Shooting in Baton Rouge

Sunday morning we woke to the news of yet another shooting — this time at about 8:46 AM CDT in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  The alleged killer was identified as Gavin Eugene Long of Kansas City, Missouri. He chose to carry out his murderous attack against six police officers on his 29th birthday.  Mr. Long was a former sergeant in the Marines.  His time of birth is unknown.  Here is his sunrise chart for Kansas City.


A striking feature of this chart is Mars in Leo almost exactly square Pluto in Scorpio.  This aspect is an indicator of powerful drives, the urge to dominate and control, extreme effort, and intense emotions with a potential for violence.  (At present we don’t know his time of birth, but Mars square Pluto became exact at 4:47 PM CDT on his date of birth.)

Mars was the ancient god of war who got what he wanted through the use of force and aggression. Pluto was the god of the underworld who abused his power by forcibly abducting Prosperina, daughter of the goddess of grain.  Proserpina’s mother was so distraught by the rape of her daughter that she ceased making the crops grow, thereby almost wiping out the human race in the ensuing worldwide famine.

Also noteworthy is that Pluto is stationary turning direct in Scorpio, giving the themes signified by Pluto prominence (transformation, death and rebirth, coercive force, abuse of power) throughout the life of the individual.  This lifelong emphasis on Pluto issues suggests that a likely motive for the killings  has to do with Mr. Long’s rage (Mars square Pluto) about the perceived abuses of police power (Pluto stationary) in dealing with the black community of which he was a member — all of which are quintessential Pluto significations.


Photo of Gavin Eugene Long from social media:
Mars square a stationary Pluto in Scorpio dominates his chart.

If we superimpose the current Solar Return on the sunrise natal chart, we get the following:

long sr

What is most striking in the comparison chart is the almost exact square of transiting Uranus in Aries to his natal Sun.  Uranus has the signification of rebellion, liberation and the quest for freedom from oppression; it was discovered at the time of the French Revolution with this motto of “liberté, égalité, fraternité.”  Transiting Uranus here in Mars-ruled Aries is stressed by a close quincunx from transiting Mars in Scorpio.

At the same time his natal Mars/Pluto square was being triggered by the solar return Mercury/Venus conjunction.  In addition, Mr. Long was in the midst of his Saturn return. The transiting Moon in his return chart, which disposes his natal Sun, Mercury and Venus, is conjunct both his natal and return Saturn, suggesting that he has been dealing with difficult emotional issues and frustrations during this Saturn return period, especially during this Solar Return year.

Here is the chart for the time of the shootings superimposed on Mr. Long’s natal chart:


The Solar Return positions have advanced by a day.  Transiting Venus is now closely conjunct natal Mars, and transiting Mercury has just conjoined natal Mars and will momentarily square square natal Pluto in Scorpio.  The transiting Moon has recently conjoined natal Uranus.  Thus, the transiting planets are activating the natal Mars/Pluto square and also natal Uranus at the time of the incident.

Transiting Mercury’s activation of the natal Mars square Pluto began at 6:40 AM and ended and 10:10 AM, as can be seen in the following table.


It is noteworthy that at 10 AM CDT, as transiting Mercury was within minutes of perfecting its square to natal Pluto, Baton Rouge Police Corporal L’Jean Mckneely Jr reported to the media: “We’re securing the area with a deceased suspect, a suspect that has been killed. We’re making sure there aren’t any explosives in the area.”

Addendum (July 18, 2016): In today’s news there are reports of the suspect’s opinions as expressed on social media.  These reports confirm what was suggested by the strong emphasis on Mars and stationary Pluto in square aspect in the natal chart.  Here is a quote from the LA TIMES:

“Gavin Eugene Long, the gunman who killed three police officers and wounded three others in Baton Rouge, La., on Sunday, left a vast and angry online trail documenting his interest in black separatism and fury at police shootings of black men.”

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