The USA Gemini rising chart revisited

Over the years I have used the USA Gemini rising chart with good results and have tweaked it to about 2:13:48 AM LMT (a 7 Gemini 27 ASC).

Other astrologers, like  Don and Jayj Jacobs, have rectified this chart to 2:14:14 AM LMT (a 7 Gemini 35 ASC) and also reported excellent results:  “Don ‘Moby Dick The Astrologer’ Jacobs – my dad – and I, and all my subsequent partners, in presenting the Annual Prediction Seminars have used 7 Gemini 35 for the US Ascendant on July 4, 1776, since 1971. Our media measured accuracy rate of >95% validates that chart & Asc. As do my recent Afghan-Special Ops predictions. Moby (with my assistance) predicted the entire Watergate scenario before the fact and to the day, week after week in a nationally syndicated column. For that he got a place on Nixon’s Enemies list & an FBI file.”  Given my own experience and the accurate published predictions of the Jacobs, I think a symbolic birth time of about 2:14 AM LMT produces a very effective chart.

Let me give an example of my use of the chart.  In late 2000 I was contacted by the editors of with a request for my predictions for 2001.  Noticing that a solar eclipse was occurring near the 2000 winter solstice and close to the beginning of the New Year, I superimposed the eclipse chart for Washington, DC, (the current seat of government) on the USA Gemini rising birth chart for Philadelphia.  I was reading a lot of Lilly and Morinus at the time, so I had my computer set for Regiomontanus houses.   Here is the combined chart:

I noticed immediately that the solar eclipse of December 2000 was occurring almost exactly on the Gemini rising Regiomontanus house of the USA, the MC of the eclipse for Washington was in the 8th house, and the ASC of the eclipse was square to the USA natal Sun.  Here is what I wrote at the very beginning of the year 2000 (this was published online in February 2001 at StarIQ):

“The year 2000 ends with a partial solar eclipse on Christmas Day. Comparing the year 2000 Christmas eclipse to the U.S. Gemini-rising chart, I would make the following predictions for 2001.”

“The eclipse takes place in the U.S. natal Eighth House, suggesting that the nation’s economy will dominate the news during the coming year. With the eclipse chart’s Sun, Moon and Mercury all opposing the natal U.S. Venus and Jupiter in the Second House of money, we can expect a significant economic downturn, most likely a recession within the first six months of 2001.”

“The Eighth is also the house of death. With the eclipse chart Midheaven for Washington, D.C. in the Eighth House and the eclipse chart Saturn in the nation’s Twelfth House of loss and sorrow, there is a likelihood of the death of an important national figure and a period of national mourning in 2001.  In the Astro*Carto*Graphy map of the eclipse, the Saturn, Neptune and Uranus lines pass through the West coast, suggesting that someone in that region (perhaps former president Reagan) may pass on during the coming year.”

I could not even imagine the events of 9-11 at the time I made the prediction based on the Gemini rising chart, but a period marked by death and national mourning seemed apparent in the figure.  It never occurred to me that the “important national figure” whose death I saw in the chart would be the World Trade Center.  Only in hindsight did I realize that when eclipse-ruler Saturn (structure) entered Gemini (the twins) and opposed Pluto (radical transformation) in August of 2001, would the symbolism of the destruction of the twin towers (Pluto opposing Saturn in Gemini the Twins) become apparent.  In fact, if we calculate a national chart for the exact moment transiting Saturn opposed Pluto on Aug 5, 2001 and superimpose the Gemini rising chart upon it, we have a quite striking astrological combination:

usa 911

Transiting Saturn opposed Pluto on 5 AUG 2001, presaging 9-11 with a strong 8th house emphasis (death) at the moment of the transiting Saturn/Pluto opposition in Washington, DC, which also happens to highlight the 1st house (life force, vitality) of the Gemini rising natal chart for the USA. The United States natal Saturn conjoins the 12th house cusp (sorrow, mourning, secret enemies) of the transiting opposition chart.  The ASC of the 1776 Gemini rising chart lies in the 8th house of the transiting Saturn/Pluto opposition chart, and the MC of the Gemini rising chart conjoins the 4th cusp (endings) of the transiting opposition chart cast for our seat of government, Washington, DC.  The USA natal Saturn conjoins the 12th house cusp (secret enemies) of the transiting Saturn-Pluto opposition.  Saturn rules Capricorn where the Solar Eclipse occurred on Christmas of the year 2000.

Another striking feature of the USA Gemini rising chart (for 2:13:30 AM) is that its Astro*Carto*Graphy map has the local space lines of Mars and Uranus passing through New York City, with the Mars line connecting Boston’s Logan Airport with the Twin Towers.  In addition, the Uranus/Asc line (in Mundo) also crosses NYC.


Note the local space Mars line (in red) passing through lower Manhattan and Logan Airport in Boston.  The local space Uranus line (in blue) passes just below NYC and through Long Island.  The Asc/Uranus line in Mundo (white) passes just slightly to the west of NYC.


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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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  1. steven davis says:

    Hi and thanks for posting. 911 was obviously a planned event. Im wondering if youll ever address that side of it. Asteroid sauer on the AC at moment of first attack. Ive observed sauer involved in many events like the russian airliner that went down on russia’s innauguration.

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