Mystery Solved: the USA Gemini Rising Chart

For years I have used a Gemini rising chart for the July 4, 1776 birth of the nation.  I learned this technique many years ago from astrologer Don Jacobs (“Moby Dick the Astrologer”).  Don’s son Jayj worked with his dad in making predictions based on this 7 Gemini 35 rising chart and reported a remarkable accuracy rate: “Don ´Moby Dick` The Astrologer Jacobs- my dad- and I, and all my subsequent partners have used 7 Gemini 35 for the US Ascendant on July 4, 1776. Our media measured accuracy rate of >95% validates that chart & Asc.”

When I first got interested in astrology back in the 1950s, I read the books by Evangeline Adams in the public library.  I was particularly struck by her 1930 prediction that America would enter into another war when Uranus returned to Gemini in the early 1940’s.  She was using a Gemini rising chart for 3:03 a.m. as the basis of this prediction.  This chart has 20 degrees of Gemini rising with Mars on the ASC.  Over the years I have puzzled about the origin of this chart because it does not match the historical events of the day.  It occurred to me that it must be a symbolic chart rather than the horoscope of a particular event which occurred on July 4, 1776.

In mundane astrology, the common practice for centuries has been to use eclipses and ingress charts to predict world events.  It turns out that Evangeline Adam’s USA chart with 20 Gemini 26 rising has virtually the exact Ascendant and MC as the Solar Eclipse of August 14, 1776 in Philadelphia. In the following graphic the chart is calculated for maximum eclipse time.


It seems extremely likely that Adams took the house cusps from the partial solar eclipse in Philadelphia at the end of the summer of 1776 and used the 3:03 AM time on July 4, 1776 to produce a USA birth chart with the same house structure.  Most likely she chose the August eclipse because the Declaration of Independence was still in the process of being signed by all the states at that time.  The eclipse chart has 20 Gemini 34 rising; Adam’s chart has 20 Gemini 26 rising, but she appears to have rounded the time to the nearest minute.  The difference between the Ascendants of the two charts is a mere 08′ of arc.

What about the Don Jacobs 7 Gemini 35 rising chart for the USA?  Again, I have puzzled about this chart for many years.  After realizing that Adams used the August solar eclipse of 1776 to generate her 20 Gemini 26 USA chart, I wondered if the originator of the 7 Gemini 39 USA chart had also used either an eclipse or an ingress.  A little investigation revealed that the Summer Solstice Ingress in June of 1776, just three weeks before the July 4th date, has an uncanny resemblance to the Jacobs’ Gemini rising chart, except that it has the opposite sign Sagittarius rising in the same degree of that sign.  See the following graphic.


It appears that the person who originated this version of the Gemini rising chart for the USA took the Descendant of the June 20, 1776 Summer Solstice (Cancer Ingress) and used it as the Ascendant of the July 4, 1776 chart for the birth of the nation. The Cancer Ingress chart for Philadelphia on June 20, 1776 has 7 Sagittarius 39 rising whereas the USA chart used by Don and Jayj Jacobs has 7 Gemini 35 rising.  Perhaps the symbolism is that the ASC of the Cancer Ingress represents the old nation (a British colony) and the Descendant of this chart becomes the “equal but opposite” 7th house independent new nation, the United States of America.

So the mystery of the USA Gemini rising chart may finally be solved.  The one used by Evangeline Adams is based on the Solar Eclipse of August 14, 1776; and the other common chart, used by Don Jacobs is based on the Cancer Ingress chart of June 20, 1776 in Philadelphia whose Descendant becomes the Ascendant of the new nation.  Like Don and Jayj Jacobs, I have found the 7 Gemini 35 chart to be extremely reliable in making predictions about the USA.  Given the long tradition of using solar ingresses into cardinal signs and solar eclipses to predict events in mundane astrology, it is not surprising that both these charts yield impressive results.

The Gemini rising chart that most closely matches the horizon of the June 20th Cancer Ingress in Philadelphia would be for 2:14:29 AM, which has an ASC of a tiny 04′ of arc more than the Don Jacobs’ chart.  My own preference has been an ASC of 7 Gemini 27, based on my own experience with this chart.


Interestingly, the famous Sibly chart, which the British astrologer set for roughly 10 PM in the UK, has 19 Aquarius 49 rising in London.  This is equivalent to a time of 21:53 UT or 4:53 PM LMT in Philadelphia.  At 4:47 PM LMT in Philadelphia the Ascendant was at 7 Sagittarius 39, as it was in the Cancer ingress chart.  Here is an image of the Sibly chart cast for London with an ASC fo 19 AQ 49 from the page


If you try to reproduce Sibly’s chart, it becomes clear that his calculations were not very accurate.  For example, his planetary positions are different from those in a modern ephemeris.  He indicates that it is a 10 PM chart, but the ASC he uses is for 9:53 PM in the UK.  We cannot rule out the idea that Sibly chose an Ascendant for this mundane chart from the Cancer Ingress.  If he were using the ASC of the Summer Solstice in London, the ASC would have been 17 Aquarius 00, which corresponds to 9:47 PM LMT on July 4, 1776 in London.  There is only a difference of 6 minutes between these two Ascendants, which leads me to suspect that Sibly was taking the horizon of the Cancer Ingress and using it to erect a chart for the Declaration of Independence.

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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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10 Responses to Mystery Solved: the USA Gemini Rising Chart

  1. Jeffrey Geist says:

    Thanks for sending this. Not exactly what I was looking for, but it IS very interesting info./Jeff

  2. Jon says:

    Thanks for doing the US natal much discussion has been around Pluto as well as 7-8 Libra point. Do you have insight about karmic bonds in the Carrie Fisher – Debbie Reynolds data?

  3. james says:

    tony – these are good astro insights on your part… someone might have done this already, but i don’t recall ever reading about it.. thanks for this! it shows the astrological rationale to support this chart, while at the same time showing the relativity of this and all the other charts available for a mundane chart for the usa.

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  5. Amir says:

    Now we have an explanation for how this chart works!

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  7. daritarose says:

    Fortuna in the 6th is protective of health matters for us as a people, no?

  8. daritarose says:

    Capricorn rises in the current SR chart, non-precessed. As you say in your book on SRs, when the SR Asc is inconjunct the natal Asc, time to pay attention. Plus Saturn, Pluto, and Cauda (Ketu) are in first house …

  9. Jayni Bloch says:

    Wonderful! My husband and I also use the Gemini ascendant for the USA chart… for 4 decades now. So glad to know that we are not alone. Thank you for your post.

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