra indicate a great deal of personal charm, refined tastes, artistic and creative interests, a strong need to be in a relationship, and a well developed sense of fairness and justice. The Moon exalted in Taurus (ruled by Venus) also suggests a highly creative individual.

His natal Taurus Moon opposes the natal Mercury -Mars-Pluto stellium in Scorpio (his sun sign and sunrise 1st house), and this opposition is squared by natal Saturn from the sunrise 4th house of home and family. This T-square may indicate health problems and possibly a proneness to depressive thoughts and feelings (Saturn square Mercury and the Moon), and perhaps also a difficult early home environment (Saturn in the sunrise 4th).

The Solar Return (SR) in effect for the time he suffered the first symptoms of diabetes and was diagnosed with the illness is superimposed around the sunrise natal chart.  SR Mars, which rules his natal 6th of physical infirmity, comes to the natal ASC.  SR Venus, which rules his 12th of hospitalization and chronic illness, also comes the the natal ASC.  Both SR Mars and SR Venus conjoin the Sun.  This configuration is a clear indication of possible illness and confinement during the year 2007.

In addition, transiting Saturn in the Solar Return almost exactly squares his natal Mars, ruler of the 6th of infirmity.  This SR Saturn square natal Mars is especially important because Saturn rules the SR Ascendant in Barcelona.  This is another strong indicator of the potential for a serious illness during the year.  (The SR Ascendant for his birthplace, Tenerife, has 26 Sagittarius rising, so that SR Pluto lies on the ASC, suggesting a year of major life-altering change.)

If we look just at the Solar Return of the sunrise birth chart for Barcelona, we see further confirmation of the events of 2007.

Dalas sr.jpg

In the SR chart, Capricorn rises and its ruler Saturn lies in the 8th house (mortality, major medical interventions).  Furthermore SR Saturn closely squares SR Jupiter (ruler of the 12th of chronic illness and hospitalization).  SR Mercury, which rules the SR 6th of illness, closely conjoins SR Jupiter and squares SR Saturn in the 8th.  This pattern is a clear warning of the potential for a health crisis in 2007.

It is always fascinating to see how astrological symbolism plays out in real life.  My thanks to Dalas for making available his birth data and publishing the video account of his onset of diabetes.   I wish him the best of health and success in his endeavors.

About Anthony Louis

Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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2 Responses to Solar Return for the Onset of Diabetes

  1. Lisa J says:

    Hello Anthony- I enjoyed reading your interpretation of Bernie Madoff’s birth chart. I was wondering if you do personal chart readings- if so I am interested! Thank you.

  2. icarus says:

    perhaps you can have a look at my chart did a random blood test and came out diabetic.
    i had no symptoms except thirst so never thought i would be diabetic.

    in SR of 2015-16 moon is in 6th house and again continues in 6th house 2017-18!!!!
    ur observations please

    27 12 1970 11:15 delhi india

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