Wynn’s #14 Theory

Recently I’ve been looking at the work of American astrologer Sidney Kimball Bennett, a.k.a. Wynn.

In her book Here and There in Astrology (1961) Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson discusses a chart on pages 46-50 in which she uses the Wynn #14 Theory to predict the unexpected early demise of the native’s father.  I have been unable to locate Wynn’s original description of the #14 Theory, but Goldstein-Jacobson says that it is useful for determining the influence of a planet in other houses of the horoscope.

In the example chart (see below) Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson uses this theory to delineate the influence of Uranus in the nativity.  She says (on page 48) that the number of the house where natal Uranus resides “is deducted from 14, the remainder being the number of the house which reacts to his influence.”  She goes on to say that the same procedure is used to determine the influence of the “Meridian & Horizontal Parallel Points” of Uranus.

Woman born Jan 19, 1902 at 11:47:00 AM in River Vale, New Jersey

Woman born Jan 19, 1902 at 11:36:40 AM in River Vale, New Jersey

In this chart, Uranus resides in the 3rd house.  According to the #14 Theory, the influence of Uranus will be felt in the 11th house during the life of the native. The Meridian Parallel of Uranus is its reflection across the MC/IC axis; in this case, it falls at 24 Aquarius 31 in the 4th house of home and family and its influence will be felt in the 10th of career.  The Horizontal Parallel of Uranus is its reflection across the horizon; in this case it falls at 18 Leo 05 in the natal 10th house and its influence will be felt in the 4th of home, parents and family.

Putting together the symbolism of Uranus with the 4th, 10th, and 11th houses, Goldstein-Jacobson delineates that when Uranus is activated by progression or direction there is likely to be a sudden disruptive event involving career, family, the parents, and the death of one of the parents (because the 11th house is the 8th from the 4th).

In April of 1912 when the native was 10 years and 3 months old, her father died suddenly,while in a coma. Goldstein-Jacobson does not give the exact date of the father’d demise, but it must have been in late April because the native was 10 years and 3 months old at the time (her birth day is on January 19th).

By Solar Arc Direction, directed Mars on 19 April 1912 was at 24 Aquarius 45, just 14″ of arc from exact.  Here is the natal chart with the Solar Arc Directed chart superimposed.

14 theory SA.jpg

Goldstein-Jacobson attributes the coma to Solar Arc directed Uranus opposing natal Uranus.  She also says that the Solar Arc directed Sun in the 4th of fathers squares the natal Moon’s Nodes, suggesting a fatality in the family (4th house).  She regarded the Nodes as fateful degrees.  She does not mention the fact that natal Sun in the 4th forms a close quincunx to natal Neptune, suggesting the possibility that the 4th house parent may have health problems (quincunx) related to Neptune (coma, mysterious ailments, etc.).

In any case, the #14 Theory is a potentially useful tool for chart delineation.  It is based on the idea that the influence of a planet in a house above the horizon will be felt in the corresponding “reflected” house below the horizon: house 2 is reflected in house 12, house 3 in 11, house 4 in 10, house 5 in 9, house 6 in 8, and vice versa.  Since the horizon passes through houses 1 and 7, they are not reflected in the other houses.  The use of Meridian and Horizontal Parallel Points is simply a way of finding two points whose mid-point is either the MC/IC or ASC/DSC, respectively.



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