Wynn’s Famous Prediction of Financial Turmoil

This is a follow-up to an earlier post in which I wrote: “Wynn’s claim to fame in the 1930’s was a 1932 prediction he made in the NY Daily News , when he forecast a week of immense financial turmoil for early March of 1933.  OMarch 4, 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt was inaugurated.  One of his first acts, in response to many bank failures and “runs” on banks, was to proclaim a bank holiday,” closing all the banks in the United States from March 6th until March 13.  There was great financial turmoil and uncertainty until the banks reopened on March 13th and depositors began to return their cash to the ailing institutions. Interestingly, on March 8, 1933 (two days after the start of Roosevelt’s bank holiday) the recently discovered dwarf planet Pluto in Aries by transit made an exact square to Uranus in Cancer (the Whole Sign 2nd house of money of the USA Gemini-rising chart).  I don’t know whether Wynn had begun to use Pluto in his charts at that time.”

How did Wynn (Sidney Kimball Bennett) make this astounding prediction which catapulted him to fame?  I’ve been unable to find a record of his reasoning, so I will try to reconstruct it from what we know about his methods and the astrology of the period.  We know that by 1932 Wynn had developed his Solar Return Key Cycle method, based on his the failure of primary and secondary progressions to forecast his serious accident of May 18, 1926.  (See Wynn, The Key Cycle, 1931, reprinted by the AFA, Tempe, Arizona in 1970.)

Most likely Wynn studied the natal chart of the USA and compared the Key Cycle chart for March of 1933 to the USA natal chart, with a special emphasis on the financial houses. In the astrology of nations, the relevant mundane financial houses are the 2nd house of money, national wealth and financial institution and the 11th house of assets of the government, including the Treasury.

Which natal chart for the USA did Wynn used in 1932?  I’ve been unable to find the actual chart that he used, but at the time the USA chart in vogue was a Gemini rising chart popularized by the famous astrologer (an Wynn’s competitor in the media) Evangeline Adams.  Ms. Adams set the birth chart of the USA for July 4, 1776 at 3:03 in the morning. In the 1930s, not long before her death, Adams predicted the timing of the entry of the USA into World War II.  I suspect that Wynn used the same USA chart as Adams.

How did Evangeline Adams arrive at the 3:03 AM birth time for the USA?  Clearly it is not a factual time, since the delegates were probably all asleep at that hour. Thus, Adams must have based this chart on astrological symbolism or on principles of mundane astrology.  Symbolically in the 3:03 AM chart Uranus has recently risen and Mars conjoins the Ascendant — fitting symbolism for a Declaration of Independence (Uranus) which would most certain lead to a war (Mars) with England.

Why 3:03 AM and not a few minutes earlier or later?  Most likely this time was selected from an eclipse of the period.  Not all states ratified the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 and it would take a few months to get everyone officially on board. The last eclipse of the year 1776 was a partial solar eclipse, which occurred on August 14, 1776 at 00:22:21 AM LMT in Philadelphia with 20 Gemini 34 rising. Notably the July 4th USA chart used by Evangeline Adams has the same degree of Gemini rising, which occurred at exactly 3:03:30 AM LMT in Philadelphia. Here is the chart used by Adams and probably also used by Wynn to make forecasts about the USA:


USA Gemini-rising chart used by Evangeline Adams, based on the symbolism of declaring independence and going to war with England (Uranus and Mars rising in Gemini) and using the Placidus house cusps of the August 14th solar eclipse in Philadelphia, which was the last eclipse of 1776 and the closest eclipse to the final signing of the Declaration of Independence by all of the states.

To make his predictions Wynn would have looked for Key Cycle contacts with the natal USA chart for March of 1933. Here is the Key Cycle chart for March 6, 1933 (the beginning of the bank holiday) superimposed on the USA natal chart used by Evangeline Adams:

wynn bank holiday

The Key Cycle chart is a transit chart whose cusps are derived from the Solar Return for the year.  The MC of a key cycle chart moves 1 degree forward every four days and the other house cusps change accordingly.

