An interesting horary about a missing watch

One of the best ways to learn horary is to follow up what happens and restudy the chart. Here is an illustrative example.

In December of 2014 a woman contacted me because she could not find a valuable watch which had been in her family for many years. She had recently had the watch cleaned at the jeweler’s with the intention of giving it as a gift to a member of the younger generation in her family. She thought she recalled bringing the watch home from the jeweler’s but, despite an exhaustive search, it was nowhere to be found in her house.

She told me the story in a telephone conversation on 22 December 2014, just a few days before Christmas.  I noted the time she asked the question about the missing watch: 9:23 AM EST at my location.  Here is the chart with Regiomontanus Houses, as used by William Lilly.

Missing watch dec 2014

Where is the missing watch? Will I be able to find it? 22 Dec 2014, 9:23 AM EDT, Orange, CT

The querent is shown by the Aquarius Ascendant. Her traditional ruler is Saturn in Scorpio in the 10th house. Her co-ruler is the Moon in Capricorn in the 12th of hidden things. Mars in Aquarius in the 1st house is a possible co-significator of the querent as well.

The missing watch is shown by Pisces on the 2nd cusp, ruled by Jupiter Rx in Leo in the 7th.  The ruler of the missing item being retrograde often indicates that it will eventually return.  Uranus Stationary in Aries in the 2nd is a possible co-significator of the watch.

The Moon’s last aspect was a sextile to Neptune in Pisces in the 1st house, suggesting that she was perhaps distracted and somehow misplaced the watch but that it was not lost or stolen. Jupiter’s location in the angular 7th suggests that the watch is in her house, perhaps in an area used by her spouse or partner. The stationary Uranus in the 2nd of possessions implies that a longstanding disruptive influence overhangs the search for the watch.

Will she find the watch? Her co-ruler Moon does not apply to aspect Jupiter (the watch). Her co-ruler Mars in the 1st mutually applies to oppose Jupiter (the watch) in the 7th, but the opposition is a separative aspect, suggesting that she will not soon come in contact with the watch.  Her principal ruler Saturn at the end of Pisces and Jupiter (the watch) retrograding in Leo are currently separating.  Eventually Jupiter will turn direct and will apply to square the position of Saturn in the chart on 10 August 2015. By transit, Jupiter squares transiting Saturn on 3 August 2010 and again by transit-to-transit in March and May of 2016. Sometimes a square between principal rulers can indicate the recovering of the missing item, but usually with some kind of difficulty.

The next favorable Ptolemaic aspect transiting Jupiter would make to horary Saturn at 29 Scorpio 52 would occur on 8 September 2016 when Jupiter reached 29 Virgo 52.

Based on the above analysis, I told the querent that most likely the watch was still in her house but that it would take a very long time (probably a matter of years) for her to find it. The earliest positive indicator I could find was transiting Jupiter in Virgo sextile horary Saturn in Scorpio in 2016.

I next heard from the querent on 17 July 2016. She still had not found the watch and wondered if another reading would be helpful.  Here is the chart for her second horary about the missing watch.

Missing watch.

Second horary chart for the missing watch. 17 July 2016, 3:34 PM EDT, Orange, CT

Scorpio rises, making Mars the significator of the querent. Her co-ruler, the Moon, again lies in Capricorn but now in the 2nd house of possessions, including the missing watch. This is a favorable indicator.

With Sagittarius on the cusp of the 2nd, Jupiter again rules the missing watch. Jupiter is again angular (as in the 1st horary) but now occupies the 10th house. An angular significator suggests that the watch is still in the house.

Unfortunately, Mars (the querent) is separating from a sextile to Jupiter (the watch).  The Moon (her co-ruler) will eventually trine Jupiter (the watch) but the aspect is not yet within orb.  The watch is in her house, not lost or stolen, but it will still take some time for her to find it.  If we take Pluto in the 2nd to co-signify the watch, then her co-ruler Moon in the 2nd mutually applies to conjoin retrograde Pluto in the 2nd within about 16 degrees (? = 16 weeks ?).

I told the querent that the missing watch was still in her home but that it would still take some time to find it.  She would not find it quickly but it was likely to be inside something like a drawer, box, pocket or bag because Virgo loves to organize and compartmentalize, and Jupiter (the watch) lies in Virgo.  Earth signs often signify places that may be dark and low down in a room.

The outcome:

On 13 August 2016, the querent sent me the following email:
“It’s taken a while, as you said, but I FOUND THE WATCH hiding behind some seldom-looked-at astrology books in my closet.  No reason to pull out the ones I did — looking for other books — and there it was.  Thank you so much – especially for keeping my hopes up by saying it would take ‘a while’ but would be found. ”

She added: “Jupiter knew what it was saying.  I had had the watch cleaned, bought a fine holder for it, put the whole thing in a very nice white box, in a small black and gold bag from a very posh store.  How Jupiter in Virgo is that!!!”

Interestingly, she found the watch on Friday afternoon, 12 August 2016 as the transiting Moon was passing through Sagittarius (disposed by Jupiter) and applying to square horary from the 2nd to the 10th house of the July 17th horary chart.

On 15 August 2016 at around 6 PM she gave the watch to her son as a gift (with the transiting Moon still in the 2nd house, having just trined horary Jupiter in the 10th and about to perfect a trine to transiting Jupiter as well).  It had been his grandfather’s watch. Her grandson was also impressed with it.

The issue of timing is interesting in this example.  Based on the first chart, I thought that she would not find the watch until September of 2016 at the earliest.  Based on the July 2016 horary for the same question, I thought the movement of the Moon would indicate a matter of at least several more months until she found the watch.  In fact, she found the watch about a month later on the same day that the transiting Moon squared horary Jupiter from their respective houses in the July 17th horary chart.


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