Testing Wynn’s Key Cycle Theory

The universe works in mysterious ways.  As I was reading through Wynn’s work on the Key Cycle with its description of his hit-and-run accident, I received a message from a man I know who was born in Texas and now lives in Oregon.  For reasons of confidentiality, I will call him Jake.  It turns out that Jake wanted to tell me that he was recently hit by an inexperienced teenage driver while riding his bicycle in Eugene, Oregon.  Fortunately, he did not sustain serious injuries, but his bike was quite damaged.

Using Wynn’s techniques, I cast Jake’s natal chart and derived his Key Cycle chart for Eugene, Oregon, the site of the accident.  The chart comparison was not particularly descriptive of a motor vehicle accident.  However, when I calculated the Key Cycle chart for his birthplace, there was an exact hit.  Wynn felt that the Key Cycle chart should be done for the location of the querent at the time if it was different from the birthplace.

With Jake’s permission, I have reproduced his natal chart with the Key Cycle chart for the time of the accident superimposed.


First we look for the potential for motor vehicle accidents in the natal chart, on the principle that nothing happens in the life of the native that is not promised in the birth chart.  His natal 3rd house (local travel) is ruled by the Moon, and the natal Sun lies in the 9th house.

The natal Moon conjoins the cusp of the 6th of bodily ailments and also conjoins a natal Pluto/Mars conjunction in the 6th. Natal Sun in the 9th (a travel house) squares the squares Pluto/Mars conjunction in the 6th.   These configurations all raise the possibility of problems related to travel.

At the time of the accident transiting Sun in the 3rd (travel) squares the natal stellium of planets (Pluto/Mars/Sun) in the 6th.  In addition, transiting Saturn closely opposed his natal Ascendant (the body).

Transiting Sun in the natal 3rd is closely quincunx the transiting Key Chart MC/Pluto conjunction in the natal 8th, indicating health risks while traveling.

Even more notable is the fact that the birthplace Key Cycle Ascendant almost exactly conjoined transiting Uranus (sudden unexpected disruptions), and the birthplace Key Cycle MC closely conjoined transiting Pluto in the natal 8th house.

In the Key Cycle chart for Eugene, Oregon, the planetary positions are essentially the same but the ASC lies at 16 Pisces 28 and the MC at 23 Sagittarius 19, not making any direct hits as we see in the Key Cycle chart for San Antonio.  Even though Wynn thought that the Key Cycle chart should be cast for the location of the native (Oregon in this case), here the Key Cycle chart for the Texas birthplace is more compelling.


About Anthony Louis

Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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2 Responses to Testing Wynn’s Key Cycle Theory

  1. Dear Anthony, good article. Just a small comment about typos. 2nd paragraph, natal sun is in the 9th, not the 3rd. Last paragraph: “In the Key Cycle chart or Eugene, Oregon” should or be for?

  2. Thanks for pointing out the typos. I must have been really tired when I posted this.

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