Another horary with Whole Sign Houses

My most recent post about horary with Whole Sign houses produced a number of strong reactions, so I thought it would be useful to look at another chart from the literature from the perspective of Lilly’s framework of Regiomontanus houses (based on divisions of the Celestial Equator) and perhaps the original framework of horary which was done using Whole Sign houses (based on division of the ecliptic into signs of the zodiac).

In the October/November 2004 issue of the Mountain Astrologer there appeared a discussion of a horary about a haunted house.  The author Trish Marie noted that an innocent query, “Should we purchase this property?” produced a horary chart that suggested a haunted house.   I would like to revisit this chart using both Regiomontanus and Whole Sign houses to see how the interpretations might differ.

Here is the chart with Regiomontanus houses, which Lilly would have preferred.

haunted 1

It is a Mercury day during a Sun hour, and there are several considerations before judgment.  As Lilly writes in Christian Astrology:

All the Ancients that have wrote of Questions, do give warning to the Astrologer, that before he deliver judgement he well consider whether the Figure is radical and capable of judgement; the Question then shall be taken for radical, or fit to be judged, when as the Lord of the hour at the time of proposing the Question, and erecting the Figure, and the Lord of the Ascendant or first House, are of one Triplicity, or be one, or of the same nature.

Here the lord of the Asc and the lord of the hour are Mars and the Sun respectively.  They are not of the same triplicity but both are of the same nature, hot and dry.  In addition, the Sun applies closely to sextile the Ascendant.  By this criterion, the chart appears radical and fit to be judged.

Lilly goes on the name several “considerations before judgment,” some of which apply to this chart:

Late Degree Rising:

If 27, 28, 29 degrees ascend of any Sign, it’s no ways safe to give judgement, except the Querent be in years corresponding to the number of degrees ascending; or unless the Figure be set upon a certain time, viz. a man went away or fled at such a time precise; here you may judge, because it’s no propounded question.

In the horary 29 Scorpio is rising, which warns the astrologer that it is in “no ways safe to give judgment” unless the querent is 29 years old or the number 29 otherwise precisely describes some other aspect of the situation.  I don’t know the age of the querent in this case.

Moon in Via Combusta:

It’s not safe to judge when the Moon is in the later degrees of a Sign, especially in Gemini, Scorpio or Capricorn; or as some say, when she is in Via Combusta, which is, when she is in the last 15 degrees of Libra, or the first 15 degrees of Scorpio.

In this chart the Moon at 26 Libra lies in the dreaded Via Combusta, another warning that the chart may not be safe to judge.

Saturn in the 7th house (of the consulting astrologer), etc.:

Saturn in the seventh either corrupts the judgement of the Astrologer, or is a Sign the matter propounded will come from one misfortune to another.  If the Lord of the Ascendant be Combust, neither question propounded will take, or the Querent be regulated.  The Lord of the seventh unfortunate, or in his fall, or Terms of the Infortunes, the Artist shall scarce give a solid judgement.

In this chart Saturn lies in the 7th house, warning the astrologer of corrupted astrological judgment.  The ruler of the 7th house astrologer is Venus which lies in the Terms of Mars (an Infortune) and is also without essential dignity, suggesting that “the Artist shall scarce give a solid judgement”.

Moon Void of Course:

All manner of matters go hardly on (except the principal significators be very strong) when the Moon is void of course; yet somewhat she performs if void of course, and be either in Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius or Pisces.

Modern astrologers would consider the moon VOC in this chart, but Lilly would not because the Moon is within orb of a sextile to Mars at 5 Capricorn 54.  I use Lilly’s defintion of VOC and would not consider this “consideration before judgment” to be active in this chart.

Clearly, the horary chart is warning the astrologer not to attempt to find an answer to the question in this chart because the astrologer’s judgment will be corrupted.

If we decided to ignore the warnings of the heavens against reading this chart, what could we say?  Most likely we would note that Jupiter, ruler of the Pisces 4th house, represents the property.  Mars rules the Ascendant (querent) and applies to oppose Jupiter in the 8th house, so the purchase of the property is not a good deal and is likely to be costly and problematic.  The property itself looks quite valuable since Jupiter, ruler of the 4th, is exalted in Cancer.

Now here is the chart for the same question cast with Whole Sign houses:


With Whole Sign Houses the situation looks quite different.  There is still a late Ascendant, warning the astrologer to be cautious about rendering a judgment but Saturn has moved to the 8th house and no longer corrupts the judgment of the astrologer.  Venus still rules the 7th cusp of the consulting astrologer but has now moved to the angular 10th house, which gives Venus a lot more strength than the cadent 9th house of the Regiomontanus figure.

The real estate is now ruled by Saturn (Aquarius 4th cusp) rather than Jupiter.  The Ascendant ruler (Mars) is in aversion to Saturn, so there is no connection between them. Mars is also in aversion to Venus, the ruler of the 7th house seller.

The Moon, a co-ruler of the querent, is just separating from a sextile to Venus, the seller, so again they do not connect.  The Moon does not apply to aspect Saturn (the house) and will soon be in aversion to Saturn when the Moon enters Scorpio.

All indications are that the querent should not buy this house.  The only “consideration before judgment” is that there is a late degree rising, which could be the age of the querent (I don’t know).  It could also be that the querent asked the question at the last minute, and in the article we learn that the querent did not even read the astrologer’s written response to the question until after going to the bank to make financial arrangements.

What is the condition of the house in this chart?  Saturn lies in the unfortunate 8th house, suggesting problems with the property.  Saturn lies in Gemini, an air sign, so it has dignity of triplicity.  There are some good things about the property.  Neptune and Uranus in the 4th (Aquarius) suggest that there are strange and mysterious things going on, and we learn in the article that the locals believe the house is haunted and that people seem to had have bad luck or have even died in unusual circumstances when they were connected with this property.

Interestingly, the author Trish Marie states that she felt a very powerful gut feeling that she should interpret the chart (cast with quadrant houses) despite the many “considerations before judgment”.  The Part of Daimon (Spirit) in this chart lies at 28 Libra, conjunct the Moon and sextile to Venus (the consulting astrologer).  It appears that the “Spirit” (Lot of Daimon) moved her to provide an answer to the querent despite her knowledge of the traditional rules of horary which advised strongly against trying to read this chart.  In the Whole Sign chart the warnings against reading the chart are minimal or entirely disappear.

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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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4 Responses to Another horary with Whole Sign Houses

  1. Atsushi Nishio says:

    Thank you. I have edited the Japanese edition of “Christian Astrology”(Book 3!?) and I have been interested in Astrology before that . Do you have an acquaintance with Ryuji Kagami?
    Best Regards

  2. Sorry, I do not know Ryuji Kagami. Can you say more about him?

  3. Raul says:

    Hello Anthony: What would be the traditional considerations to take into account to know if a house is haunted or not? that is, without taking into account the outer planets.

    • Hi Raul,
      Personally I haven’t dealt with haunted houses. I think that traditionally the 12th astrological house was associated with the casting of spells, witchcraft and the effects of spirits.

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