Wynn’s Key Cycle and his Natal Chart

Recently I’ve been looking at the work of astrologer Sidney Kimball Bennett (pseudonym Wynn), born February 10, 1892, in Chicago, at 9 AM.  In a previous post I reviewed his decision to abandon secondary progression and directions in favor of the use of transits and house cusps determined by the annual Solar Return and the Wynn Key Cycle, which he invented.

In his book The Key Cycle Wynn tells us that his disappointment with progressions and directions came to a head when these traditional methods failed for forecast a serious car accident in which he was struck and nearly killed by a hit-and-run driver in Merced, California on 18 May 1926 at around 9 PM.

In the previous post about this topic I used the data for Wynn’s birth from astro.com which gives a chart cast for 9 AM CST in Chicago , 10 February 1892.  Wynn, however, makes a point that he was born at 9 AM TLT (true local time), so the natal chart he was using in his book differs by several minutes from the one posted at the AstroDataBank site.

Wynn does not show his natal chart in The Key Cycle, but on page 5 he reproduces his Key Cycle chart for the date and location of the accident (18 May 1892, Merced, CA).  Here is the Key Cycle chart from Wynn’s book.

Wynn 18 May 1926 Merced Accident-1

Working backward from this Key Cycle chart for 18 May 1926 at Merced, California, I was able to reconstruct the chart used by Wynn for his nativity.  For the above chart to be accurate, Wynn must have been born on 10 February 1892 in Chicago at 8:48:55 AM CST. Below is the natal chart which Wynn used for himself.  (The chart at astro.com differs in that it has an MC at 6 Cap 54 and and ASC at 13 Aries 18.)

WYNN corrected cht.jpg

This birth chart produces the following Key Cycle chart for 18 May 1926 in Merced, CA (with the natal chart superimposed outside).

Wynn plus Merced

As you can see, the Key Cycle chart is the one used by Wynn in his book and is the one cast from the birth chart on the outside calculated for 8:48:55 AM CST, which is 11 minutes 05 seconds earlier than the 9 AM CST.

The so-called Equation of Time in Chicago represents the difference between the longitude correction for Local Mean Time (05:50:36) in Chicago and the longitude correction for Local Apparent Time, i.e. sundial time, (06:05:02) in that city.  Doing the math, 06:05:02 minus 05:50:36 = 14 minutes 26 seconds.

When Wynn wrote that he was born at 9 AM true local time, he meant that a local sundial at his birth place would have indicated that it was 9 AM according to the true position of the Sun in the sky.  If Wynn were born at 9 AM on the sundial, however, his ASC would be at 15 Aries 29 and his MC at 8 Capricorn 03 — but this is not the chart he used for himself.  In fact, for Wynn to have been born with an ASC of 8 Aries 25 (as we deduced from his 18 May 1926 accident Key Cycle chart), he would have to have been born at 8:43:55 AM true local (sundial) time.

If we take Wynn at this word, that he was born at 9 AM true local time, then his birth chart would look like this:

wynn lat

The Key Cycle chart based on the 9 AM true local chart would be the following (with the natal chart on the outside):

wynn lat merced.jpg

The timing of the accident is shown by Key Cycle MC conjunct transiting Saturn which lies opposite natal Uranus.  The Key Cycle MC advances about one degree every four days and thus crosses transiting Saturn on 19 May 1926, one day after the 9 pm accident –a day he would have spent in the hospital.  In the natal chart transiting Uranus occupies the 12th house of hospitalization, and natal Saturn occupies the 6th house of bodily ailments.  Thus, the Key Cycle MC crosses this Uranus/Saturn opposition activates the 12th and 6th houses.

Here are Wynn’s transits, secondary progressions and solar arc directions for May of 1926 based on the 9 AM true local time chart:

wynn transits.GIF

Wynn was focused on the progressed Moon trine natal Sun aspect of May 17th and the favorable progressed natal Sun conjunction natal Venus aspect of May 30th, and therefore was expecting something wonderful to happen.  Unfortunately, the Sun rules his natal 6th house of health problems, and Venus occupies the natal 12th house of hospitalization and undoing.  Perhaps the positive features of these progressions are that he did not die in the accident and that the experience gave him an astrological theme to write about for years to come, thus noticeably enhancing his career.

Wynn apparently did not pay attention to the very stressful solar arc directed Uranus conjunct natal Mars aspect of May 13th, or to the many minor stressful aspects involving Moon/Neptune, Venus/Jupiter, Jupiter/Venus, and Moon/Jupiter. These are significant because they involve the natal 12th house of confinement.

In addition, on May 28th (ten days after the accident) transiting Saturn exactly conjoined the natal South Lunar Node on the cusp of the natal 8th house of death, as can be seen when we swap the two charts. Transiting Saturn entered the degree of the Moon’s South Node on May 24, 1926, just 6 days after the accident.  To quote astrologer Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson: “Any planet or angle in the same degree as the Nodes points to a catastrophe, casualty, fatality or tragedy (italics mine) in a horary or natal chart, the more far-reaching when a malefic is involved.”  In Wynn’s case, Saturn conjoined the Moon’s South Node.

wynn swap

Wynn’s natal char for 9 AM LAT  with Key Cycle chart for accident superimposed.

In conclusion, there are at least three possible birth charts for Sidney Kimball Bennett (Wynn):

  • 9 AM CST as presented at astro.com  (this is most certainly not the chart Wynn himself used.)
  • 9 AM LAT (local apparent time, or true solar local time) — this is the time Wynn claims that he was born.  This chart has and ASC of 15 Aries 29.
  • Wynn’s version of the 9 AM true local time chart, which I cannot re-create from the current available astronomical data.  I have no idea of the mathematics that Wynn used to arrive at a natal chart with an ASC of 8 Aries 25, which gives a birth time of 8:48:55 AM CST.




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  2. Do you have an idea what the strange Mars symbol at 13Cancer06 was in the original Wynn chart you posted above?

  3. I think was was his symbol for Pluto.

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