The Kündig Sun Key for Directing a Chart

I recently came across a reference to the Kündig method of rectification.  Heinrich Kündig (born 23 April 1909, 9:33 AM, Thalwil, Switzerland) was an astrologer who developed a method of chart rectification based on the idea that a chart should be erected for the moment where there exists a perfect harmony between MC and the planets ruling MC/IC axis.  Apparently this method, which produces ten potential birth times, is popular in Scandinavia and in German-speaking countries but is little used in other parts of the world.  I have experimented a bit with this method and have not been impressed in the small number of charts I tested it against.

On the other hand, in his book Astrologische Prognose, in the chapter Der Wahre Zeitschlüssel (The True Time Key) Kündig discusses a rate (“key”) for directing a natal chart.  The Kündig key sometimes produces remarkable results.

In the method of secondary progressions, astrologers equate each day (24 hours) following the birth moment with one year of life. If I understand Kündig correctly, in directing a chart he equates one degree of ecliptic traveled by the Sun after the moment of birth to one year of life.  The twist is that he converts that one degree of ecliptic longitude to Right Ascension and then uses the value in R.A. (in degrees, minutes and seconds) to direct the chart.

[Note: Bernd Mueller points out in a comment (see below) that the method I am following is slightly different from the original proposed in Astrologishe Prognose.  which on page 213 states:
“The ecliptical degree where the ecliptical longitude of the natal sun is located has to be taken as 1° full degree. No matter if the position of the sun is 1′ or 59′ within that degree.”  My preference, however, is to measure the actual movement of the Sun forward by exactly one degree on the ecliptic and to convert that distance into Right Ascension.  This gives a value that is more individualized to the nativity, though the difference is the value of the keys calculated by the two methods is extremely slight.]

To illustrate the use of this key, I tried to think of a dramatic event which should produce notable results.  What came to mind was the assassination of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963.

JFK was born on 29 May 1917 at 3 PM in Brookline, Massachusetts.  He died on 23 November 1963 at the age of 46.48 years (or more precisely 46.48724 years).

To calculate the Kündig Sun Key for directing, we start with the position of his natal Sun:

Kennedy’s Sun was at 7 Gemini 50′ 36″ with a R.A. of 66 deg 04′ 05″.

When the Sun advances exactly one degree of ecliptic longitude, it will be at 8 Gemini 50′ 36″ with a R.A. of 67 deg 7′ 48″.  (This occurs on 30 May 1917 at 21:01:50 GMT.)

These positions can be easily found using the online Sun & Moon Position Calculator.

Thus, when the Sun advances by one degree of ecliptic longitude from its birth position, it advances by 67 deg 07′ 48″ minus 66 deg 04′ 05″ degrees of Right Ascension = 1 deg 03′ 43″ of arc in R.A.

In other words, 01 deg 3′ 43″ of arc in R.A. is the Kündig Sun Key for directing the natal chart.  In decimal form, this key is 1.06194444 degrees of arc.

At the time of Kennedy’s death he was 46.48724 years old.  Multiplying his chronological age by the Sun Key we get 1.06194444 x 46.48724 = 49.36687 degrees of arc, which we must add to every position in his natal chart to produce the directed chart.

Here is JFK’s natal chart with the Kündig Sun Key directed chart superimposed:

JFK Natal Chart with Kündig Sun Key Directed Chart outside at the time of his death.

JFK Natal Chart with Kündig Sun Key Directed Chart outside at the time of his death.

The outstanding features of this chart are:

Directed Sun conjunct natal Saturn (ruler of the 4th of endings) –  02′ orb.

Directed Saturn square natal Venus (ruler of the 8th of death) –  13′ orb.

Directed MC quincunx natal Uranus (stationary) — sudden shocking events  ( 03′ orb).

Directed Pluto square natal Jupiter in 8th of death ( 24′ orb).

Directed Chiron conjunct natal Mars at cusp of 8th of death ( 21′ orb).

The symbolism of the aspects formed by the directed chart with respect to the natal chart certainly portend risk to the life of the native and attest to the accuracy of the Kündig Sun Key in directing a chart.

Addendum: To show the range of  Kündig Sun Keys, I put together the following table.
Kundig Keys Chart





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8 Responses to The Kündig Sun Key for Directing a Chart

  1. Grandtrines says:

    Reblogged this on Lost Dudeist Astrology.

  2. Jon says:

    What about family therapy and group events (i.e., balloon accident in Texas) are Kundig rates as relevant?

  3. This is a rate for directing a chart. Kundig used it to rectify natal charts. With a family or a group, I’m not sure which base chart you would start with. For example, the balloon accident in Texas ought to show up in the directed natal chart of the pilot who appears to have had the major responsibility for the path of the balloon.

  4. Jon says:

    Were the construction workers of the titanic or the driver at fault. Either way they danced and sang even as it sank. How to reconstruct the causes of a false sense of self seems more difficult (QE, helicopter money, low interest rates ect). Should the perception “scarcity consciousness” exist? and can technology and actuarial data change the way a vulnerability is described?