Notable features of this combined chart are:

  • A transiting Uranus/Pluto square which became exact on March 8, 1933 and which connects the 11th house of the Treasury with the 2nd house of banks and financial institutions in the USA chart.  This is clearly an indicator of financial turmoil, peaking on 8 March 1933. This Uranus/Pluto square was probably the most significant transiting aspect of 1933 and would therefore have a major symbolic role to play in national affairs.
  • Transiting Mercury (ruler of the USA natal chart) and Key Cycle Ascendant in the 11th of the Treasury squaring the natal Venus/Jupiter conjunction (symbolizing the nation’s wealth) during early March of 1933.
  • The Key Cycle Moon transiting the USA natal 2nd house of banks from March 8th until March 10th of 1933.
  • The Key Cycle MC opposing natal Venus (money, wealth) on March 6th, the first day of the bank holiday.
  • Transiting Sun square the natal Ascendant/Mars conjunction on March 11, 1933 with Mars ruling Aries intercepted in the natal 11th of the Treasury.
  • Transiting Sun oppose natal Neptune becoming exact on March 13, 1933, the day that the bank holiday ended.

It seems to me that Wynn must have performed this type of analysis to predict a year in advance a period of major financial turmoil in the USA in early March of 1933.

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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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5 Responses to Wynn’s Famous Prediction of Financial Turmoil

  1. Julia Wilson says:

    I have read (don’t remember where) that Ben Franklin, the editor for decades of Poor Richard’s almanac was an accomplished astrologer and that attitudes about astrology in the 18th century were not as negative as today’s. It is plausible that he determined the best time to sign the document (to avoid a voc moon) and his colleagues were agreeable to a wee hours meeting.

    • Julia,
      In the 1751 preface to the Poor Richard’s Almanac (do a search of Google Books online), Ben Franklin writes the following:

      “Courteous Reader,

      Astrology is one of the most ancient Sciences, had in high Esteem of old, by the Wise and Great. Formerly, no Prince would make War or Peace, nor any General fight a Battle, in short, no important Affair was taken without first consulting an Astrologer, who examined the Aspects and Configurations of the heavenly bodies, and mark’d the lucky hour. Now the noble Art (more Shame to the Age we live in!) is dwindled into contempt; the Great neglect us, Empires make Leagues, and Parliaments Laws, without advising with us; and scarce any other Use is made of our learned Labors, than to find the best time cutting Corns, or gelding Pigs, – this Mischief we owe in a great Measure to ourselves: The ignorant Herd of Mankind: had they not been encourag’d to it by some of us, would never have dared to deprecate our sacred Dictates; but Urania has been betray’d by her own Sons: those whom she had favored with the greatest skill in her divine art, the most eminent astronomers among the Moderns, the Newtons, Helleys, and Whistons have wantonly condem’d and abus’d her, contrary to the Light of their own Consciouses.”

  2. ormandy anne marie says:

    Dear Anthony, I am a Sun sign Gemini with a moon in Virgo who is “studying” the tarot in order to earn extra money. Still all that has happened is I have ended up with an expensive hobby, because of my becoming fascinated, and involved in collecting tarot  decks and other divination system from various parts of the world.  The tools of the trade I have collected.  Tarot, Rune, Ogham, Druid  geomancy Sticks,  bone, Cartomancy playing cards,divination tray, Lenormand, Kipper, Sibilla, Oracles, bones, Jiao bei moon temple bricks, I Ching. It does not stop there I also have purchase a fair few books from eBay, Amazon and borrowed from the library on top of this. I have tarot Plain and simple, and a e-book on tarot and Geomancy as part of my personal library and I’m now moving into Numerology, Astrology.   Astrology I would love to find out more about Arabic Astrology. I  was unable to find the English edition mentioned in the You tube video as claimed to be in existent.. I never heard of the constellations being represented by weapons, so I am rather curious but don’t speak french though have the french edition. Arabic Astrology was written by Catherine Aubier. Do you know anything about this Astrology?

    Do you still read for people and if you do how much do you charge for Tarot/Astrology services these days?  I may need some help in timing in regards to launching myself eventually  as a professional or keeping my activities as a enjoyable hobby albeit an expensive one and finding something else to do as a way of bring in extra income for the advanced vocational courses I want to do in the near future.  Thank you for your time, Regards, Anne-Marie  (Aspiring tarot reader united kingdom)  Arabic Astrology Nummerology And Geomancy

    |   | |   | |   |   |   |   |   | | Arabic Astrology Nummerology And Geomancy | | | | View on http://www.youtube.com | Preview by Yahoo | | | |   |

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