Astrology and sexual orientation

This is a summary of a talk given by Spanish astrologer Elías D. Molins in Barcelona in June of 2015 at the 32º Congreso Ibérico de Astrología. The topic of discussion was Astrology and Homosexuality.


Elías begins by reviewing his use of fixed stars, dodecatemoria (twelfth parts) and antiscia in the interpretation of natal charts.  From AstroDataBank he extracted the natal chart data of 2040 homosexual men and 418 lesbian women. He then calculated the statistical distribution of various astrological factors, looking for commonalities. His statistical findings include the following:


  • Most often in House XII (278 charts), House I (263 charts), and the sign Cancer (242 charts.
  • Least often in House VIII (166),  House IX (162) and House VI (152).


  • Most often in House XII (292) and House I (249).
  • Least often in the sign Pisces (171) and House VII (169).


  • Most often in Aries (252), Cancer (244) or Virgo (261).
  • Least often in Sagittarius (161) and Pisces (170).


  • Most often in Cancer (245), Leo (249) or Virgo (266).
  • Least often in Capricorn (162), Aquarius (157) or Pisces (155).


  • Most often in Sagittarius (250) or Scorpio (243).
  • Least often in Leo (169) and Pisces (162).


  • Most often in Leo (290), Virgo (306), or Libra (284).
  • Least often in Pisces (130) or Aries (126).


  • Most often in Virgo (270), Leo (251), Scorpio (250), or Libra (244).
  • Least often in Taurus (149), Pisces (137), or Aries (119).

DODECATEMORIA OF THE LUNAR NODES (in order of frequency):

  1. AIR signs: Gemini (359), Libra (319), Aquarius (300).
  2. WATER signs: Pisces (250), Scorpio (205), Cancer (183).
  3. EARTH signs: Virgo (169), Capricorn (151), Taurus (144).
  4. FIRE signs: Leo (137), Sagittarius (127), Aries (114).


  • MOON opposite VENUS, either by zodiacal position or by dodecatemoria. The antiscia and fixed stars can also play a role.
  • MERCURY conjunct or opposite the NORTH LUNAR NODE, by zodiacal position or by dodecatemoria. The antiscia and fixed stars can also play a role.

Here is a sample natal chart from Elías’ study with antiscia outside the wheel:


Feb 2, 1985 at 11:35 AM in Barcelona. (Chart cast using Elías D. Molins program AstroSpica.)

Note the Moon opposite Venus, and also the antiscion of Mercury opposite the nouth lunar node.  In the table below you can see that the antiscion of Mercury at 18 Scorpio lies opposite the North Node at 23 Taurus, and Mercury at 11 Aquarius lies opposite the antiscion of the North Node at 7 Leo.

Overall these are interesting findings and bear further testing. Checking these results against files in my own database, I did not find the distribution of planets in signs and houses to be especially helpful, but Moon opposite Venus and Mercury/Lunar Nodes conjunctions or oppositions do seem to hold water in my small sample of charts of individuals who identify themselves as gay.  In addition, the placement of the dodecatemoria of the lunar nodes in Air and Water signs also seems significant.

Here is a listing of the positions of the above chart. Note that the dodecatemorion of the North Lunar Node lies in Aquarius, an AIR sign.


To check the findings, I pulled a chart from my own files of a man who consults me from time to time.  For his whole life he has identified himself as gay, and his chart displays Moon opposite Venus and Mercury conjunct the Moon’s South Node. The dodecatemoria of his lunar nodes fall in Scorpio (water) and Taurus (earth). This chart was not part of Elías’ study but it shows many of the same astrological factors as in his statistical analysis. Here is the chart:


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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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3 Responses to Astrology and sexual orientation

  1. Sims says:

    Elliot Rodger was a killer in a college beachtown who said his motive for killing was the pent up rage he had at being unable to get a girlfriend. But if you look at his chart he has all the astrological markers for being gay:,_Elliot

    I think he was a closeted gay man who couldn’t accept he was gay, so he killed himself and others.

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