  5. The Kuendig key is not calculated absolutely correct here. A little twist is missing.

    Heinrich Kuendig wrote in his book “Astrologische Prognose” on site 213:
    ‘The ecliptical degree where the ecliptical longitude of the natal sun is located has to be taken as 1° full degree. No matter if the position of the sun is 1′ or 59′ within that degree.’

    This degree converted to rectascension is the ‘Kuendig Key’.

    For the example of John F. Kennedy that means:
    Natal Sun 7° 50′ 37″ Gemini
    RA of 7° 00′ 00″ Gemini: 65° 10′ 14″
    RA of 8° 00′ 00″ Gemini: 66° 13′ 52″
    RA_Diff = 1° 03′ 39″ = Kuendig Key

    In his book Kuendig uses his key only for progressing the rectanscension of the MC (primary directed axes). Thats why the full 1° ecliptical degree is converted to rectascension for his key.

  6. Thanks for your comment. You are correct in pointing out that Kündig used the degree of the zodiac in which the Sun was found at the moment of birth, regardless of the Sun’s position within that degree. I chose to modify Kündig’s method slightly because it makes more sense to measure a full degree from the actual position of the Sun by one degree. The difference between the two methods is slight, as you point out. Using the actual position of the Sun at Kennedy’s birth, I arrived at 1° 03′ 43″ versus a key of 1° 03′ 39″, which is the value for the Sun at any point within 7° Gemini. The difference is extremely small: 1° 03′ 43″ – 1° 03′ 39″ = 00° 00′ 04″ degrees of arc or roughly a difference of 2.9 days for every decade of life. At the time of Kennedy’s death it would amount to a difference of about 12 days in the timing.

    As you point out, Kündig in his book uses 1° 03′ 39″ as the key for the Sun anywhere between 7° 00′ 00″ and 7° 59′ 59″ Gemini. To me it makes more sense to use the actual position of the Sun and to measure forward by one degree of ecliptic longitude and to convert that distance into R.A. for derive the key. It seems more precise because it takes the actual movement of the Sun from its birth position rather than the Sun’s position somewhere within a particular degree of the zodiac.

    In any case, you are correct. What I presented is a very slight modification of the Kündig key, which would have been very difficult to calculate in Kündig’s time since computers were not readily available. At the time Kündig published his book, it was easier and more convenient to look up a degree of the zodiac in a table and use the key that corresponded to the Sun at any position within that degree. If Kündig had access to a personal computer, he might have adopted the variation I proposed in this post.

    • Bernd Mueller says:

      I wasn’t aware that you already knew Kuendigs method and did intentionally updated it. You’re right the difference is very small between both approaches. Generally I’m very pleased to hear new ideas. Even I wrote and constantly write my own astrology program to test all different kinds of prediction techniques. So far I only have tested the Kuendig key on primary directions. But didn’t found it especially speaking or accurate. The Kuendig key pays a little tribute to the key of Tycho Brahe. Which measures the ‘True Solar Arc in RA on birthday from midnight to midnight (or midday to next midday)’. Both keys are quite interesting from a theoretical point of view, but fail in my experience in practice. But my attempts to direct a equatorial key on the ecliptic and vice versa are quite rare. So I enjoyed to read about your experiment doing so with the Kuendig key.
      As you might know Kuendig saw each degree of the ecliptic as a holistic unit, as a whole of its own kind. Like the ‘Monomoiria’ the one degree segments of the zodiac. He intentionally used this one degree system. For sure it wasn’t done to make its calculation easier. Most likely he must have enjoyed manual calculation, as he did all kind of complex calculations manually in high precision. For example birth time rectifications using the ‘golden ratio’ and primary direction calculations of thousand of horoscopes as he wrote about himself. In his natal he got a Cancer ascendant with Moon in Gemini in house 12, with an exact sextil to Saturn. The very influential German astrologer Wolfgang Doebereiner got with the same constellation, except that his Moon in h12 is opposed by Saturn. During his life Doebereiner discovered that some degrees of the zodiac got specific qualities that can be expressed using planet combinations (for example 17,5 Libra = Uranus / Saturn or 2,5 Pisces = Saturn / Neptune etc.).
      Falling into small pieces is quite characteristic for Gemini emphasized people. Which comes together here with the house 12 point of view to see something as a whole with its own meaning.

  7. This technique is intriguing enough for me to add it to version 9.2 of Halloran Software’s AstrolDeluxe Platinum program, to Options, Progress a Chart, as a Solar Arc Directions variant. However, instead of the directed Sun at 27Can12, I get 27Can15 for November 23, 1963. The difference is because for the 21:01:50 GMT time on 30 May 1917, the Right Ascension is 67.12746, not 67.13. Also, the natal Uranus at 23Aqu43 is inconjunct the natal M.C. by 0d 03m, but is not inconjunct the directed M.C. at 13Vir11 by such a close orb. Directed Eris at 17Tau55 and directed Chiron at 18Tau50 have their midpoint at 18Tau23, pretty close to natal Mars at 18Tau27. Regarding JFK’s approximate-looking 3:00 PM birth time, his ACG Chiron line passes right through Dallas, making the birth time look pretty tight.

    Can you suggest any other good test cases for this technique?

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