The Eclipse Strikes

There has been much discussion recently among astrologers about tomorrow’s eclipse in the 10th degree of Virgo.  People with a significant natal point or planet around the 10th degree of mutable signs are most likely to feel the effects.  Part of what makes this September 1st eclipse at 9 Virgo 21 so significant is that Saturn made a station (turning direct) at 9 Virgo 46 on August 13, 2016.  At the same time transiting Mars is traveling close to Saturn in the heavens.  In addition, at the moment of the eclipse, transiting Neptune will be across the zodiac at 10 Pisces 39.

Ebertin notes that Saturn/Neptune contacts tend to undermine the structure of an organism, leading to states of infirmity or malfunction.  With Mars in the mix, there is the possibility of problems with bones, teeth or skin, or with toxins in the body.

Such was the case for a friend of mine with his natal Mars at 11 Virgo 37 with Scorpio on the cusp of his Placidus 6th house of bodily infirmities.  He was on vacation in Maine and walking down a rocky path along the seashore when around 10 AM on Sunday 28 August 2016, just five days before the eclipse and 15 days after the Saturn station, he slipped and broke a bone in his foot.  To make matters worse, when he and his wife went to drive home from the vacation a couple hours after the accident their car broke down and they had to spend several hours getting it repaired.  Furthermore, when he saw the doctor the next day, he was told that the fracture was serious and he would need to wear a cast and stay off his feet for a couple on months (a very Saturnian outcome).  Here is his natal chart with the eclipse (at this birthplace) superimposed.


Man with fractured bone in foot (inside chart). September 1, 2016 Solar Eclipse at his birthplace (outside chart).

Note the solar eclipse conjunct his natal Mars in the 4th house, with Mars ruling Scorpio on the natal 6th cusp (health problems).  Interestingly, at his birthplace eclipse Uranus (accidents) is on the MC and squares his natal Saturn.  The transiting Mars/Saturn conjunction in his natal 6th square his natal Mars (and the eclipse).  Transiting Neptune opposes his natal Mars (and the eclipse).

It is always fascinating to see how astrological symbolism plays out in real life.

About Anthony Louis

Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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3 Responses to The Eclipse Strikes

  1. Grace Wilson says:

    This is sitting right on my Pluto/Ceres conjunction at 9 Virgo. I’m a bit worried as I have had health issues most of my life. Hoping for the best though!

  2. Jon says:

    “Good for work which requires concentrated energy” (Hand, R)

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