George Lucas’ Near-death Experience

For those who attended my talk at the NYC NCGR meeting on 18 June 2016, I have posted below what I intended to say about George Lucas’ chart.  Unfortunately I brought the solar return for the wrong year in the slides I made for the lecture.  My apologies.

In a TV interview with Oprah, George Lucas commented about his senior year in high school:

“In high school, I lived to be a race car driver. I was in a very bad accident and so then I reevaluated all that. I said maybe there’s something else for me. Maybe there’s a reason I survived this accident, that nobody should have survived…
“I was hit, broadsided, by a car that was going about 90 miles per hour. I should be dead… It did give me this perspective on life that said, you know, basically, I’m operating on extra credit… Let’s just go for it. I’m never afraid of dying. I feel like what I’m getting is bonus material.”

A report about the accident adds:

“The Star Wars creator was driving home from school in the middle of his senior year when a car slammed into the side of his vehicle – causing it to flip more than seven times. The filmmaker was left with several broken ribs and two collapsed lungs.
Lucas is convinced the accident had a profound effect on his life, revealing the experience prompted him to reconsider his dreams and change the course of his career.”

Chris Brennan uses this event in his lectures about zodiacal releasing because at the time Lucas was going through his first significant ‘loosing of the bond’ period (12 Sep 1961 –  5 April 63), as you can see in the table below.


Lucas Solar Return for the year is quite telling. Here is the SR chart in effect at the time of the accident.

Lucas sr.jpg

Note in the Solar Return that Pluto conjoins the ASC, marking a year of dramatic change in his sense of personal identity.  The Jupiter/Chiron conjunction in the 6th of bodily injury opposes Pluto in the 12th of hospitalization.  Uranus in the 12th of undoing and confinement squares the SR Sun in the 9th (his philosophical view of life).  Mars rules the SR 3rd of car travel and occupies the 8th house.

Here is Lucas’ Solar Return with his natal chart superimposed.

lucas superimp

Here we see his natal Uranus at the MC of the solar return.  Uranus often indicates accidents.  Notably, natal Uranus on the SR MC squares SR Pluto on the SR ASC, marking this as a year in which this square between the outer planets (SR Pluto square natal Uranus) will manifest in his life.  Angular planets have special prominence, and the outer planet aspects often have life-changing implications.  Uranus often symbolizes major disruptions, such as accidents or divorce; and Pluto often indicates events that divide one’s life into “before and after.”

Natal Mercury rules the SR ASC and conjoins natal Venus in the SR 9th.  Venus rules his natal ASC (his body).  The SR Neptune in the 3rd (local car travel) opposes his natal Mercury/Venus conjunction in the 9th, warning of the potential for a car accident related to Neptunian inattention.

In addition, Lucas’ natal Chiron (the wounded healer) conjoins the SR ASC and SR Pluto.  At the same time natal Chiron opposes the SR Jupiter/Chiron conjunction in the 6th house.


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