Culpeper with Whole Sign Houses

I thought it would be interesting to look at a classical medical horary from Nicholas Culpeper with Whole Sign rather than Regiomontanus houses.  On 25 July 1651 OS (3 August 1651 NS), Culpeper received a letter from a student of medicine and astrology asking his opinion of the following chart.

Culpeper horary2

The chart was a medical horary cast regarding the illness of a neighbor’s wife.  The symptoms had begun in the lower parts of her body and had spread upward as far as her tongue and lips. The woman was afraid she had been cursed and wanted to know the nature of her illness. The student noticed that Libra was on the cusp of both the 1st (the querent’s body) and the 12th (witchcraft), but he also noted that the ruler of the 6th of disease (Mars) was in the 1st, so a natural disease was more likely.

Culpeper responded that the proximity of Asc-ruler Venus to Saturn could also indicate witchcraft, but he did not believe that to be the case because the Moon separating from  a trine to Mars and applying to trine Venus indicated both the querent’s honesty and the progression of the disease.  He then reasons that the Moon, Mars, Saturn and Venus are all in fertile water signs, and the Moon lies in the 5th house of children, so it is likely that the woman is pregnant.  In addition, hot dry Mars rules the 6th of disease and its presence in watery Scorpio (the reproductive system) suggests that hot vapors are rising up through the body from the pregnant womb, causing the woman’s symptoms.  Cold dry Saturn in watery Cancer is causing the phlegm and difficulties in her chest and lungs.

And sure enough, the woman was pregnant.

How would this chart look with Whole Sign houses?  Here is the chart for 3 August 1651 NS with the calculation of planetary placements by computer, so the positions are a tiny bit different from Culpeper’s calculations by hand with the ephemeris of his time.

Culpeper horary3

In the Whole Sign houses chart, Jupiter now rules the 6th of illness.  Jupiter in Sagittarius has the powerful dignity by domicile and is in close trine to the Midheaven degree at 0 Leo 48 in the 11th house (the Good Daemon), which signifies the offspring of her 7th house husband, symbolized by Mars.

The Moon, a universal signifier of pregnancy and motherhood, occupies the 6th of disease in the fertile water sign Pisces.  The Moon often indicates the emotional state of the querent.  In this case she is worried about a mysterious illness.

The Moon’s last aspect was a trine to Mars in Scorpio in the radical 2nd house, which is the 8th house of the reproductive organs of her 7th house husband signified by Mars.  In other words, her “illness” stems from her recent past encounter with her husband’s reproductive organs.

The Moon’s next aspect is a trine to Venus in Cancer in the 10th.  Venus represents the querent, thus linking the recent past contact with Mars to the querent, resulting in her pregancy.  Culpeper used only the seven visible planets, so the next aspect the Moon makes after contacting Mars (the husband’s phallus) and Venus (the querent) is a trine to Saturn in the fertile sign Cancer, with Saturn ruling the radical 5th of pregnancy and children.

What about witchcraft?  As Culpeper points out, Saturn and Venus are in proximity.  In addition, the ruler of the 12th of witches is the Whole Sign chart is Mercury which is separating from Saturn, probably indicating the querent’s worry that her illness could have been caused by a curse.  In addition, the Moon after contacting Saturn by trine goes on to contact Mercury.  In other words, first came the pregnancy, and then came the worry about witchcraft.


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