Wynn’s Method of Natal Chart Interpretation

In my last post I reviewed Wynn’s life-threatening car accident of May 1926 which propelled him to invent his method of prediction called the Wynn Key Cycle.  Having developed an interest in Wynn (Sidney Kimball Bennett), I looked at his somewhat unique method of natal chart delineation.

In his book  Your Future: A Guide to Modern Astrology (1935) he discusses the chart of the famous German boxer Max Schmeling (born 28 September 1905, Prezlau, German, time uncertain, possibly 10:50 AM, Rodden rating DD — “dirty data”).   Below is Max Schmeling’s natal chart with Placidus Houses set for Noon (time unknown) followed by Wynn’s delineation from his 1935 book.  (Note that the ‘dirty data’ gives a rising sign of Scorpio where as the Noon chart used by Wynn has Sagittarius rising.)

schmeling cet

“His ruler is Jupiter, because the sign on the Ascendant is Sagittarius, and Jupiter is the ruling planet of this sign; we see it angular and in Gemini, the sign of the hands and the clever, lower mind.  Mars is rising in the Ascendant, showing he can fight, for Mars is the fighters’ planet.  Mars here is in Sagittarius, its second-house sign, indicates money that he can gather by his scrapping abilities; while the entertaining Venus both disposes of his Sun (rules the sign occupied by his Sun) and rules his occupation (tenth house).  Venus in Virgo at the cusp of the ninth is not only in its own fifth-house sign, but it actually rules his mundane fifth, hence his success as both a fighter and entertainer of the public. Saturn, ruling his second (money), is located in its own second-house sign at the cusp of the third, the hands and clever mind again.”  — Wynn, 1935.

Let’s unpack Wynn’s delineation.  He begins with the Sagittarius Ascendant and its ruler, Jupiter and notes that Jupiter is quite powerful being angular and that Jupiter in Gemini indicates manual dexterity and a clever mind — two traits essential to boxing.

Next he points out that Mars (the warrior) rises in the 1st house, indicating prowess at fighting.  Now things get interesting.  Wynn focuses on Mars being in Sagittarius, which is the sign that follows Mars-ruled Scorpio.  Thus, Sagittarius bears a 2nd house relationship to Scorpio which Mars rules, suggesting that Schmeling can earn an income from his boxing abilities (Mars in Sagittarius in the 1st).

Turning to Venus in Virgo at the cusp of the 9th house, Wynn notes that disposes Schmeling’s Libra Sun and also rules the 10th house of career.  Furthermore, Venus governs the “entertainment” 5th house of the chart, and  Virgo bears a fifth house relationship to Taurus on the cusp of the 5th.  Thus Schmeling’s core identity (Sun) and career (10th house) are closely linked through Venus to 5th house themes of games and entertainment.

Wynn concludes by noting that Saturn rules the natal Capricorn 2nd house of income and occupies the sign Aquarius which bears a second house relationship to Capricorn.  Saturn’s conjunction with the cusp of the 3rd house of quick movement, cleverness and manual dexterity again emphasizes Schmeling’s ability to earn money through boxing.

Wynn’s method of delineating house relationships between the sign a planet rules and the one which it occupies provides an interesting twist on natal chart delineation.  If Schmeling were born at the 10:50 AM time with Scorpio rising, however, the delineation would be rather different and might now hold up as well.  Here is the 10:50 AM chart, presumably based on the recollection of the boxer’s mother:

schm 10 50.jpg

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